Saturday In Corvallis at A Beaver Game! (OR) “DAY 118” – 10/30/10

November 1, 2010 - 11:30 am - (OR) “DAY 118”

F.Y.I. - “DAY 117” ran right into “DAY 118” for me because I only got 3-4 hours of sleep   on some bean bags (LOL :)) and had to immediately drive an hour and half south so I could make it to the Oregon State football game in time to tailgate (12:30 pm kick-off).

Now... on to what actually happened today (Saturday, Oct.30).  I woke up on the bean bags at about 8 am and finally got out of the Rooster suit from the night before.  Ahhh... it feels good to De-Rooster. 🙂

Like I said in yesterday’s post, I didn’t have bed in the Hostel but I was in the house so when I got up, I had to walk through the kitchen and common area in order to leave.  As I got into the kitchen who was there making coffee... Celine!  Nice! 🙂

Hanging With Celine Before I Leave
I walked into the kitchen and she seemed as happy to see me as I was to see her.  Nice! 🙂  The bad part... no way I’m leaving right this second for the OSU game when I can hang out with Celine for a little bit.

We started talking about my night (Halloween party) as she made me a cup of hot tea for breakfast.  Thank you! (I’m not a morning eater so tea was perfect!)  Then we went to the common dining area where we sat down and talked for over an hour.

I couldn’t get up to leave for the life of me.  Seriously... where else do I really want to be!?  I’m having great conversation with one of the sexiest women around! 🙂  We kept talking about whatever but I made sure to remind her she only had 2 months now before I became her new boyfriend!

She said in her cute French accent, “Two months, I thought I had four.”  I responded, “ Yeah, but I can’t wait four months plus in 2 months is New Years Eve and bringing in the New Year kissing you would be perfect!

Again, she playfully jumped on board as she agreed to my 2 month relationship request!    Who knows what will actually happen but it was real fun either way getting to play around with her.

And like I said... who knows... maybe she shows up on New Years Eve in Kansas City, Missouri to see me when 2011 starts! 😉  Anyway, I finally got up and left her because she had to go to a job interview and I had to head south for the OSU football game.

We exchanged phone numbers as I told her I would send her pictures of my day in Beaver land!  Nice... I get to say Beaver a lot in the post!  F.Y.I. - Oregon State’s nickname is the Beavers!

Traveling To Corvallis, Oregon - Oregon State University

Like I said earlier, the drive was just an hour and half (not bad at all) as I arrived at a free parking lot in Corvallis (about 1/2 mile - 1 mile from the stadium).  I got out of my car and immediately met the people next to me who were parking.

I found out real early in this day that if you are wearing a Rooster Suit in Corvallis, Oregon... you will be noticed and yelled at repeatedly!   The yelling was almost exclusively... “Chicken Man!”  or... “You’re one big Cock!”...

And occasionally... I would hear hear music to my ears... “ Rooster man!”  Oh yeah!  Some people do see the red comb on top of the ROOSTER Suit!  🙂

Finding A Tailgate
So, there I am walking around the tailgate area in my Rooster Suit looking for a group of cool people to party with before the game.  The first area I spotted and walked up to turned out to be a winner although it started off a little dicey.

Here’s what happened.  I walked up and asked who’s tailgate it was as I always do (I’m not a tailgate crasher :)) and the response was kinda like... Who’s the maniac in a Rooster suit!?

Then, I explained where I was from (NJ) and what I was I doing.  Before I could say another word,

Me "Rooster", Jim, Matt

I was invited into their tailgate and handed a beer and jello shot.  The jello shot was done well as you could taste vodka the whole way through.  Nice!

Anyway, I met a lot of people at their tailgate but mainly I hung out with Big Matt, Jim, Hurl, a real cool girl who’s name I forgot (my bad), the twins, as well as a few others.

During our time drinking and laughing, I told them I didn’t have a ticket to the game.  They told me that getting a ticket shouldn’t be to hard but that they didn’t have any extras.

Actually, half of them weren’t even going into the game, they were staying in the parking  lot and tailgating straight through.  I was having such a good time with them that I thought about not going in... but then Jim and I talked as we agreed I had to see the game!

After drinking and eating (home-made chili was awesome) for about a hour and half, it was time to walk closer to the stadium and see if I could find a ticket.  Thank you guys/girls!  Although I do go back after the game later! 🙂

Getting A Ticket
So there I was, walking to the stadium in a Rooster Suit looking for a ticket. 😉  F.Y.I. - Out of the 60 or so thousand people there, I’d say only 50 people (if that) had costumes on.  You know I don’t care either way (I’m possibly certifiable ;)),  but I thought more people would have been in the Halloween spirit.

