2 Posts In 1: The Day After… Traveling To Louisiana! & Writing! (TX-LA) (LA) “DAYS 218 & 219” – 2/7/11, 2/8/11

February 8, 2011 - 11:00 am - (TX-LA) ‘DAY 218” - Week 32 - State 29

I’m not going to get into how I feel about the Steelers losing or worse yet... me losing against the Super Bowl by not getting in.  I already discussed that in yesterday’s post and it makes me sick to my stomach to think about either. 🙁  AHHHHHHHH!

So even though that’s how I felt throughout my Monday and even as I write this post (Tuesday morning), I will not keep reflecting back to how pissed, miserable, and worthless I feel for my failures as an adventurer as well as my favorite team’s failure in the Super Bowl.  It sucks all the way around!  🙁

The Day After
I woke up this morning and even though I was all those things I won’t kept reflecting on, I still had to keep moving forward as today, I leave for Louisiana (my 29th State).  I have no idea where I’m gong yet, although I'm aware that Shreveport is just 3-4 hours away and they have casinos.

It was 9 am when Doug came over to the room and woke everybody up because his train was leaving back for Arkansas in a little while (his truck).  Nobody was in a good mood for many reason, the game’s outcome, the hangovers we had, and the drive’s ahead for all of us.

So, Spaulding and Wendy got ready to leave as I started uploading photos into my laptop from Super Sunday (400+ pictures to file and name).  Ahhh!  Besides that, I was writing my Friday as well getting to ready to leave myself.  I’m so busy at this point in my day, I’m starting to lose my mind!

Good- Bye To My Arkansas Friends... For Now 😉

Our good-bye’s were brief this morning as nobody was in the mood for loving send offs.  So, since I didn’t get the chance to tell them this before they left, I will do it now for everybody to read.

Thank you Spaulding, Doug, Nancy, and Wendy for a great weekend (in-spite of the outcome).  You are true friends and ones I will have a lifetime.  Definitely long enough for all of us to go to another Steeler’s Super Bowl together where we get the W!  Thanks again!  Steeler Nation Still Rules!

Traveling (Fort Worth, TX - Shreveport, LA)

Fortunately for me, the drive from Fort Worth to Shreveport was only 3 hours and 45 minutes because if it was one minute longer, I wouldn’t have made it.  I wasn’t in the mood to drive as I was feeling lousy about everything.  Not to mention, the hangover I had! 🙁

On my way out of town, I saw my last Super Bowl sign for the year (I hope) as I drove out of Texas (it was on a huge building off the highway).  The ride in and off itself wasn’t that bad but there wasn’t much scenery either.  Just some roads and trees.

While I was driving, I kept calling hotel/casinos in Shreveport trying to negotiate a comped room.  After a few attempts, I had no success.  I hope this Super Bowl defeat doesn’t start a new trend for the rest of this trip!  Losing streaks do happen!  Nooooo!

Arriving In Shreveport
It was around 5 pm when I pulled into Shreveport, Louisiana.  But, I didn’t know where I was going because I didn’t have a place to stay yet.  So, after driving toward where the casinos were, I got out and tried to work my magic in person.

Sam’s Town
On the drive in, I saw a bunch of Billboards for Sam”s Town Casino, so I stopped there first to give it a whirl.  When I walked in, I did as I always do and got a players card ($5 free play too.)

After getting that, I found a manager and tried to get a comped room but they don’t have a poker room here.  So, my request was denied as I told him, I only play poker.  I tried to double back and say blackjack too, but it was just to late.  No dogs allowed! (Charlie Brown reference.)

The Horseshoe (A Harrah’s Property)
After striking out at Sam’s town, I headed to over the Horseshoe Hotel & Casino where I knew they had a poker room.  The problem here is that Harrah’s properties (as I have found out) haven’t comp me a room when I haven’t been to that property yet. (I’ve never been here.)

Trying Anyway
When I got to the front desk, I asked for the manager and by chance I was talking to one already.  I did everything I could but the best he would do was a $50 room for the night.  The real price was $89 and through my efforts, I also got an upgrade to a suite instead of a regular room.  I didn’t win but not a total loss either. 🙁 🙂

My Room
I got to my room and it was nice, real nice, but I’d rather stayed in dump for free than a this gorgeous room for 50 bucks.  None-the-less, I made the best of it and relaxed in my room while I did some writing/picture filing.

Poker Time
I went downstairs to the poker room around 7 pm and was done playing by 8:30 pm because I hadn’t eaten all day and was getting hungry.  I bought in $73 in a 4-8 limit game and left with $108.  I won a hand or two and didn’t take a bad beat.

Since I was up $35, I decided to eat at the buffet because for $20, I would have a great meal and even get some leftovers for my room (late night snack).  I’m definitely in a losing streak because the buffet ended at 9 pm and I got there at 8:40 pm.

