The Air & Water Show… Then HBO! (IL) “DAY 42” – 8/15/10

August 15, 2010 - 8:46 am - (IL) “DAY 42”

Although I went bed at 6 am (Sat night / Sun morn), I still wanted to be up early so I could watch the last day of the Air and Water Show.  I saw some of it yesterday, but wanted to be on the roof earlier today to see the beginning this time.

Chicago’s Air & Water Show (52cd year)
The show started at 10 am but.... I didn’t make up there until noon.  I still think I did good... I only got 4 hours of sleep because I wrote my post (“DAY 41”) from 10-12.

Around that time, Dana text me to see if she could come by with her kids to watch the air show from the roof.  I said of course but the weird thing was... she then said that her husband (getting divorced) would be coming too.  Really???

Dana and Family

Hey, I don’t care... I’m not dating Dana or anything close to that, but I still thought it might be an awkward situation.  Generally, people in the process of getting a divorce are like fire and ice and... I just didn’t want to be in the middle of a day of fighting.

They showed up around 2 pm and we all headed to the roof.  Just like yesterday, there was a ton of people partying while watching the show.

Dana’s Ex, was a cool guy except for one thing... he was a Red Sox fan!  And... a Red Sox fan like I’m a Yankee fan, diehard!  We bull shitted about sports in general as the planes began to zoom over our heads.  They are a awesome sight!

Dana had her (their) kids up on the roof, so she was occupied the whole time with real responsibilities.  They were cool and cute but hanging out with kids isn’t my best attribute, I don’t know how to act around young children.  Again, it’s not my area of expertise, by any means!

Either way, I had a good time and think they did as well.  It was 4-ish when they packed up and left for the day (kids were getting tired).   I stayed on the roof a little while longer to watch the rest of the show, then headed back down to Toby’s to relax for the rest of the day.


Oh yeah, while I was up there, I met a bunch of guys who were drinking and having a good time.  One of them was named Anthony,  he was a head trainer at the Lincoln Park Zoo (Big Cats), small world :).

Anyway, we talked about my experience at the Zoo as he explained to me the inner workings about the animals.  Very cool!  Thank you and good luck!

Chicago Style Hotdog (Vienna Dog)
I’ve been in Chi-town for over a week and I haven’t had a Chicago style hot dog yet so I hit the streets to try and find a good place.  I asked around as I walked and found out that Windy City Gyros had good dogs.

I stopped in and ordered a dog they way they serve it.  But as I was watching them load it up, I stopped the guy and asked him to take off the tomatoes.  Tomatoes on a hot dog???  Other than that, it had yellow mustard, onions, relish, hot peppers, and a whole pickle on top.

Believe it or not... it was very good!  The pickle actually added a good flavor along with a crunch, not bad :).

F.Y.I - I was still at Toby’s by myself for the weekend, he was camping in Michigan and wouldn’t be home until Monday morning.


Sunday Night is not for TV... It’s for HBO!

I had the place to myself so I decided I would sit home and relax for the time on this trip.   I watched Big Brother before the HBO show’s came on and I’m still mad I wasn’t cast!  It would have been awesome to be on BB.

After that, my favorite HBO shows were on (True Blood and Entourage).  I watched True Blood first and as always... I cheered on “Sookie!” (Bill’s voice).   Then, I watched Entourage.  In my opinion, Entourage is starting to fall off a little from previous seasons.  It used to be the best show, now... it’s just good.

Working out has been taking a back seat to the sights of Chicago but I have been walking everywhere.  In this city, there is no other way (on my budget) so at least I’m staying active somehow.  (I’ll be putting my current weight up tomorrow.)

Charity Work
It’s Monday morning and as I write this post, I still haven’t heard anything back from the homeless shelters or soup kitchens I reached out to.  So, today (Monday) I am going to an old age home to see what good, if any I can do there.  I think, just talking with older people is all they are looking for and that... I can provide! 🙂

Tomorrow, I am headed off to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I wasn’t planning on going there but this past week, a friend of mine from Arizona (Curt) told me that one of our mutual friends (John) was in living Milwaukee.  Curt spoke with him and John said I could crash with him.  NIce!  Thanks to both of you guys!

Thanks for reading!


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