Tennis and Poker in Sunny So-Cal! (80 degrees) :) (So-Cal) “DAY 127” – 11/8/10

November 9, 2010 - 1:30 pm - (So-Cal) “DA7 127”

On day 1 of week 19, I was woken up by Matt Quinn.  That makes sense though... I’m in his place. 😉  (Matt works in sales, so he has a flexible schedule.)  Anyway, he woke me up so we could go play some tennis.

F.Y.I. - I used play tennis a lot and at one point... was better than most that I’d play (not pro’s, semi-pro’s, or even high school first single types but everybody else.) 🙂

It was 11 am and I needed to work out (I haven’t in so long, Ahhh!), so I got up and got my tennis shoes on! 🙂  Matt is a good player (so he says) and I haven’t played in over 17 months.  Not to mention... I had shoulder surgery a little over a year ago and it was my right shoulder.

So... needless to say... I didn’t have much expectation of winning or even playing good.  But, like I said... I’m fat, need to get in shape, and love tennis... so I was in! 🙂

Tennis Match - Fitness
Matt and I got to the courts around 11:30 am but since parking sucks in LA, we didn’t actually start to play until noon (Damn LA parking!).  Matt was ready to play immediately but I had to warm up and stretch (I’m old... what do ya expect!).

After warming up, all I was concerned about was whether or not my shoulder would hold up when I served.  That would be the most strenuous part for me but after a few serves... I felt comfortable enough to play although my first serve wasn’t gonna be used today. 🙁

First Set
The first set was all Matt Quinn as he beat me like the red headed step-child I never hoped to be. 😉  I think the final tally was 6-1.  And to be honest... he only played at about 75% (he didn’t use his first serve and played some points that were clearly out).

F.Y.I. - Even though I’m old, out of shape, and haven’t played in almost 2 years... I’m still a competitive guy so... losing sucks!

Second Set
Truth be told, I was exhausted after the first set and could have just stopped right there but Matt has been playing in Tennis Tournaments lately, so I kept hitting to help him improve his game.

Maybe I was little warmed up or maybe Matt was being nice so I wouldn’t quit but the second set was more competitive than the first.   The outcome was never in question but we did have some good rallies and I held my own for a good part of set two.

It was tied 3-3 when he realized I could possibly pull an upset so he turned it on and bet me 6-3 in the second set.  I hit so many unforced errors I wanted to scream... and did! 😉

We had played for almost 2 hours and by now I was almost dead... so we called it a day and went back to his house so I could write “DAY 126” and he could earn a living.

Dinner Time
Around 5 pm Matt’s live-in girlfriend (Nikki) came home and started to cook us dinner.  So cool!  Nikki had just worked a full day and before she even relaxed... she was making us a awesome dinner! 🙂

While she was making us dinner, the guys were watching the best the football team in the NFL (The Pittsburgh Steelers!). 🙂  The Steelers wound up winning but Cincy made it a game in the 4th quarter, whew!

Anyway, during the game dinner was served so Nikki asked Matt to move the dining room table so we could all watch the game while we ate!  Really, could she be any cooler!? 🙂

Matt, Peter, Nikki

As I mentioned before, dinner was awesome!  I am a picker eater so for me to have loved it... it must have been real good!  Eating with us, was Peter from the day before.  He stopped by to watch the game and again... Nikki is so cool she made sure there was enough food for all of us!

Sunset/The Moon
For the second straight day, the sunset was absolutely amazing from Matt’s balcony.

Tonight’s was even cooler than last night because in this picture, you can see the moon as well as a colorful sky over the L.A. skyline!  Sweet!
Late Night Poker
It was sometime after 11 pm when Matt went to bed and Pete went home, so there I was with nothing to do.  Pete told me if I was gonna play poker to go to the Commerce Casino (15 min away).  That’s exactly what I was doing, so I took his advice and left for the casino!

I arrived at Commerce Casino around midnight and after getting a players card (I always do), I was immediately sat into a $200 NL game.

F.Y.I. - The lower limit NL Hold’em games are different here.  They have $100 buy-in or $200 buy-in games.  That means you have buy-in for that amount, no more - no less.  If you lose your money you can re-buy for 1 and half time your original buy-in.

Also, this is the biggest poker room I have been in yet (by far!).  It has over 200 tables and at midnight on a Monday, it had to be running over 100 of them.

Playing in a NL Game $100 (buy-in)
As I mentioned, I had to buy-in for $100, so I did.  I haven’t played in awhile (since Portland) so I was just hoping to double up early and go home. 🙂  It was already after midnight.

The first I hand truly played was (A, Q) off-suit.  I was in early position and raised to $10.  I was re-raised by the guy on the button to $20.  I called.  The flop... (A, J, 2) off-suit.  A real good flop for me unless he has (A, K).

I put him on pocket Kings (K,K) or pocket 10’s (10,10).  And... was hoping it wasn’t pocket Jacks (J, J). 😉  Anyway, I checked and he bet $20.  I called.  The turn... 8 of diamonds.  No help to either of us I thought.  He bet, I called.

The river... 2 of spades.  I checked and he bet $50.  Huh... that’s a weird bet and it’s big enough to put me ALL-IN.  I thought he was trying to push me off with Kings so I called.  He had... Ace, Jack (A, J) and flopped top two pair!  Ahhh... what bad luck for me!

Re-buying for $150
I re-bought in for one and half buy-in (which was allowed) and played tight until I got a good playing hand.  I wasn’t on tilt from the last hand... that’s poker!

After a bunch of hands, I was dealt pocket 7’s (7,7) in the big blind.  It was raised by somebody to $10 pre-flop and by the time it had gotten to me... there was 5 or 6 callers.  I just smooth called the bet, heck... 7’s are only good if I hit a 7 anyway. 😉

The flop... (7, 2, 2) with 2 diamonds.  Cha-ching!  I was first to act so I checked.  The guy next to me bet $10 and the guy next to him raised to $20.  The whole table called the bet.  Sweet!  I didn’t raise because there wasn’t a card that would scare me.

The turn... 6 of diamonds.  Perfect!  I hope somebody just hit their flush and are gonna pay me off.  I checked.  Somebody bet $20 and everybody called again.  What do these people have?  It didn’t matter... I knew I was good!

The river... 10 of hearts.  I was first to act, so I lead out this time with a $40 bet.  The guy next to me pushed All-IN for more than I had.  There’s the flush... perfect!  Everybody folded to me and when I insta-called, I was shocked to see I was just 2 outed!  He had pocket 10’s (10,10).  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

At this point... it just isn’t my night.  So, I politely wished everybody luck at the table and headed out to my car to scream at the moon!  Damn You Card Gods!!!!  Why!!!!  Why!!!!

Back To Matt’s
I got back to Matt’s at 4 am after stopping at McDonald’s for a McRib sandwich.  (They look so much better than they taste!) 🙁  I added 1000 calories of shit to my already soft mid-section, then went to bed hoping to forget my bad beats!  To bad for me... I have re-live it right now! 🙁

F.Y.I. - Since I left Portland, I have been text messaging back and forth with that French girl Celine almost ever day and in a day... we sent like 50 messages each.  Do I have a cell phone text message girlfriend now? 😉  What a crazy world! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Liana Bryer says:

    Hey Cuz,

    Welcome to L.A.! I live here and you are welcome to stay with me. Message me on Facebook for my phone number. Hope to hear from you.


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