“Rooster vs. Food” & A Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Game! (MO) “DAY 185” – 1/5/10

January 6, 2011 - 5 pm - (MO) “DAY 185” - Week 27 - State 25

After last night’s debacle, I decided that I was gonna spend today outside of the casino walls. 😉  The only question was???  What was I gonna do in KC for the day?  It was 11 am when I woke up and I still had to write my Tuesday so, I had a little time to make a decision.

“Man vs. Food” - Travel Channel
It was 2 pm when I finished posting... time to decide.  After searching the internet for things to do in K.C., MO, my friend Pat (from Florida) called me and told me to try the food challenge that Adam Richmond from “Man vs. Food” did while he was in Kansas City, eating the “Ultimate Destroyer”! (6 lbs of BBQ food and stuff.)

I like the idea but I’m not a huge eater like that, so I looked up the episode and saw he visited 3 places while he was in K.C..  One of them was Stoud’s Oak Ridge Manor, known for their pan fried chicken.  I love fried chicken, so... check, I’m in. 🙂

Another place he went to was a BBQ restaurant called Oklahoma’s Joe’s where he ate the house speciality, pulled pork.  (I love BBQ, check, I’m in!)  And lastly, he went to Papa Bob’s BBQ where he attempted to eat a 6 lb sandwich/plate of food called the “Ultimate Destroyer”!  (Again, BBQ, I’m in!  But no destroyer.) 😉

After finding out the info, as you may already be able to tell, I was in!  The only problem was that even though all three places were in K.C., only one was in K.C., Missouri.  The other two (both BBQ joints) were in K.C., Kansas (10 miles away and 25 miles away).

Since I didn’t want to spend my day in the casino, I said, “What the f&$K!” and headed out to mimic one of my favorite fat men from TV, Adam Richmond from “Man vs. Food”!

“Rooster vs. Food” - www.wheresrooster.com  🙂
I don’t remember which order he did his 3 dinner fat fest in, but I did mine in order of distance (closest to me to further from me).  So, I started at Stoud’s (8 miles away), then Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ (17 miles away), and ended at Papa Bob’s BBQ (27 miles away).

Stoud’s Oak Ridge Manor - K.C., MO
Like I said, the drive to Stoud’s was about 10 miles and I arrived there with no problems.   On the way though, I did see a real cool USA set up on somebody’s front lawn.  Right there placed on the lawn was a USA flag and huge statue that looked like a mini-Statue of Liberty.  Real cool! 🙂

Anyway, even though I arrived there without a problem, there was a problem.  They were closed!  Ahhh!  Damn!  They weren’t closed completely, they just didn’t open yet for the day (M-Th 5-9:30 pm).  It was 3:15 pm. 🙁

Even though the sign said they weren’t open, I still decided to check the door and see if they were kinda open.  I turned the knob and whala... it was open.  Nice!  But, after looking around for a second, I realized they weren't open yet (the chairs were still up.)

Looking Around
Since I was inside and this place is famous for it’s pan fried chicken, I decided I could still take some pictures of the restaurant and all the articles they had posted on their walls form different critics and whatnot.

Meet Chris McSorley
As I was snapping photos like a Japanese tourist in New York City, one of the chefs came out to see what I was doing.  His name was Chris McSorley and he was the guy who was on the show (“Man vs. Food”) with Adam from that episode.  Sweet!

Chris was cool as can be as he told me about the restaurant and even took a picture with me.  Then, after I was done talking to him, I was allowed to walk around the kitchen and see where all the chicken magic happens! 🙂

Taking A Tour Of The Kitchen
While I was walking around the back of the house, I met Lane and Jeff (to cooks) who were getting ready for the evening.  They were real nice guys and reassured me that it’s the best fried chicken anywhere.  (If I wasn’t hungry already, I certainly was now.) 😉

My tour was over and I had to go but they told me to come back after 5 pm and they would gladly make a great plate of food for dinner!  Since it was still only 3:45 pm, I headed out to next place on this list. (Right: Preston, cool dude!)

F.Y.I. - Even though I didn’t get to eat anything, I still had a real good time at Stoud’s and planned on coming back here later to try their fried chicken! 🙂

Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ - K.C., KS
After having a good experience but not eating... I was hungry!  So when I arrived at Oklahoma Joe’s, I was ready to tear into some pig (and I’m not talking about my ex-girlfriend ;), I just couldn’t resist, my bad).

