Rooster’s Harley Davidson? & The Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs! (IA) “DAY 71” – 9/13/10

September 14, 2010 - 9:08 am - (IA) “DAY 71”

I woke up this morning on Craig’s couch around 10 am. (I couldn’t sleep in a Broncos bed. ;))  Craig had already left for work, so I was in his place by myself.  He just told to make sure I locked up when I left.  Thank you again!

Me "Rooster" and Craig

Anyway, I did what I always do first thing in morning... write my daily post.  It was around noon and I was still writing when Craig and one of his friends stopped back at the pad.  I think he wanted to make sure I wasn’t packing the TV. 😉 LOL

While Craig and his friend were there, they told me about a place I needed to stop at before I left... Rooster’s Harley Davidson!  Yes... Rooster’s Harley Davidson!

They showed me the address in the Yellow Pages and when I finished writing, I packed my car and headed right over there.  Thanks for everything Craig!

Rooster’s Harley Davidson
I pulled up to Rooster’s Harley Davidson around 2 pm and I was disappointed because there wasn’t a huge sign that said Rooster’s Harley Davidson, the sign just said Harley Davidson.  I guess Harley Davidson has a better brand name than Rooster does. 😉

Anyway, I walked in and immediately looked around for Rooster things.  Believe it or not, they didn’t have to much Rooster Harley stuff.  What they did have though... was some kick-ass Rooster Harley T-shirts.  The Rooster logo is a bad ass Rooster on a Harley!

The problem... there always is... The shirt was $25.  A little out of my price range for a t-shirt.  So, Iasked for the manager (Heidi) to see if there was something she could do for me (price wise).

Melissa, Me "Rooster, Heidi

She was a nice lady, but said she couldn’t do anything for me on the Rooster shirts.  She then said, she could give me a key chain and pen for free though.  I’ll take it... but I really wanted one of those kick-ass Rooster shirts!  Damn!

I thanked her for her gifts and time, then went outside and called my Dad for advice on whether or not it was worth it to buy the shirt for $25.


$5 Donation
While I was on the phone with my Dad, a man named Jerry, who was in the Harley store at the same time I was walked up to me and handed me $5!

He said he had overheard my story while I was talking to the manager and told me to put $5 of gas in my tank.  People kick-ass!  Thank you Jerry!

A Early Birthday Present
Anyway, my Dad and I spoke for a little bit and I guess he could hear how much I liked the shirt because he offered to buy it for me.  That wasn’t my reason for calling, I just needed somebody to talk to about my decision.

So I told him I would only take it from him, if he considered it a early birthday present (my birthday is October 25).  I can’t be taking gifts from my family during this trip... I have to make it on my own, that’s why I would only except it if it was my B-day present.

We agreed on the terms of the present, so I went back inside and handed the phone over to the manager while I picked out my favorite Rooster t-shirt.  THANK YOU DAD!

Thanks Dad!

I made sure before I left to take a picture of me in my new Rooster shirt next to a bunch of Harley’s.  Sweet!  Plus... it’s a sleeveless shirt, so now I have to get back into shape as well in order to make this shirt look right! 😉

It was time to go, so I hopped in my car and headed to my next location... Council Bluffs, Iowa.  I didn’t realize until today but I was actually already staying in Iowa because Sioux City is considered Iowa.  It’s also considered Nebraska and South Dakota.

Sioux City is right on the border of all three states, so each state claims it in some way.  Nebraska calls it South Sioux City, in Iowa it was just Sioux City, and in South Dakota it’s called North Sioux City.  You can each state in just a few minutes.

Anyway, the drive from where I was to Council Bluffs was only 90 miles, not a bad drive at all. 🙂  While I was en route, I called the casino I was headed to to see if I could get a comped room.

The “Horseshoe” is a Harrah’s property, so I was hoping my NJ comps would carry over and I would be able to get two nights for free between Sunday-Thursday. (That’s what NJ Harrah’s always offers me in the mail.)