Anyway, I talked to a few scalpers but they were selling tickets for $50 and above.  Then, I got one down to $20 but that was still to much.  And then I thought... Heck, I’m wearing a Rooter suit... I can just walk into the stadium! 🙂

Entering The Stadium
Now, mind you... as far as 90% of the people here are concerned, I’m a giant chicken walking around a football game. 😉  I know that cause at least 1000 times during the game and before, people would shout at me... “Chicken Man!”  (That was the general phrase.) 😉

Also, I found out that children (ages 2-6-ish) absolutely love people in giant chicken costumes.  I mean these kids were staring at me in amazement and smiling 🙂 as if an adult were to see Elvis in person at a football game.  Oh wait... did I just see Elvis? 🙂

For real though... if you have kids and ever need to make them happy... get a giant Chicken Suit and wear it in the house.  All worries will go away!  Trust me... it was the wildest thing about the whole experience!  Children love Giant Chickens! LOL

Anyway, back to getting in.  I figured at this point... I’m the guy in the Giant Chicken suit (I gotta go with what that majority thought although it was a Rooster suit!).  I can just walk right in.  Who doesn’t want a Giant Bird in the stadium.?

I was right because I walked right through the security check point, then the ticket entrance, and into the stadium while I did a chicken dance (I was flapping my arms while yelling “Let’s Go Beavers!”).   I was in! 🙂

Finding A Seat
Now this is the first time on the trip that I truly do not have seat.  But like that matters... I sit where I want to anyway. 😉

So I walked around and decided that since I was the guy in the chicken suit, I needed to be near the band so I could dance it up all game long while I cheered on some Beaver! 😉

I got to the security check point area at the top the bands section (in the end-zone) and just walked right down.  I think the ticket checker actually high-fived me as passed by and into the bands section.

Mind you... every minute or so, somebody is yelling “Chicken Man” or a child is petting my  Chicken fur while smiling... as I am starting “Let’s Go Beaver” chants throughout the stadium!

I’m a giant Chicken... what else I am supposed to do!  Chickens do love Beaver evidently! 😉

Sitting With The Band & Chicken Dancing
So there I am sitting next to the band for the whole first half of the game.  The way the band knows what to play is by a conductor (maestro?) that sits in the middle of the band who has a microphone.

He tells them over that mic (which you can hear for at least 3 sections) which song they should be ready to play next.  Anyway, after the 1st quarter ended and they played their fight song, the conducted made an announcement to the crowd....

He said, “Can you believe we have a crazy Chicken Man dancing and sitting next to us all game.” (Or something close to that. :))  I yelled back to him, “Rooster Man” as I started another “Let’s Go Beaver” chant.  They loved it and played along. 🙂

The Game Itself

Reser stadium is awesome venue to watch football for the fan.  Every single seat seems to have good view as well having plenty of room to breath.  The crowd is into the game and everybody there was knowledgable and friendly.

Granted... if I was wearing a Duck suit... it would have been much different! 😉

Anyway, the Beavers were playing the Cal Bears and the game was never game.  The Beavers jumped on them early as the Bears never got back into the game.  It was 28-0 before you knew it as halftime was approaching.

Walking Around The Stadium Before Halftime
As I have said a few times already, the guy in Chicken Suit is a big attraction at a football game so walking around the stadium was an event all in itself. 🙂

I was half way around the stadium after taking pictures with numerous people as well as a few brave souls who also wore costumes to the game.  Was mine even a costume? 😉

Then, as I was getting to the other end of the stadium, I hear a loug chant of “Rooster... Rooster... Rooster...” coming from an area of the stands.  Huh???
I walked up there to see who was chanting Rooster was the people from the tailgate earlier!  How AWESOME!  They were laughing and smiling as they saw me going around the stadium starting... “Let’s Go Beaver!” chants.

Most college games as I found out will let you re-enter the stadium with a stamp and this one was no different.  So I left during halftime and went back to the tailgate in the parking lot.

While I was there, I did more jello shots, ate more chili, and talked with the guys about what I still needed to accomplish in the stadium.  1.) Picture with the Beaver. 2.) Picture with a cheerleader. 3.) Get onto the field.   That was the list!

The problem... there always is... since I slept on a bean bag chair, in a Rooster suit, in a un-heated shed last night... 🙂 LOL,  I never charged my phone or camera’s battery.  So by halftime my camera was dead and my phone was on the way.  It’s all phone pics from here.  🙁

The 2nd Half
By the time I made it back into the stadium it was almost the 4th quarter but when I did... it was more of the same... “Chicken Man!”.  People kept asking to take pictures with me and before I knew it... I was in the front row of the student section.

While I was standing there cheering on some Beaver... (If you recall in earlier posts, I love using the word Beaver so the fact that I can use it all post makes me smile. :)), the actual Beaver (Benny Beaver) walked over to take a picture with me!  LOL (1 down.)

Ya see... us mascot types have to stick together.  I didn’t even have to run him down this time, he came right to me!  Ahhh.. the lure of a giant Rooster Suit!   It’s magnet for drunks, children, and other giant Animals in costumes!  LOL

Getting On The Field
As the game was getting close to the end, I went back to band area where I was well... part of the band! I thought getting on the field from there was going to be my easiest route.

