Staying At The Isle & Playing Poker! (MS) “DAY 227” – 2/16/11

February 17, 2011 - 12:25 pm - (MS) “DAY 227” - Week 33 - State 30

When I woke up this morning (10:30 am), the first thing I did was go downstairs to see if I could get my room comped for another night because I had to be out at noon as my two day stay has already ended.

But, after talking with the right person, I got my room comped for another night.  Nice!  Now that that was taken care of, I went back up to my room where I wrote and posted my Monday and Tuesday.   Nothing to exciting.

Playing Poker All Day Again
Around 3 pm, I hit the poker room and got into a 4-8 limit Hold’em game (same as yesterday, same people playing too.)  Anyway, I bought in for $100 and after playing for 2 hours (not much action at all), I left up $13 and went to eat dinner at the buffet.

Buffet Time
Since I’ve been here at the Isle, I have eaten at the buffet 2 times and each time I have gorged myself into utter fatness.  Tonight, I’m actually just gonna eat a small amount of food and worry about another meal later.  I just can’t eat like an animal 3 days in a row.

Back To The Poker Room
Now that I had a good refreshing meal in my stomach, I went back to the poker room to try and earn some money!  Again, I bought in for $100 and sat down in a 4-8 limit game.

For the next 3-4 hours, I played poker and lost hand after hand.  I couldn’t win a hand to save my life!   I lost with pocket Aces, I lost with pocket Kings, I had (J,10) and flopped a straight just to lose to a runner-runner club flush.  Ahhh!

Taking A Break (I’m On TILT!)
After that last hand (the J,10), I got up from the table to take a break because I was on TILT BIG-TIME!  Plus I was down $120 at this point.

Ya know... when you’re losing like I was, you start to think... what two hole cards do I even want in my hand when I’m losing with pocket A’s, K’s, nut straights, etc...  It’s so frustrating!  AHHHHH!

Back To The Poker Room
After a 30-45 minute break, I went back to the poker where I was already seated (I left my remaining chips on the table).  With a clear head, I started to play hands I wouldn’t normally play.  Hands like (9,4 suited), (2,3 off-suit), (10, 7 off-suit), you get the idea.

In this 4-8 limit game the blinds are only 1-2, so you can see a flop for just $2 if nobody raises it to $6 total ($4 raises even though it’s 1-2 blinds in a 4-8 limit game).  I know, it’s a little confusing but they do it to promote action in the game.  It works.

Crazy enough, I couldn’t win with pocket Aces or King’s but (9,4 suited) is gold!  I won with that hand twice, I won with (5,6 off-suit), and so on and so forth.  Limit Hold’em is a crazy game because a lot of people get to see all 7 cards til the end.

Anyway, by the time the game ended (I played until the room closed down again), I had made back some of what I lost but not all of it.  I was still down $35 for the day.  I’ll take it, I thought I was gonna lose $200 the way my day was going.

Eating Late Night & Bed
After the poker room closed down, I took my $11 food comp (I got it after the game ended) and ordered a cheese steak and fries from the only place left open in the casino (forgot the name).  I took it to-go and ate it in my room while I watched TV.

Well... that’s all that happened today.  Tomorrow (Thursday), I have to again figure out where I’m staying and Friday morning I have charity worked scheduled at Loaves and Fishes doing something (I’ll find out when I get there). 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Not much accomplished in the casino, but it could have been bad.

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