Back To Vegas For The Weekend! (SO.Cal-Las Vegas) “DAY 131” – 11/12/10

November13, 2010 - 12:13 pm - (So. Cal - Las Vegas Again) - “DAY 131”

After a great night out with the guys (and girl), I uncharacteristically woke up this early this morning so I could get my post done and head to Vegas before the traffic starts.  I know... I did this drive last week! 😉

As I was packing my up things, I thought I was missing a bag of cloths, belts, etc... but when I didn’t see it lying around... I just figured it was in my trunk (I didn’t bring in all my stuff to Steve’s last night).

So after looking briefly looking for it, I left to go to Bob’s house before I skipped out of town for the weekend.  F.Y.I. - Steve is so cool, he even made me breakfast before he left for work this morning!  Thanks for everything Steve and good luck!

Bob’s House
As I told you guys yesterday, Bob and I are friends through Steve.  We met over 5 years ago right here in L.A. and have stayed friends since then (on and off contact).

Anyway, I arrived at place before 11 am (see... I told you I was up early ;)).  Bob was waiting for me outside his place because where he lives... it’s difficult to find houses.  He and Gayle live in a gorgeous home overlooking the Hollywood sign in the hills!  Sweet! 🙂

It was the morning. so Bob and I were pal’d around talking about life and whatnot while we hung out on the balcony and enjoyed the morning view.  Then we went upstairs where Bob showed me his music studio and even played me a few tunes.

I enjoyed it a lot because I love the sound of a piano and that’s what he plays.  I even asked Bob to make a CD of him playing (just the piano, for me), so I could pop it in during a long drive when I want to relax.

During this time of total relaxation... I was thinking about my trip (my drive, my things, money, etc..) when I decided to check my truck for that bag I couldn’t find at Steve’s.  I got outside to my car and... it wasn’t in the trunk!  Noooooooooo!  F&%K!!!!!!!!!!

Finding My Bag Or Not!
I called Steve to see if he noticed it somewhere in his place.  He said he didn’t but would be back there at 1:30 pm to check for me.  I now had some time to kill so I pulled out my computer and started to write “DAY 130” on Bob and Gayle’s balcony.

When I was about halfway through, Steve called me to tell the bad news... my bag wasn’t anywhere in his place!  Ahhhhh!   I must have left it on the street by my car last night while I was grabbing some things!  Damn!

F.Y.I. - In that bag was all my underwear, socks, belts, my favorite sweatpants, a Nike jacket I wear all the time, MY YANKEE SWEATSHIRT, as well as $200!!!

Unf$ckingbelievable!  It’s the first thing I have lost on this trip!  This sucks so bad... I don’t even have clean underwear to put on!

There was nothing I could do except move on although I am still very bothered by it.  None-the-less, Bob played me another in order to try and cheer me up.  I did enjoy it but I was still very upset losing all that stuff!

For Christ sake... I asked another man for a pair of his clean underwear today!  I never thought the trip would get so bad that I would be taking hand me down draws! LOL 🙂

It was getting late (2:30 pm) and there was nothing I could do... so I left for Vegas without all that stuff... $200 too!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!  This is not a good way to start a day off! 🙁

Traveling To Vegas
The drive from L.A. to Vegas is just over 4 hours but with L.A. traffic is was more like 6!  It wasn’t a bad drive because the whole time I was chatting with my French cell-phone girlfriend (Celine). 🙂  We are getting to know each other very well... as well as you can through a cell!

F.Y.I. - The reason I am going to Vegas this weekend (other than it’s Vegas baby!) is because one of my best friend’s from Arizona (Scott Lewis) is gonna be there and he has a room for us.  Nice, I get to see Scott and do a Vegas another weekend again!

Sahara Hotel & Casino
I finally got to the casino at 8 pm and met Scott in the room (he got here at 3 pm).  It’s awesome to see Scott (we have had some real crazy times together in the past) and he’s in the best shape he has ever been in.  Nice work Lewi!  I’m still struggling! 🙁

After catching up on life for a bit, Scott decided he would buy me underwear and socks!  He can’t have his one of his best friend’s wearing hand me down underwear... can he? 🙂

We got to Walmart and after looking through the selection... I got some much needed underwear and socks.  Thanks a lot Scott!  Every time I put on some underwear... I will think of you! LOL JK  😉

KFC & Bed
We were both tired from our respective drives, so after getting some KFC, we just went back to the room and relaxed for the rest of the night.  F.Y.I. - I needed to relax because I was still very bothered by the loss of my things.  My Yankee sweatshirt and $200!!!! Ahhh!

It was awesome what Scott did for me and it did make me feel better but still... I’m in no position to lose anything right now!  Not even a nickel... let alone all my underwear, socks, belts, some cloths and I know you already know but.. MY YANKEE SWEATSHIRT and $200!!!

Right now, I just have to focus and get my mind right.  I can’t have this negative incident start a downward spiral to disaster.  Hanging with Scott for the weekend should help keep me on the right path!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    When you least expect it, things sometimes turn up.
    Maybe your Yankee Sweatshirt and the $200 will
    magically turn up at Matt’s, or Jeremy’s or !!!!
    Have a good time with Scott.

  2. dave says:

    Not a chance! I know what happenned!!!!

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