The Batting Cages, The Poker Room, & A Movie! (NH-ME) “DAY 321” – 5/21/11

May 24, 2011 - 10:00 pm - (NH-ME) “DAY 321” - Week 47 - State 43

I woke up this morning after 7 hours of sleep (11 am-ish) to a text message from Amy telling me that her and Scott watching a softball game somewhere and that I should meet them down there (she sent me the address).

But, by the time I got all ready to go the game was over.  So, Amy sent me another message telling me that she was going to the batting cages to hit a few softballs and to meet her there.   Nice!  I’m in.

F.Y.I. - I’ve already mentioned this but I met Amy in D.C. when I played on her softball team for the day and that league is playing again now, so she’s working on her swing.  It’s almost been a year, wow!  🙂

The Batting Cages
The batting cages weren’t far from Amy’s house and 10 minutes later I arrived at the Fun Center (name of the place) ready to take some swings.  When I walked up to the cages Amy was already there with Scott swinging away. (Her swing isn’t bad.)

F.Y.I. - The great thing about today is that it is sunny out!  Woo hoo!  This is the first sunny day in well over a week and by 5 pm tonight it’s gonna be raining again so I’m glad we’re outside doing something while we can.

Anyway, after watching Amy and Scott take a few swings, I hopped in the cages myself to take a crack at it.  Since I was in the slow pitch softball cages, I took swings swings from both sides of the plate. (I hadn’t hit lefty in along time but after a few pitches I hit a couple of nice shots.)

You’d be surprised, but after swinging a baseball/softball bat a bunch of times you start to fell sore.  So, knowing what the outcome will be if I hit to many pitches, I only swung about 10 times from each side of the plate before I had had enough. (I was still sore the next morning.) 😉

Driving To The Poker Room
After we (Amy, Scott, and I) got done at the cages, they went back to their place for the day (I think) while I left for Hampton Falls to go play poker at “The Poker Room” again. (The name of the poker room is “The Poker Room”.)

The reason I was going to “The Poker Room” today (other than the fact that I like to play poker and need to try and make some money) was to play in their in 1 pm $50 tournament.

F.Y.I. - I decided I was gonna play in this tournament last night after the people in the room told me that the weekends get packed and the prize pools are big. (They had over 150 people in last Sunday’s 1 pm for example.)

So, since it was gonna rain later anyway and I needed to make things happen, this poker tournament was exactly where I wanted to be for the day.  Now, I just had to continue my good play from last night, get a little lucky, and win some money!  Easy enough. 😉

$50 NL Hold’em Tournament - 1 pm
The need to knows: $50 entry fee, 12K in starting chips, no re-buys or add-ons, 20 minute blinds, 77 people entered, top 9 paid.  Now, let me start by saying that since the Rhino got me the win yesterday, I couldn’t go back to the Rooster and had to ride the hot hand.  So... Let’s Go Rhino! 😉

The Tournament Begins
As you could imagine, in order to win a 77 person tournament you’ll have to play for a long time, so since I was involved in a ton of pots, I won’t be writing any of the play by play of the hands I was in.  (Sorry about that but I'm way behind). 🙂

What I will tell you is that after every 1:20 minutes of play there was a a 10 minute break and I went on at least 5 of them throughout the course of the day.  Yep!  I was playing good poker again.  Nice!

So, after a few seat changes and 6 hours of play there I was sitting with a bunch of chips and less than 20 people left.  Come on Rhino! (I don’t think I took one bad beat all day and wasn’t in a hand to river that I lost.  Yeah, it was nice.) 🙂

Making The Final Table
Knowing I had to make the final table in order to make some money, once there was 15 or so people left, I just kept folding until I was at the final table. (I wouldn’t have folded a big pair but suited connectors or a low pair was thrown right in the muck unless I was in the blinds.)

Negotiating A Chop
If you don’t know what a chop is go back to yesterday’s post and read about it. (I wrote about in some detail.)  Anyway, normally I am the guy who tries to get some chop talk going, but today there was somebody else at the table working on striking up a deal. (Right: Jay- he started the deal talk and is a good player.)

