A Day To Relax & Watch Football, Then Poker! (IA) “DAY 77” – 9/19/10

September 20, 2010 - 1:54 pm - (NE) “DAY 77”

After waking up in my car for the second night in a row, I couldn’t wait to get a hotel room! 🙂  It was 9 am when I got up, so I immediately went to the hotel I had a room at and tried to get checked in super early.

There wasn’t a room ready yet (maids started working at 9 am), so I hit the free continental breakfast and not only did I eat... I loaded up for later as well. 😉

Getting My Room
I finally got into my room at 10 am and I couldn’t have been happier! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I was so tired from not getting good sleep the past few days, that I hit the bed and crashed immediately.

I woke up around noon because the football games had started. (I can’t miss Sunday NFL football!)  So, I put the early the game on in my room and started to write “DAY 76”.  The problem... there always is... my internet connection in my room wasn’t working. 🙁

Lobby- Rooster in corner 🙂

I went downstairs and it worked there... I just wasn’t getting a good signal in my room.  The front desk had no other rooms available, so I was stuck.  But really... who cares... I have a bed and a TV for free (comped)... how can I complain. 😉

I went back to my room and wrote most of my post but I couldn’t upload it unless I was downstairs.  Ahhh... frustrating!!!  It was now halftime of the games and I wanted to see the end of the Steelers game, so I left the hotel and went to Hooter’s right down the street.


I got to Hooter’s, found the TV with the Steelers game on it, then sat down right in front it and watched until it was over (Pittsburgh won 20-11 woo hoo!).   Seated directly behind me was a couple of guys and baby watching all the games as well.

Parris, Brock (Baby), Nick

Anyway, at some point I overheard one of the guys talk about NJ and when I chimed in... I found out he (Parris) was from South Jersey.  Nice, a fellow Jersey guy, even if he is from Philly Jersey! 😉

I hung out with them until the early games ended and then I went back to the hotel to finish my post.  It was meeting you guys and to the baby decked out in Packer gear, good choice baby... Packer fans rule!  (I found that out when I went to Green Bay!)

Hotel Room
I got back to my room around 3:30 and finished writing my post while I watched the Jets/Patriots game.  After I finished, I went back to sleep until the late game started (Colts/Giants).

I woke up at 7:15 pm (Central time) and decided to go watch the Sunday Night football game in thepoker room.  I went down there and was immediately sat in 1-3 NL game.  I bought in for $140.

Angry Bull

The problem... there always is... I couldn’t find the billy goat and had to settle for an angry Bull.

Lucky Billy Goat

The bull wasn’t real lucky as I lost every hand I had played.  It didn’t matter if I was ahead or behind... by the time the time the river hit I was losing! 🙁

I lost my first buy in by halftime of the football game and decided to take a break and see if I get another comped room for Monday and Tuesday.

Getting A Comped Room
I went to casino pit and found the same the Casino Host (Dean) who helped me get a few rooms last week.  He remembered me as he checked the system for rooms.  Jackpot!!!  There were available and I was eligible, so I got two more comped rooms (Monday & Tuesday).  Sweet! 🙂

Poker Again
After getting some peace of mind (having a room), I went back to the poker room and bought in for an additional $110.  I wasn’t on tilt and I was ready to play sharp poker.

The only problem was... I still couldn’t win a hand for the life of me!  I again, lost almost every hand I played.  The final hand, I flopped a set of 4’s.  I bet out $25 and the guy in the button pushed ALL IN!

I insta-called and he was bluffing at the pot.  He had nothing!  Then, the turn and river came... he had hit runner, runner straight!  Are you F$&KING kidding me!  I knew it just wasn’t my night now, so I got up and left for good around 10:30 pm.  Damn you Bull!!!

When I got back to my room, I jumped into bed and watched the new HBO show about Atlantic City during prohibition in the 1920’s.   The show was great, as most of the HBO series are and I fell asleep shortly after around midnight.

Monday’s Schedule
Tomorrow (Monday), I have to go to the ATM machine because I am out of cash on hand. 🙁  Then, I plan on playing in the 10 am tournament ($60 buy-in), followed by... who knows!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Matt says:

    damn that bull straight to hell…u need an alpaca

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