The lady I spoke with was able to comp to me a room for tonight but not for tomorrow (Tuesday).  Fine, I’ll take it.   At least I’m not rolling into town with nowhere to stay.  This day is working out perfect so far... I got a kick-ass Rooster shirt and a free room!  Nice!

The Horseshoe Casino and Hotel
I arrived at the casino/hotel at about 6:30 and immediately went to check into my room.  While I was at the front desk, I noticed a Scrabble board set up for people to mess around with, so I put down a 7 point word... ROOSTER! LOL  Not to good for scrabble but cool none-the-less!

After that, I went directly to my room to unwind and see when the Monday Night Football game was starting.  (I have no idea when sporting events start anymore because of the time zone changes and all.)

It was starting in a few minutes, so I decided... rather than watching the game from my hotel room (which is the nicest room I have had yet), I”ll play some poker and watch it in the poker room.  Perfect... poker and Monday Night Football! 

Poker Room
The poker was very nice and the casino in and of itself was extremely nice as well.  It reminded me of any Atlantic City Casino.  Much different than the places I have been playing for the past month or so.

Anyway, I was immediately sat in 1-3 NL game and bought in for $150 (table max buy-in is $200).  The table had some chips on it... people have re-bought a few times I can see.

I was having such a good day so far, I thought it would have definitely carried over to the poker table.  Well... I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!  I got blasted every hand I played!

My early loses at the table were definitely my fault for I was playing loose and chasing open-end straights, flushes, middle pair, etc...  I lost my entire $150 buy-in that way, pretty much.  Why would I catch a card on the river??? 🙁

So... I bought in for another $150 because I realized the table wasn’t playing that good either.  When I was missing my draws, the hands that were flopped over against me were middle pair, top pair with a bad kicker, etc... If I play tight (my style), I’ll do just fine.

Driving with Gass.. 5-8pm

Radio Interview (106.7 FM, Arizona)
Oh yeah, as I was re-buying, I got a call from a friend (Kevin Gassman) who does a radio show in Arizona (106.7 FM).  He interviewed me on-air about my journey and plugged my website as well.  It was a lot of fun, Thanks Gass!

Poker: 2cd Buy-In
The first hand I played with my 2cd buy-in was (J,10) off-suit.  I limped in and the flop came (10, 6, 4).  The player in first position went ALL-IN for $38.  Everybody folded to me, so I called.  I didn’t think he’d push ALL-IN with a real big hand and I was right.

He had (7, 4).  But of course... the turn.. 7!  Are you kidding me! The river didn’t help me and he took down the pot with 2 pair. (He was a nice guy though, not that it makes it any easier to take!)  I lost a few more hands the same way and before I knew it... I only had $52 in chips in front of me.

Then, a few hands later, I made a desperate gamblers move.  I was down $250 and on tilt big-time!

Anyway, I was in the dealer button with (K, J) of hearts.  By the time it has gotten me, four other people we ALL-IN.  The pot was real big and I was getting 5-1 on my money.  (It turned out to be 6-1 because the little blind called too.)

Since everybody was ALL-IN pre-flop, all the hands were turned over and you could see what you were up against.  I was curious with 6 people in what everybody had.

There was pocket Ace’s (A, A,),  pocket Jacks (J, J), pocket 7’s (7,7), (K, 10) suited-spades, and my hand (K, J) suited-hearts, (forgot the last hand in).

The flop came... (Q, 10, 6) with one heart.  Not bad for my hand except two of the aces are gone already.  The turn... 3 (not a heart).  The river... 2.  Damn!  I know was behind and shouldn’t have called but seriously.... can I ever catch card against somebody else... EVER!

I knew it was time to get up and leave for many reasons.  One, I was playing bad.  Two, I suck.  And three... I suck and I was playing bad!

So... what did I do know that I lost $300... Yep... you guessed it... I played blackjack!

The poker room’s cards weren’t going well for me, so I tried my hand at blackjack.  This should be better (sarcasm).  I bought in for a $100 and before I knew it... I was down a $100.

The only good decision I made at the blackjack table was to get up after I lost only a $100.