But then... I looked down and saw the guy working security at that entrance.  He looked like a no non-sense type dude.  The whole time I was by him waiting for the game to end, he didn’t even smile once and I used all my giant Chicken tricks. 🙂

So I flew the cooop and headed for a different part of the stadium.  I wound up on the Cal bears sidelines in the front row by the 15 yard line.  The game ended and nobody rushed the field... OK, that way on is out of the question.

So I just stood there and waited for the place to clear out a little before I was gonna make my move.  I did realize it was gonna be much harder being in a Giant Rooster suit and all because obviously... I do not blend in today, to say the least! 😉

It was about ten minutes after the game ended and all the players had left the field when... the crowd was allowed to go onto the field and do whatever.   Before I knew it... there was at least 1000 people all over the field playing catch, taking pictures, whatever!   (2 down) 🙂 🙂

Finding A Cheerleader
So now I’m on field and although the players and coaches were long gone, the cheerleaders, dance team, and Benny were still out there having a good time with the crowd. (Benny was being tossed up in the air as they chanted... “Lets go Beavers!”.)

I walked around for a few seconds before I spotted a hit cheerleader and got my Rooster picture taken with her.  She was laughing so hard at my costume that she could barely pose for the picture. (3 down) 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Dance Team & Benny Again
I didn’t think about getting a picture with the dance team but when opportunity knocks... somebody has to answer.  And that person this time... was wearing a Giant Chicken Suit!

Then, since my old pal Benny was finished being tossed in the air, I stopped by to say good-bye to him (or her?).   This was the second week in row that I took a picture with the Oregon State Beaver because I was at the Washington Husky vs. OR. ST. last week in Pullman, WA.  Small mascot world! 😉

After that, I took few more pictures of me on the field near the Beaver logo then headed back the parking lot to tailgate with my new friends.

Post-Game Tailgating
When I got to the tailgate, a lot of the people I was partying with earlier were already gone but still there drinking it up were the Twins (Heather & Nicole).  They were awesome people and treated me as they would a long time friend.  So cool! 🙂

Anyway,  they knew I had just met a hot French chick back in Portland and was debating on whether or not I should text her already.  Then, one of the twins (sorry girls) helped me out with my game.

She was French Major in college and even lived in France for a awhile learning the language.  Money!  I’ll send her a text message in French!  It worked out perfectly as Celine was impressed that I would/could find somebody who spoke French so I could send her a message that way.

It was after 5 pm and I was absolutely exhausted, not to mention, I hadn’t written “Day 117” yet.  Ahhh... I’m already dreading having to write two days worth of posts and currently... I’m so tired... all I really need is some good sleep!

Leaving Corvallis, Oregon
I said good bye to everybody and thanked them for a great day.  Thanks again though all.  Go Beavers!
There was no reason for me to stay in Corvallis because I was heading to California in the morning.  So, I decided to keep heading south and check out (stay) in Eugene, Oregon for the night (home of the Oregon Ducks).  It was only 1 hour closer but... that’s 1 hour closer and I’ll get to see the Duck campus.

Arriving In Eugene
When I got to there, it was about 7 pm and all I wanted to do was find a cheap hotel room so I could get some sleep.  But... before I did that, I drove to Auztec Stadium so I could see where the Ducks play.  I only took one picture and then left to find a room.

$42.99 A Night
I hadn’t paid for anything for almost two days, so paying for a room for the night didn’t bother me at all.  I checked a bunch of different places and the cheapest place was $42.99.   I checked in around 7:30 and fell right asleep with-in minutes.

I woke up at about 10 pm hungry as a Beaver (couldn’t resist ;)).  So I got into my car and headed out to find somewhere to get dinner.

Red Robin
While I was in Seattle, Casey told me how much he loved Red Robin burgers (now that don’t mean much Casey loves anything drenched i n Ranch. ;)) but I figured I’d try something new and take his advice.

I got there and ordered a bacon cheeseburger while I talked with the cool girl bartending.  She was real cool as she gave me so many fries for the road.  They had free re-fills but since I getting mine to go, she had to decided how much to give me.  Thanks!

The Day/Days Finally Ended
It was almost midnight by the time I got back to my room, so I ate my dinner, unloaded as many pictures as I could, then fell fast asleep on my $42.99 bed.

I had another awesome day as I met more great people, saw another college football game, and even got to take a glimpse of Eugene.

F.Y.I. - I'm still a day behind but will be caught up by tomorrow cause all I'm doing today is catching up..

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Nicole says:

    Just a friendly correction so that no Beaver fans try to kick a little rooster booty.. Their stadium is actually Reser Stadium, not Reves! Good luck with the rest of your trip. 🙂

  2. dave says:

    Just a typo but thanks… it’s changed! 🙂

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