Tackle Football With A Bunch Of Bull Riders, Then Poker! (ND) “DAY 62” – 9/4/10

Behind tent

September 5, 2010 - 12:37 pm - (ND) “DAY 62”

I was woken up this morning to the sound of construction going on outside my window.  As I have told you already this week, a televised bull riding event is being recorded here on Sunday.

Anyway, it was real noisy and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I wrote “DAY 61”.

I finished writing around noon, then headed outside to the bull area to investigate.  As I got to the parking lot, I could see all the trucks, trackers, and whatnot needed to put on the event.  (It’s a traveling show as everything they need is brought with them.)  Wild!

While I was out there looking around, I met a guy named Steve (Snorkel), he was a bull rider for over 20 years and now is a rodeo comedian. (I’m not quite sure what a rodeo comedian does but I’m sure it is entertaining. :))


Anyway, we spoke for awhile as he told me all about the rodeo and bull riding.  Then, he gave me a ton of information about the mid-west...  where to go, what to see, and even a few places to crash if I need it, including his own in southwest Nebraska.

At this point, we were at his truck with a map out on the hood looking around the country at where I have been and where I am headed.  We spoke for about 30 minutes (total) then we parted ways.  He ‘s headed out of town to a different rodeo on Sunday.

To Snorkel... you’re a real interesting and cool guy.  It was nice meeting you and I wish you nothing but the best of luck in life!

After that, I went back to room to relax and watch college football.  While I was watching, I could a hear ruckus going on outside my window again.  I went to the window to check it out and realized people were playing football in the bull riding ring.

Tackle Football With Bull Riders/Cowboys
You know what I did by now...  I had to go check it out... So I walked over to the area and stood by the rail.  I took a picture of them playing football in the arena while I overheard a lady say, “Craig sure would like to play, he played for the Air Force Academy.”.

I looked over and saw a guy sitting on top of the gates looking down watching like I was.   It was Craig.  He responded back to lady, “The teams would be uneven.”

I immediately jumped at the chance and said, “Hey man, I’ll play if you don’t mind a New Jersey guy in the game.” 🙂  He said no problem as we jumped on the field and each got on a team.  The game was now 6 on 6 as I was covering Craig, a big ex-D-1-athlete.

F.Y.I.- At this point, although I had been watching for a minute or so, I was pre-occupied  and didn’t realize they were playing tackle and not touch.  I found out on the first play when a dude got jacked up.  I said, “We’re playing tackle?” as they all just looked at me like I was crazy.

I still wanted to play but I was internally concerned if my shoulder would hold up or not.  I am just a year out of shoulder surgery (Aug.13, 2009) and the recovery period was 10 months.

That should mean I’m good... but still... I haven’t rehabbed it correctly and this will definitely be my first aggressive contact with it.  I hope this isn’t a big mistake. ;(

Playing In The Game
Like I already said, I was matched up with Craig (6’0, 240lbs?) and as it turned out... he was their goto guy the whole game.  The first series I didn’t let him catch a pass until they were on the goal line, then he caught a crossing pattern for the TD.  Damn!

When we were on offensive, I really wasn’t incorporated into the game plan.  There were 3 or 4 young guys who could run as we just ran deep patterns to them all game for TD after TD.

F.Y.I. - This turned out to be good thing because I was exhausted just playing defense! 😉

Anyway, on the second defensive series I made name for myself as I made an over the shoulder interception on a deep pass to Craig.  I returned it for a few yards then got tackled.  I got up OK.  Whew!  My shoulder is fine.

The whole game was recorded by the camera crew for the bull riding event.  There are gonna use some of the footage during their broadcast (February air date).  This is when I realized I was playing with all the bull riders for the event on Sunday.  Cool!

We played for about an hour as people we dying all over the field from fatigue.  I heard one cowboy

Bull Riders and Me "Rooster"

say, “I’m so tired... I’m as unstable as the Unabomber right now.”  Any guy said, “ I might throw up in 10 seconds...”  LOL 🙂  I was right with them as I said, “I might throw up 5 seconds after you!” 😉

The game ended about a series after that (I don’t know who won) but it was fun as hell!  I then asked the guys if they would take a picture with me as they gathered up a bunch of them and took a picture with me in the middle of the arena.

