The French Girl Arrives & A Comedy Show! (AZ) “DAY 138” – 11/19/10

November 20, 2010 - 4:47 pm - (AZ) “DAY 138”

I got up today and had so much to do.  I had to follow up on sales leads, clean my car, pick up Bryan and take him to his comedy show, go to Joe’s to make sure I had to place to stay once Celine (I call her C) got here, and then... get C from the airport.

Let’s just start from the beginning and work our way from there.  I got up at Mike’s place and started writing “DAy 137”.  While I was writing outside, a war was being waged between good and evil (me vs. fly’s).  I (well Mike) even bought a fly swatter the other day so I would be armed.

Sales - Rock Bottom
After killing numerous fly’s (who all deserved it), I went to Rock Bottom (a restaurant) to meet the General Manager about a sponsorship on Curt’s radio show.  The GM is a real cool dude as he was all about working with the radio show.  Sweet!

After the meeting ended, I picked Bryan up and dropped him off at a friends near Mike’s house.  I was out now, so I went to a to car wash and cleaned the inside of my car.  (I have to organize my car so I can fit C’s luggage in here comfortably.)

Back To Mike’s - Seeing An Old Friend
I got back to Mike’s around 4 pm and outside of his house was an old friend of mine, Scott Peters.  When I first moved out here many years ago, Scott was start offensive lineman for the Sun Devils, he even went pro for a few years.

Anyway, another friend of mine wrote a story on him for Curt’s magazine and during that interview (which I was at) we got along real well and became friends.  Since then, whenever I bump into him (usually once while I’m here) we shoot the shit and catch up on old times. (Scott and his brother.)

Anyway, Scott was out front of Mike’s because he lives next door now.  What a small world! 🙂  (He owns (or part owns) a mixed martial arts facility called “The Lion’s Den” in Scottsdale, just a few blocks away.)  It was cool seeing him but we were both busy, so we said we catch up sometime during the week.

Getting Bryan Again, Going to Joe’s, & Buying A Welcome Present
It was almost 5 pm (C was landing at 6:50 pm), so I was super busy at this point.  I still hadn’t finished writing, I had to get Bryan and drop him off, go to Joe’s, and still get C at the airport before we head to Bryan’s comedy show at Tempe Improv (8 pm).  Whew! 🙂

Getting ‘C” A Welcome Present
On my drive to drop Bryan off at the Improv, I stopped at the store to get C some flowers so when she arrived she would feel welcome.  Hey, she’s from another country and flying around this one just to get here, so I figured I’d do what I could to put her mind at ease. 🙂

Joe’s Place
I dropped Bryan off around 6 pm and made it Joe’s by 6:25 pm.  Ahhh!  I only have 25 minutes until C lands and I’m still running around like a Rooster with his head cut off!

After hanging with Joe for only a few minutes, he said it was cool for C and I stay here for a few days.  Whew!  That’s a relief! 🙂  I didn’t even have timer to stay and BS because C was landing, so I headed to the airport to pick her up.

F.Y.I. - I’ve known Joe for over 10 years.  We used to work together at the magazine Curt was the editor for (Sports Arizona).  Since then, we have stayed friends over the years.

Currently, Joe started a new AZ magazine “Arizona Sports & Lifestyle”, there is a hard copy coming out but for now, it’s just a a sweet on-line magazine!  Check it out at .

Picking Up Celine “C” At The Airport
I arrived at the airport at 7-ish and it worked out perfect because when I pulled up to the curb, she already had her bags and was ready to go.  (I don’t have any pictures of this, I forgot to take any.)

We were excited to see each other and talked as I drove us to Mike’s place.  When we got there, we took some pictures because I forgot to take any at Sky Harbor. 😉

It was almost 8 pm, so we jumped back in the Rooster mobile and headed to see Bryan at the Tempe Improv who was in the Finals of a comedy contest (14 comics).

Tempe Improv - Seeing, Bryan, Reggie, John, and Travis
The contest at the Improv was called the funniest person in the something (I don’t remember).  We arrived (Mike, C, and I) a little after show started as Bryan did as he said and got us comped tickets and a table.  Thanks a lot Bryan!

Reggie Walker
As we were walking in, the first comic we saw was another old friend of mine (and really funny comic) Reggie Walker.  Reggie used to do comedy with me when I had the Rooster Comedy Show and because he was so quick witted, he did some radio with me as well.

Reggie is one of the best joke writer’s I know.  He is so quick and on point.  I truly believe he could come up with a good bit about almost anything.  He is just a funny guy!

Anyway, I was glad to get there when I did otherwise I would have missed his set.  Reggie was funny as always and I hope he does well in this contest.  It was great seeing you my man, good luck in life Reg! 🙂

Other Comics
After Reggie, there was numerous comics that I didn’t know who performed.  It didn’t matter to me, they were all funny but I don’t have any pictures of them because you weren’t allowed to use your camera inside and since I didn’t know them, I didn’t take pictures with them after. 😉

Travis Thurman
Back in the day, Travis was a very polished and funny comic. (I had never seen him have bad set.)  And tonight... Travis was great!  He looked so comfortable on stage, it seemed as if he was making the crowd laugh at will.  Travis kicked ass, great set! (left: Travis, Me, Bryan)

Bryan Ricci
Now, Bryan was next after Travis, so it was gonna be tough to follow all the energy and laughs that Travis just brought.  I was interested to see how Bryan would do.  (I knew he would be funny, he always is... but how funny would he be tonight, going next to last out of 14 comics, after Travis?)

I hate giving Bryan the credit I’m about to give for everybody to read (inside joke) ;), but he was amazing!  He was as funny as I’d ever seen him.  The best thing I could say about his performance tonight, is he looked like “Pro” on stage.

I laughed my ass off for his whole set as did the rest of the audience!  Great job Bryan!  But after a set like that... you already know it! 🙂

John Jesmer
The last comic of the evening I wanted to see (specifically), was John Jesmer (he was also the last comic of the show).   F.Y.I. - I have always liked John’s sense of humor, he makes me laugh everytime.

By this point in the show, it is hard for a comic to get laughs but somehow... someway... John did it as he closed the show strong leaving the audience laughing and wanting more.

We thanked Bryan again for the tickets and the great show as we left and headed back to Mike’s.  C was tired from a long day, so we just dropped Mike off at his house and headed to Joe’s place for the night. (Joe has extra bedroom for us.)

By the time we got there, it was after 11 pm and C was exhausted, so she unpacked her stuff from car and went to bed early.  I, on the other hand, stayed up until 5 am writing and catching up on things I had to take care of.

It was a long crazy day as my adventure has just been changed.  I’m not sure what will happen now that I have French girl traveling with me, but I’m sure one way or the other... it should be interesting! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    sounds like the improv was the place to be for a
    good time. Do American jokes translate into French?

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