This works out perfect for me because now I could chime in and not seem like a desperate player who feels like he can’t win.  Also, the guy who started the chop talk was the chip leader of the table. (This is rare because he’s in the best position to win.)

So, after a few minutes of discussing a couple different options, the whole table agreed to modified chop where the remaining 8 people (there were 8 of us at this point) would each get a guaranteed $300 (almost 4th place money) and play for the remaining prize pool.

What that means is... no matter what you’re gonna win $300, but if you win the whole tournament you’ll get an additional $400 and change on top.  Sweet!  I just won $250!  Woo Hoo!

Getting Knocked Out
I don’t remember if I got knocked in 6th or 7th but I do remember the hand I played.  I was in the small blind with (A,J) and there was one limper.  The limper made me nervous because he was an aggressive player and hadn’t limped in hours. (We played at the same table almost all day.)

Anyway, since he was in the hand, I didn’t push All-In as was the norm at this point in tourn with a big Ace and limped pot.  The flop... A,10,4.  I hit top pair with a good kicker and since the pot was limped, I pushed All-in figuring even a high pair couldn’t call.

I was right, a high pair couldn’t have called me but the highest pair could.  And that’s exactly what he had, pocket Aces (A,A).  Damn!  I was just outplayed big-time and got knocked out!  But, I wasn’t mad as I got beat by a better hand and still made 4th place money. (Nice play Wally, I’ll get one day when I come back here.) 😉

Back To Amy & Scott’s
After getting knocked out and paid it was after 8 pm.  So since I had plans to hang out with Amy and Scott tonight, I left “The Poker Room” and drove the 30 minutes back to Rollingsford to see what we were gonna do for the night.

Going To A Movie
Since it was a rainy Saturday night and there wasn’t much else to do, the plan was to go  see a movie.  That’s fine by me, I love watching movies and the movie that was chosen I really wanted to see.  We were going to see “Thor”.  Nice!

It was 9 pm when I got to there place and the movie started at 9:45 pm in Maine. (Maine is 2 miles away so it’s not that far although this theater was 20+ minutes away.)  So, we immediately got in the car, picked up Jeff (Scott’s brother-in-law), and drove to go see the God of Thunder!

Arriving At Smitty's Cinema
I didn’t realize it until we arrived, but Amy had already bought us all tickets on-line before we even got there.  Thank you so much Amy!  Your kindness and generosity is overwhelming! 🙂

Anyway, another thing I found out when I got there is that this movie is in 3-D.  Now, this isn’t a big deal as many movies are in 3-D these days but I have never seen one.  Yes, I did watch some movie on TV in the 80’s with Burger King 3-D glasses but that was bad, real bad and I was young.

This Theater Is Cool
I don’t have any real good pictures to show you because I was in a movie theater, but the best way to describe it was it was set up like a restaurant in a movie theater.  They even had a waitress that would bring you beer, food, or whatever.  Not bad. 😉

Watching In 3-D
I won’t say that watching a movie in 3-D is bad, but what I will say is that it wasn’t for me. (I didn’t like wearing the glasses as I was getting a head ache throughout the course of the flick.)  Plus, it didn’t add that much to the screening and seemed like a waste of money and effects.

Other than the 3-D part of this film, I really did enjoy the movie as I am a huge fan of superhero movies. (I loved all the X-men, Batman’s, Spiderman’s, Iron Man, The Hulk, and so on.)

So, seeing Thor on the big screen was really cool and I enjoyed myself inspite of the the 3-D glasses.  If I had to give a review, I’d give this movie 3 out of 4 stars or 1 and 1/2 thumbs up. 😉

Calling It A Night
Once the movie ended, the four of us called it a night and just drove back to New Hampshire.  By the time we dropped off Jeff and got back to the house it was after 1 am and since Amy and Scott were out later than normal, they went to bed.

And since I already had a long day and wanted to play in the Sunday 1 pm tournament, I went to the guest room and crashed out too.  I gotta say... I had another great day and even won some money.  Sweet! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    Nice win, Dave. Keep that heater going.

  2. Dad says:

    The Rhino is on a roll.

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