Anyway, this place was packed with people, which is a good sign the food is tasty.  Heck, it’s not even dinner time (it’s only 4:15 pm) and there is barely a seat open in the dining area.

Looking Over The Menu
The way this place works is: you place your order, than you take a table.  I know that because there is a sign that tells you when you walk in. 😉  I knew the rules but I didn’t know what I wanted to order because everything looked and smelled so good!

I was so torn because when I got to the counter I saw a huge rack of ribs which looked great, but they were $20 and... I still planned on eating at two other places right after this.  Ahhh!  Decision time....

After thinking about it for a minute or two, I decided to get the house specialty which was featured on “Man vs. Food”, the pulled pork sandwich ($4.99).  The price was right and I would get to eat exactly what Adam ate when he was here.  Nice! 🙂

Eating My Sandwich & Meeting Cool People
I got my sandwich in a short amount of time and after eating it like a Biggest Loser contestant (pre-show) ;), I started to walk around the restaurant while taking pictures of everything.

As I was taking pictures, I asked a lady if I could take a picture of her ribs (not her actual ribs but her dinner). 😉  She said no problem and we got to talking.  It came out that it was my 1st time here and I only had a puled pork sandwich.  After she heard that, she offered me a rib and told me I had to try it!  It was the best! 🙂

Eating My Rib
It was weird eating a rib right off of somebody’s plate I just met, but the rib looked great and at this point in my trip... is this where I’m gonna draw the line?  LOL 🙂  I don’t think so... and ate the rib happily!  Thank you cool people! 🙂  (I wish I stayed and ate more, everything was great!)

Papa Bob’s BBQ - K.C., KS
Now that I had a little food in my stomach, I wasn’t as fired up to eat as I was just a few minutes before but none-the-less, I was still hungry and looking forward to Papa Bob’s BBQ.  Papa Bob’s was even further away from Harrah’s (where I’m staying) but it still wasn’t that far (25 miles).

Changing My Plans

Anyway, on my drive there (20 min. from Oklahoma Joe’s), I was listening to sports talk radio on 610 am.  It was at this moment (5:15 pm-ish) that I became aware that the Kansas Jayhawks had a men’s basketball game tonight at home (7 pm).

F.Y.I. - The University of Kansas men’s basketball team is like a religion out here.  There team is currently 13-0 (now 14-0) and on a 67 game home winning streak (now 68), the longest in the country and a school record.

Also, they are ranked #3 in the country and have sold out every home game for the past decade (since 2001-2002)!  And, they don’t even have tickets for sale on StubHub for tonight's game.  I tell you all this because my new plan is to go to the game after I eat at Papa Bob’s. We’ll see! 🙂

Arriving At Papa Bob’s BBQ
I got to Papa Bob’s (5:30 pm) and after talking in the scenery, I walked up to the counter to check out the menu.  As I was looking it over, I noticed the “Ultimate Destroyer” and for a quick second... thought about giving it a shot.  Hmmm?

But then I looked over at the Wall of Shame (and fame) and realized which side of the board my picture would’ve been on. 😉  Plus, it was $48 if you couldn’t eat it all.

Anyway, everything on the menu looked good but I was now in a rush and didn’t want to have a big meal.  (Let’s Go KU!)  So, I decided not to get anything at all because I didn’t want another sandwich and I didn’t want a huge meal like the one’s they offered.

Meeting The Owners
As I was getting ready to leave, I started to take a few more pictures of the restaurant when one of the owner’s (Judy) approached me and asked me what I was doing/if I needed anything.

I told her my story, I’m from NJ, yada yada yada, and after talking with her, she said I had to met Papa Bob himself (her husband).  So, after a short wait, Papa Bob came out from the kitchen to meet me. 🙂

He was real cool guy as he knew a lot about the NJ/NY area for he lived or worked on Long Island for a few years awhile ago.  During our conversation, we talked about Harold’s Deli in Edison with the huge corned beef sandwiches! (It’s one of my favorite place to eat!) 🙂

Because corned beef came up in our discussion, he told me I had try his hickory smoked corned beef.  I couldn’t say no and didn’t want to as he went to the back and got me a small sample of his style of corned beef.  It was great!  Not Harold’s, but great none-the-less! 🙂

It was now close to 5:45 pm and I still had to figure out how I was gonna get a ticket for the near impossible KU game at 7 pm, so I thanked Bob for the sample and told him I would return to eat after the game.