Here’s where I lost, I didn’t realize they closed at 9 pm and nobody at the counter told me either, so when I tried to get steak, shrimp, lobster... those station were already shutting down.  What they had left was garbage.  Ahhh!

I found a manager and he made it better by getting me a good piece of prime-rib but I didn’t have any sides, the dessert station was mostly shut down, and the crab claws I wound up getting were frozen on the inside.  The bad streak continues.

My Room For The Night
After eating, I went back up to my room to put away my frozen crab leftovers when I fell asleep for the night on the bed.  I didn’t think I was gonna pass out (I wanted to go play more poker) but next thing I knew... it was 6 am Tuesday morning.

Thanks for reading!

February 9, 2011 - 1:30 pm - (LA) “DAY 219” - Week 32 - State -29

I woke up this morning at 6 am.  Yes, 6 am.  I know other people do this all the time but for me, this is a huge rarity.  I feel asleep last night at 10 pm-ish, so 8 hours later (which I always sleep from when I go to bed), I woke up at 6am.

Writing All Day & Night!
As soon as I woke up, I immediately got to writing all the post I had to catch up on.  The problem... internet in all Harrah’s properties cost at least $10 per 24 hours, this property was $11.99 per 24, so I didn’t see the value and just waited until I checked out at noon to find a connection.

Finding A New Place To Stay

My room at Harrah’s last night was $50 but for tonight the same room tonight, it was $130 (not even the suite, any room).  So, since I had of work to do and didn’t want drive far, I looked for an affordable place near by.

Days Inn
After searching through my GPS, I found a Days Inn under 2 miles from the Horseshoe (Harrah’s casino).  I arrived there in 5 minutes and after negotiating my room from $50 to $45, I took the small discount, so I could get to work.

My Room
My room wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t to nice either.  Even worse though... was that the internet connection was very slow.  Damn!  I'll try and explain it to you.  When I upload a picture to the post (as I do 50-100 times each post), it takes about 15 seconds per picture with a good connection.

When I have a bad connection, like I do now (and have had many times during this trip), it can take anywhere from 1 min to 5 min to never to upload a photo!  It is so frustrating!

Since I had already written my Saturday and wanted to upload it to my website, I went to a McDonald’s nearby (free Wi-Fi) to get on-line and eat some lunch (still $6 left on GC I got from Geoff in OK City, thanks Geoff).

The problem here... the internet connection was slow here too as it took at least a minute to upload one picture.  This is really starting to annoy me!

After I finished my lunch, I couldn’t take it anymore and headed across the street to Starbucks.  Finally, a good internet connection.  Now that I found a good signal, I uploaded my post in the best possible amount of time and then went back to my Days Inn room to continue writing.

Days Inn Room
It was about 5 pm when I got back to my room and all I did was start writing my Super Bowl Sunday post.  After writing for a few hours, I was hungry again, so I left the laptop open as went to get some dinner.

Buffet Again
I forgot to mention it yesterday because I thought I was gonna be leaving today for New Orleans, but the manager of the buffet said to me that if I was still here tomorrow, I could stop for a free buffet on him because my experience was less than par.

I was here, so I stopped by.  The buffet tonight was much better as I got there around 7:30 pm (the food was still there and fresh).  I ate like I always do but added fruit tonight.

Other then eating (which I did a lot of), I talked with 2 cool guys (Ford and Mon) from a small town in Texas (a few hours away).  I don’t remember what we talked about other than that the fired catfish was real good.

It was... and I don’t think I even like catfish.  I guess I do. 😉  Anyway, be good guys!  It was nice meeting you.

More Writing (Days Inn Room)
After eating the buffet to it’s fullest and taking a ham sandwich for the road, I went back to my room where I continued writing and posting until 12:30 am Wednesday morning.

Other than the 2 times I ate today (and while I was eating at McDonald’s I was posting), all I have done is catch on my writing.  It took 18 1/2 hours to do but at least I’m all caught up now.  Needless to say, I just passed when I was done.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    not only did you not get into the superbowl but your last post was really not worth reading. I usually look forward to reading your blog but after this post it really left a sour taste in my mouth. one other thing is it seems like you wasted 95 dollars on rooms the last two days. why dont you just man up and sleep in your car… if you dont you might not finish the trip. your spending too much money on hotels

  2. dave says:

    You may be right about the Hotels but sometimes you have to do… what you have to do. I’ll make more money when I have to… or at least I hope so. I needed a place to lay my head and re-group. It’s been a long trip and I haven’t had a day off in 220 days. That’s 220 more days than I worked in my whole life. LOL 😉

    Sorry if you thought the last post wasn’t great but I write what I do and that’s what I did the days after the Super Bowl. Also, I don’t drink to much and was hammered two days in a row. It took it’s toll!

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