I was down $400 and desperate so I took out another and put in a $1 slot machine.  I know this is throwing away money but I always hear stories about how people win huge amounts in slots.  I never have!  Actually I have never won playing a slot machine.  Maybe it’s my time!

Yeah right!  I lost the $100 in the slot machine faster than the $100 I lost on the blackjack table!

My Room
Dejected and depressed, I went back to my room to watch the end of the late Monday Night Football game (Chargers - Chiefs).  I felt physically ill at this point and couldn’t find the energy to do anything, so I laid on the bed and fell asleep as the game was ending.

What To Do Today (Tuesday)?
So here I am this morning (Tuesday), down a bunch of money and I do not have a room for tonight.  I am so mentally weak right now... I don’t even have a plan.

Truthfully... I don’t even F&$KING care!  I’m a loser, I played like a loser, so I guess I’ll have to live like a loser....

Please do not call me... anybody!  I need to re-group by myself!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Edie says:

    That’s enough self-pity and foolishness. Scrape your ego off the bottom of the trash bin and get back to work! Think about how far you’ve gone on your journey so far — you’ve been gone longer than some thought you would. . .remember those who thought you wouldn’t make it out of Delaware???? Come on Dave, you CAN do this!

  2. bennervous says:

    Dude — Total bummer. It started as another great journal entry, but then as soon as I saw the word “blackjack,” I had this sinking feeling! Blackjack is like your crack. I thought of all the gambler’s anonymous ads and pictured you. I feel for you right now, so let me try to brighten your outlook:
    Maybe you are helping educate people on the pitfalls of gambling, and I am only referring to games in which the house has an edge as gambling. You are doing a good thing by letting people know why gambling is bad. You are also reinforcing a lesson about playing on tilt. I know you are a decent poker player, and believe you will bounce back IF you make a commitment to not play on tilt. Here’s a tip for you: Write down these words on paper: I WILL NOT PLAY WHEN I AM ON TILT. Now, put that paper in your pocket. Sound corny? I am sure it does…it even sounds corny to me sometimes, but it is proven that people are more likely to meet their goals/follow their advice/etc. if they actually write it down on paper. (This sounds like new age, tree-hugging hippie crap…but it is what it is and it is scientifically proven to work on most people.) You can also do what Sam Chuahan (life/poker coach to many great players; not sure of spelling) recommends, which is to put a rubber band around your wrist to remind you. You can also repeat mantras to yourself like “I will not play on tilt; I will stay away from blackjack; I will make the right decisions at the poker table; etc.” I am starting to convince myself to practice what I preach more. Dave, you can play poker profitably. If I was just trying to make you feel good about yourself, I would say you are great…but I am too honest for that. You can be a profitable player who can make the right decisions. Now, clear your head of the day and go out and make it happen. Read the last sentence again and don’t neglect the first part about clearing your head. Don’t try to make it happen until you can clear your head. Good luck! I want you to succeed. There’s a lot of people rooting for you…now, all around the country.

  3. Lori Morse says:

    Oh Rooster, I know the feeling all too well. A drinking hang over goes away in a couple of hours but a gambling hang over takes days. Chin up man!! Happy travels and love the t-shirt!!
    P.S. Thanks for The Roosters band plug on your site!!

  4. JD says:

    Hang in there brotha…….the ball bounces evenly over the long haul! Winners never quit and quitters never win! Recover dammit!

  5. John says: had a bad night in a casino. Been there! With the amount of time you’ll be gambling on this trip, it wasn’t your first and won’t be your last. But you’ve also had big wins and you’ll have more of those too! I give you a lot of your shoes I would have had a hard time leaving the casino without another buck on blackjack or something else. Like Jake (channeling Theo) said…Recover! You’ll do fine.

  6. dave says:

    Got it. But remember… I am writing about every moment of my life for the most part… It’s not gonna be all sunshine and butterflies.. I wish it was! 😉 Thanks for the pick me up Edie!

  7. dave says:

    Already used your advice! Thanks

  8. dave says:

    You do understand! 😉 lol

  9. dave says:

    Thanks Snake Daddy! A little “Theo” never hurts the positive mind set!

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