F.Y.I. - I didn’t return later because as I soon found out, his place was 30 miles from KU. I thought I was less than 10 miles from the Allen Fieldhouse (KU’s famous B-Ball arena) but I misjudged where I was in Kansas.  Still, I was going to the game.

Kansas Jayhawks (KU) vs. University of Missouri-Kansas City Kangaroos (UMKC)
Now, knowing what I know about the game tonight, I had little to no expectation of actually getting into the game when I arrived.  Seriously, I gave myself a 2% chance of actually getting into the game.

None-the-less, I figured I’d give it a shot because; 1.) I didn’t want to be in the casino today, I needed a day away after my blackjack disaster yesterday. 2.) If nothing else, I”ll take pictures of the outside of the arena and get to see the campus.

And 3.) After everything else that has happened on my trip so far... who knows... maybe I’ll find a way to get into the game despite the odds being greatly stacked against me.  (I won’t (can’t) pay more than $20 for a ticket and there aren’t even any available to buy!)

Parking & Trying To Find A Ticket
When I arrived at the Fieldhouse (arena), I found out parking was $20 so... I did as I always do and found a free spot a short walk away. (I found a spot in a parking lot for students that was free at night.)

Now, it was really dark and cold so I don’t have pictures of this, but on my walk to Fieldhouse area I asked a bunch of people if they had an extra ticket and nobody did.  A old couple I asked actually laughed me when I asked them because that’s how much of a chance they thought I had at finding a ticket. 🙁

My Only Shot
As I got close to the actual entrance to the game, I saw another entrance for student athletes one door down.  Ah ha, maybe I can talk my way in here.  When I walked in the door, I was approached by a security guard...

No... I didn’t try and tell him I was a student athlete, I just told him my story, that I was a traveling journalist who was in the area. The security guard was about to let me in but said I should walk to main entrance and ask for Chris, the head security guy.
Main Entrance - Chris
So, with nothing to lose, I walked over to the main entrance and when I got to the ticket taker (scanner), I asked for Chris.  The scanner lady told me he was a few feet away and let me in to speak with him. Nice, I’m in the building! 🙂

F.Y.I. - I don’t have any pictures of this whole scene because I was trying to make things happen and snapping photos all over the place only draws unwanted attention when you’re trying to be discrete. 😉

Anyway, while I was standing next Chris waiting patiently (he was busy taking care of something), the lady who let me in kept a close eye on me so I wouldn’t just take off in the arena (even though I wouldn’t have).

About a minute went by when Chris looked up so I could speak with him but I didn’t even get to say a a word.  He just handed me a ticket to the game and said it was all good!  Holy shit!  What just happened?!  I didn’t care and didn’t ask questions, I just took the ticket and entered the arena quickly. 😉

F.Y.I. - I’m still not sure what happened or how I got in except for maybe the other guard called over and told him my tale or... what I think happened (hindsight), is that he was busy dealing with somebody’s ticket issue along with a sold out crowd when he looked up he thought I was the person he had just helped and gave me the ticket.  I don’t know?

Allen Fieldhouse
Now, if I wanted to, I could seriously write 10 pages or more about everything they had in the Allen Fieldhouse.  From the fans, to the tradition, to the displays, and this is not even including the actual game and the energy this place has, this place was amazing!

I’ll try and give a thorough description of everything I did and saw without going overboard but as I always try to do... I did everything at this game from meeting both mascots, to a picture with the cheerleaders, to sitting in the front row.  I did it all! 🙂

Finding A Seat
The ticket I got was just a stub and to be honest, I never even looked at where I was suppose to sit.  I just figured I’d find my way around the stadium and look for the best available seat.

F.Y.I. - As I have found out, the seats that usually left open are the one’s closest to the floor (ironically enough).  I think that’s because those people are rich and don’t feel the price for the ticket the way real fans do.

A middle class fan only has so much expendable cash and when they have a ticket, they show.  Whereas, somebody with expensive seats pays $5000 (a guess) at the beginning of the year out of a cooperate account and nobody cares about the value.

Anyway, this theory proved to true again as I wound up sitting in the 1st row right behind the UMKC bench for most of the time I was there. (I did bounce around a little but my seat or so I thought ;), was right there for the whole game.)

