Still Monkeying Around In Michigan! (MI) “DAY 29” – 8/2/10

August 3, 2010 - 10:52 am - (MI) “Day 29”

Today was the day I’m suppose to move on to the next state but there are a few reasons why I’m staying one more day.

For starters, I’m with my cousin and staying with family is very comfortable.  Also, I wanted to hit up a Tigers game and they play Tuesday afternoon (1pm) against the White Sox.  Lastly, and I didn’t know until recently but my next stop, which is Gary, Indiana is supposedly the most dangerous, dirty, and run down city in the country, so waiting one more day to die sounded like a good idea ;).

Shows you how much planning I have done for this trip! 🙂

Anyway... today turned out to be pretty exciting.  I found a big event to go to, I saw the University of Michigan campus, and then I finished my day playing poker at MGM Grand, Detroit.  Let go into the details.

Cities Big Event
I finished writing “DAY 28” around 2 pm then did all the things I needed to do to get out of town (laundry, organize, pack my car, etc..).   It was 5 pm when J.T. got home from class.  Knowing he has to study, I hit the town to find something to do.

As I got to Main St. (Ann Arbor), I noticed there was an event going on because the street was closed off.  Nice!  Even from a distance, I could tell it was a car show as hoods were popped open everywhere.

I’m not much of a car guy but I can appreciate a nice ride.  Although... if I had millions of dollars I wouldn’t have real nice cars... I’d have like 20 Hyundai’s in all different colors... somebody would come over and I’d say “ Go ahead drive my Hyundai, crash it, what do I care.. I have 19 more! 🙂  Much different than if I had 20 Corvette’s!

I walked around and took some pictures before I saw the Michigan store (where they sell all U of M

Rooster and Gorillas

gear).  I had to go in to see if they had any Rich Rodriguez stuff to deface.  They didn’t have anything except for a picture in a magazine and this store had everything Michigan Wolverines... they must hate him as much as West Virginia U. fans do :)!

Then, I went to find something to eat but on the way, I ran into a bunch of gorillas. Rather than fight with them, I decided to join in on the monkeying around as we terrorized the streets.. monkey style! 🙂


After monkeying around for a bit, I saw a cup cake store.  Damn my sweet tooth!  I had to stop in and again... another pretty girl working behind counter forced me into buying two small cup cakes (part of the proceeds went to breast cancer research).  Thanks Sasha!

University of Michigan
It was almost getting dark by now and I still wanted to see the University of Michigan’s campus so I headed a few blocks away to check it out.  The first place I went to see was “The Big House” (Wolverine Stadium).  It is a awesome sight!

Oh yeah, they have angry bear near the main entrance, I don’t know the significance but I will find out.


After that, I rode around campus checking out the scenery.  It was a spread out campus without any central location as far as I could tell, none-the-less, it was really nice and modern.

I spotted a real cool house that I would have lived in if I was Michigan student so I had to take a picture of it.   It was painted Michigan blue and gold with a big M on the door.  It looked pretty cool for a college house.

It was now around 8 pm... time to go to work!  So I headed back to J.T.’s to get everything I needed for the casino (tums, money, sweatshirt - it’s always cold in a casino).

I have had limited success right down the street in Ann Arbor (Heidelberg,) so even though MGM is 40 miles away (Detroit), I decided that is the best place for me to play.

I got to the poker room but there wasn’t a seat...  the waiting list again, this seems to happen to me a lot.  It wasn’t a long wait this time and I got on a table in 15 minutes.

I bought in for $130 and the first hand I got was (2, 3,) off-suit... not a day like this :(... I saw the flop and folded.  The table I was playing at was filled with cool people, playing friendly as we talked about my journey most of the time I was there.

I told them I was going to Tigers game in the morning and they gave me parking advice (park for free at the casino and walk to the game.)  Nice, I just saved $10.  Now, mind you, I’m in Detroit and everybody at the table was shocked when I told them my next stop was Gary, IN.

It must be real bad if people from Detroit are telling you to stay away... what have I gotten myself into???

I played for 5 hours and didn’t get involved in many hands.  I just didn’t have the cards.  The good news is... the hands I played... I won!  None were for big pots, but at the end of the night I was up $105.  I needed it!  A positive showing to get my mind back.

Me "Rooster" and Frank

Over the course of the night, I became friendly with a few guys at the table, one guy was Frank.  He seemed like anybody I would be friends back home as he was on 15 hr poker bender, sweet!  After hearing that, I knew he could be one of my boys.  Nice meeting you Frank and good luck in life!

Then, I got a comped meal ($16 worth) and hit the road for home.  I got back to J.T.’s around 4 am, went to bed around 5 am, and got up at 10 am to write this post so I can make it to the Tigers game on time.  I am exhausted!

After I go to the game (Tuesday 1 pm), I’m gonna hit the MGM poker room one more time, before I leave for death trap Indiana.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Larry says:

    Rooster, I will donate $20 if you post a picture of you pissing on the Big House for me before you leave town!

  2. dave says:

    Can’t do it Larry… $20 bucks isn’t worth jail time! Thanks though!

  3. Matt says:

    Ok rooster u might appreciate this poker story that took place 10 mins ago and im obviously pretty pissed about it…i got on full tilt finally and decided to play a 45 person $10 sit and go tourney…i was chip leader from the get go and i got through about 3.5 hrs of play…anyways this is about the last 2 hands, just me and one other remained..i had 45k in chips to his delt K7 and he has k8…flop comes k88..we both check down to the river tryin to slow play, i bet and he obviously re-raises and i call…now we’ve switched places as and final hand..i have K7 and he has 77..flop comes K74..i lose..what are the odds heads up…SALTY!!!

  4. dave says:

    Ridiculous! But your debut back in the game… you took second! Nice job!

  5. Richie says:

    Hey Dave. I’ve been reading your posts since the beginning and I’ve enjoyed your journey thus far. But I have to comment here because I’m an animal snob. It’s a common misconception but gorillas aren’t monkeys, they are apes. So all of the “monkeying around” puns are out of place. So you were “Going Ape” with them instead. 😛

    Good luck in Indiana!

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