Thank You Obsever-Reporter But Some Small Corrections. (NH-ME) “NO DAY Again”

May 23, 2011 - 4:30 am - (NH-ME) “NO DAY Again” - Week 47 - State 43

Before I put up my posts from this past weekend in Maine and New Hampshire (I was in both states back and forth), let me first re-thank the Observer-Reporter for the piece they published on me in yesterday’s newspaper (Sunday).

I enjoyed the article but there were a few mistakes written about me and my journey.  So, just for the record because I honestly don’t mind at all (I just don’t want any inconsistencies out there), here’s the corrections to the story that was published.

Here’s what was written. “He left July 4, 2010, with $2,007 to his name, five credit cards - which have since been maxed out - a "serial-killer map" with destinations earmarked by pins and two basic rules: have fun every day and write every day.”

It’s not completely wrong because my credit cards are close to maxed out but this (to me) makes it seem as if I used credits cards to fund this trip when they were already near maxed out when I started.

I told the reporter about my credit cards to convey that since I left I still had bills to pay each month just like everybody else in the country.  It’s not a big thing, but I just wanted to clear up that this journey was not funded by them (credit cards).  At this point, I wish I had clear $5,000 CC to finish up the trip with because I’d use it in a second! 🙁

And... I don’t have a map with me and never left with one.  The map the story is referring to is the map I had on my wall in my room before I left and I left it there.  The “serial-killer map” mention should have also been explained, I think.  Here’s what I said, I think it makes a difference.

I was trying to explain how big the map was and how I choose my destinations when I mentioned, “I went to the store and got one of those big serial-killer maps, ya know like the ones you see behind a cops desk in the movies when they’re tracking a serial-killer and I put different colored pins in it.” That’s what it means, I don’t want any confusion on that! 😉

The last thing I want to clear up is that the article mentions that I have never paid for a ticket to a sporting event, that is not true.  Although most of them were free in some way, I have paid for some of my tickets. (I never paid more than $20 though.)

Then for Mike (internet reader who consistently thinks I lie)... this was also written in the story. Rooster “also won $2,300 in a football pool - the first pool he's ever won -” He’s (Mike) been hung up on that football pool since I wrote about it for some reason.  I don't know why?  LOL

Anyway, below is a link to article if you’re interested in reading it.  I really did enjoy it and am grateful for the publicity.  I hope by putting up these small corrections I am not offending anybody or seem ungrateful, but like I already said, I just don’t want any inconsistencies about my journey.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Good Job Rooster. Keep on truckin. See ya soon.

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