Where I was seated was right in front of the KU cheerleaders so before the game started, I approached a group of them and asked if they would take a picture with me.  They cheerfully agreed as I got a great picture with a bunch of hot Kansas gals! 🙂

Besides being hot and friendly, they were actually talented and enthusiastic throughout the entire game.  There wasn’t one second that went by that they weren’t starting chants, cheering, or getting the crowd fired up!  You girls kick ass! 🙂

The Mascots - Big Jay and Baby Jay
During the whole the game, the two Jayhawk mascots (Big Jay, Baby Jay) were all over the place getting the crowd excited.  Big Jay is the original mascot and Baby Jay was created a 1971 along with She-Jay (female mascot), but I didn’t she her. 😉

Anyway, during some cheer they have where the whole place is going crazy, Big J & Baby J run around center court in circles (flying) until it the cheer ends when they drop to the floor.  Real cool!

Bottom line, there were great mascots and even made fun of the UMKC basketball team while they were announced. (Left: pic)  I’d say the Jay’s are right up there with Nebraska mascots, the Oregon St. Beaver, and even my favorite so far... Pete the UTEP Miner!

The Game
Wow... there was even a game going on! 😉  As I already I told you, Kansas is a real good basketball team and when they are at home... they are unbeatable, so tonight’s game against unranked and unknown UMKC should be a blow-out and... it was!

KU did what ever they wanted against them to start the game and before you knew it... it was 15-0 Jayhawks.  This trend never stopped as KU laid the smack-ith down on the Kangaroos of Kansas City all night long!

Basically what I’m saying is... if the NMKC players had a pouch to run into, I’m sure they would have by halftime! 😉  I had to make a kangaroo joke or at least try to. 😉

The Fans
The fans here at KU are crazy and their influence showed all night long as every time UMKC took foul shots, the fans seemed to distract the players into missing.  I’d say that the Kangaroos only made about 40% of free throws all night long.

Besides being distracting to the opposing players, the KU fans supported their team from the opening tip until the closing seconds of the game.  (Well, I left with 10 minutes left in the second half when they had a 40 point lead and the crowd was still all there, going nuts!)

Tons of Memorabilia In The Hallways
If I wanted to explain all the memorabilia they had in the hallways, it would take forever.  They had so much stuff everywhere, that I wouldn’t even know where to start if I wanted to.  They really had so much stuff there.

Since, I can’t talk about it all, I‘ll mention that they had a hallway dedicated to both basketball teams (men’s and women’s) featuring their men’s 5 NCAA championship seasons, 13 Final Fours, 53 different Men’s titles, and on and on and on.  🙂

Other than well... everything, they had a display case with their NCAA championship trophies in it for all to see.  Really cool!  Right near that was an awesome Kansas sign and inside each letter was a different part of the school’s history.  Again, just awesome!

The last thing I will mention is the slogan they have everywhere that expresses what it feels like for opposing teams to play in the Allen Fieldhouse.  The saying is... “Pay Head, All Who Enter... Beware of the Phog!”  And it’s true because nobody has won here in 10 years!

Leaving The Game
I was having such a good time that I didn’t want to leave the game early, but I was 45 minutes from the hotel and the game was way out of reach (KU was up 75-38.)

Plus, I’m not a KU fan and didn’t spend a dime, so there’s nothing lost by beating traffic by a few minutes. 😉  Anyway, on my way out, I took a few more pictures of the arena, trophies, etc... and said good-bye to the land of OZ.

By the time I got into my car and was back on the road to K.C, MO it was almost 10 pm.  Nice!  I had action packed fun-filled day, I only spent $5, and I didn’t play any blackjack!  Sweet!  I’m a winner!

Back To Harrah’s
By the time I got back to my room, I was beat from a long day of well... everything!  So, I just hung out in my room and watched TV until I fell asleep relatively early (1 am).

Let’s Re-cap : Today I mimic’d “Man vs. Food” (KC show) and did “Rooster vs. Food”, except after going to three different restaurants, I didn’t eat all that much.  So, I guess it should have been called “Rooster vs. No Food”. LOL 😉

None-the-less, I had a great time during my food run and if I didn’t do that, who knows I may have never realized that KU had a home basketball game for me to go.  And that was... a f&$king unbelievable experience!  That was my day! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    The food run was awesome. I would have eaten at
    Popa Bob’s. As for the KU game, like I said, I never bet against your ability to get the job done.

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