The Final Week Of A Year Long Journey! (NJ) “DAY 358” – 6/27/11

June 29, 2011 - 10:39 am - (NJ) “DAY 358” - Week 52 - State 48

Well... here we are... the last week of the year.  Woo Hoo!  I’ve said this before but to me it’s worth saying again, I CAN”T BELIEVE I MADE IT THIS FAR!  🙂

Now, I know there are  people out there who will say I didn’t do exactly what I set out to do (according to my “Original Plan”), but that’s why it was called the “Original Plan” and not the “Only Plan”. (I knew things wouldn’t go exactly as I would like all the time, so as I found out, improvising was a must in order to survive safely.)

More Thoughts On My Year
Ya see, I knew what I had set to do (357 days ago) was an almost impossible mission, so to be still writing and documenting everything I have done for an entire year while traveling across this great country is just shocking to me!  I gotta say, I’m proud of myself. (As I pat myself on the back.) 😉

Donations, Friends, & Kind Strangers
Although I did make a lot stuff happen for myself throughout the year (comped rooms, free tickets, comped meals, etc..), the truth is... the only reason I made this far is because of all amazing people that have helped me out along the way.

Whether it was a monetary donation, a homemade dinner, a place to sleep, or just advice on where to go or what to do, there are so many people that have helped me out this year it’s unreal. (I feel like the luckiest guy in the world and I currently have nothing.) 🙂

The list is so endless, I can’t even begin to thank everybody individually because I would be writing all day.  But the bottom line is and this is to anybody who has done anything for me this year, I am forever grateful and will never to be able to truly explain how much all you have done has meant to me as a person.  I’m changed forever! (In a good way!) 🙂

The last thing I’ll mention about this in today’s post is that it’s a very humbling feeling when I reflect on America’s generosity toward me this year.  It’s amazing, it’s heartwarming, it’s remarkable, and it just goes to show that America is still the best place in whole World!  Thank you all! 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Monday - 6/27/11
When I woke this morning on my Mom’s couch, I didn’t expect to much to happen today.    (That’s because I still have a lot of busy stuff to do around my Mom’s place since she agreed to let me stay here for the summer.)  But, as it turned out, a lot of great stuff happened today! 🙂

A Phone Call Comes In
For most of the morning I did a lot of writing so I could catch up on my posts.  Then, as I  was finishing up writing my experience about the WFAN group audition I had on Friday, I got a phone call from a New York number. (I took a picture of my phone but the number is so clear, I don’t want to post it.)

Anyway, the phone call was from “660 AM The Fan” telling me that I had made it to the next round of the competition.  Funny enough, it was the girl Erin who I had met while registering who was gave me the great news. (She also gave me advice on what I talked about in the interview, Thanks Erin!  It must have worked!) 🙂

Here’s what I found out.  I’m now 1 of 50 people left with a chance for their own radio show on “The Fan” for a year.  Woo hoo!  Other than that, all I know is that I am to expect another call in a week a so to tell me what I have to do next.  Wish me luck! 🙂

An Email Comes In
Right after I finished writing my post and taking that awesome phone call, I checked my email and saw that a newspaper article was written about me in the NJ Jewish News. (The lady who wrote the story sent me a link to article she wrote. -

F.Y.I. - I did this interview over the phone while I was staying at Jonah’s place in New York City.  I didn’t know when it come out so that’s why I got the email.

Anyway, after reading the story I was real happy with it.  Although there were a few mistakes in it (I didn’t leave from my Mom’s, I left from Buck’s place and some other minor details), I still think it was great piece about my year long journey.  Thank you very much Elaine! 🙂

Cleaning Out My Old Room
After getting all that good news, I worked around my Mom’s place so I could get my things comfortably back into my old room as well trying to make enough space to fit a bed in there. (It’s no easy task.)  Then, as I was doing that, Buck called me and asked me if I wanted to play softball tonight.  Without hesitation, I said “I’m in!”

Playing Softball At Night
If you’ve been reading this website all year long you already know I love playing old-man softball. (I’ve played on a few different teams in a few different states over the course of this year.)

Anyway, tonight I was playing in my hometown at the middle school I attended as a child (Carl H. Kumpf Middle School).  The team I was playing on was one of my best friend’s (The Monkey) younger brother’s team (Blake).  This is really cool!

Good vs. Evil
For the sake of drama, I’ll say that we were the Good Team and that the team that we played against was the Evil one. (They were Evil because they were the best team in the league and walked with a cocky swagger.) 😉

Anyway, the game was close the whole way and come the the 7th inning, we were down one run with just our last AB’s left.  I could get into all the details, but the bottom line is we didn’t get over the final hump and lost a heart breaker 8-7.

How I Played
Considering I had no warmups, haven’t played in months, and didn’t eat all day leading up to the game (was going to get dinner soon after Buck called), I think I did OK.

Here’s my line.  I played two innings at first base and didn’t make an error.  And at the plate, I was 1-3 with 2 rbi’s (I hit a triple). On a bad note, I made an out in the final inning when we were down a run.  In case you’re wondering, Buck went 2-3 on the day and Blake pitched a great game!  Thanks for the invite guys, I had a blast!

The Rest Of The Night
After the game ended I really didn’t do that much except eat some food and clean out the rest of my old room from when I was a child.  It’s not that exciting but that’s what has to be done in order to make my living situation comfortable for both me and my Mom.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. ‘grats on the call back Rooster, I knew this thing was gonna be right up your alley. Best of luck to you in round two! (Also, now that you’re back in New Jersey, we gotta meet up for a beer sometime…on me, of course, haha).

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