I’m gonna be so sore... I can already tell!

Poker Time
I went back to room, took a shower, cleaned up my cuts (on forearms), then headed to poker room to earn a living.  I bought in for $200 and was sat in a 2-10 spread game (dealer’s choice - Hold’em or Omaha Hi-lo) but everybody choices Omaha Hi-lo.

I have to write this first... This is a great poker room.  The dealers and staff are super friendly as they know everybody’s name in the room.  The rake is just 10% of the pot up to $3 and the players (although real nice) are bad players.  A perfect room!

The place is just like “Cheers”... well... it’s nothing like “Cheers” except that... (In melody) where everybody knows your name.... dun, dun... dunna, dunna, dunna, dun , da... da.... LOL 🙂

Anyway, I got right on a table, played for about 2 hours, and won most of the hands I was in.  I have finally gotten a hang of Omaha.  If you play tight and pick your spots (don’t chase), you can make some money in this game.

I was $196 and it was 7:30 pm (I hadn’t eaten yet), so I picked up my chips and went to buffet for dinner.  Nice... a great first session of poker today.  I know I’ll be back to play later... it’s Saturday night!

I couldn’t get a buffet comp no matter how hard I tried, so I sucked it up and paid the $15.  There was a long line to get in as I waited for 20 minutes just to get a table.  It was worth it though... it was prime-rib night!

As I always do when I’m at a buffet, I eat like there’s no tomorrow.  I have to because 1.) It cost $15 and that’s a big price tag for a meal for me, 2.) It’s buffet and 3.) it’s a buffet! 🙂

I ate like a animal and then did the next thing I always do at a buffet... pack up stuff in napkins togo.  Tonight, I got creative and made prime rib sliders with a few buns and an extra piece of steak.  I also got a few cookies for dessert. 😉

Poker Again
I digested my meal while watching football in my room, then headed back to the poker room for another round of cards.  Again, I was seated in 2-10 spread limit dealers choice game.

Again, I bought in for $200 and again after a few hours of playing I cashed out ahead... up $186.  Woo Hoo!  I’m finally in winning poker run!  I’m up well over $700 on the week so far nit to mention the room the I’ve been staying in.  Nice!  It’s about time.

The Postman

I would try and explain the hands I played in, but I’m still to much of beginner at Omaha Hi-lo to describe a hand.  What I will do is describe some two of the more interesting players I played with.

The Postman
The Postman is a older gentleman who must have worked for the post office for awhile.  Everybody in the room knows him and likes him.  (But they all know everybody in the room,

I Get Paid to do the Wild Thing!

everybody there is a regular except me.:))  The difference with Postman is.. they all like him!

I can see why, he is real funny and talks to whole table while he plays.  I can remember one funny thing he said while he was in a hand.  There was bet and he raised it $20.

He then said to the table, “$20 will make you holla!”  I then thought he was gonna say... I get paid to do the wild thing!  But he said, “$20 will make you holla, now get out of my pot!”  Still funny! 🙂


The next guy I will talk about is Marty.  Marty is Mexican or something (he has an accent).  Every poker game in the world has a Marty at the table... ya

I'm in open seat next to Marty and dealer

know... the guy who calls everything and never has a hand but when he beats you... it’s with a hand like (3, 7) off-suit when you have pocket Aces!

He was a real nice guy with a great demeanor, always smiling and joking around with the whole room.  People would say at the table as turn of phrase... “I’m gonna pull Marty here and call.”  LOL  All you poker players reading know what I mean. 🙂

It was 2am and I can already feel my body regretting playing tackle football earlier, so I went to my room and watched TV until passed out around 4 am.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Jeremy says:

    You must stick out like a sore thumb around those parts. “You from N-e-w J-e-r-sey?”

  2. Rico says:

    There’s nothing but steers & queers in North Dakota and you ain’t got no horns!

  3. Gene says:

    They know he’s from Jersey since he wraps up food in a napkin like an old lady on a day trip in Atlantic City.

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