The Kentucky Derby & Hanging With My Friends! (PA) “DAY 307” – 5/7/11

May 10, 2011 - 2:55 pm - (PA) “DAY 307” - Week 45 - State 41

For the first time on this journey (I’m pretty sure), I’m going to only vaguely write about my day (“DAY 307”).  I’m doing this because I’m a few days behind and other than going to The Meadows Racetrack & Casino to watch the Kentucky Derby and gamble, today was just more of me hanging out with old college friends.

The Meadows Racetrack
Like I just said there is much to this story than I’m gonna write, but I got to The Meadows around 4 pm after fighting a ton of traffic.  There was a line down the street and around the parking are.  This place was jammed!

Anyway, The reason I was going to the Meadows (other than to bet to Derby) was to meet up with all my buddies who were also going there for the race. (I met up with B.J., Shakes, Joey, Rabbit, Dog, and T-Rex.)  We had a big crew with us.

The Kentucky Derby
There is a lot of other stuff I could write about like the first annual hat contest they had or the band that was playing on the track, but I’m making this short so I’ll just to the Kentucky Derby.

Since I wasn’t in Louisville, KY to see the race live, what many people do is go to a local track and watch it there.  That’s what’s going on here as there were numerous TV’s set up all around as well as big one on the racetrack it self. (That’s the one I watched on.

My Bets & The Race
I don’t have much money to waste betting on horses but since it was the Kentucky Derby, I took out a $20 and put in some bets.  After I placed my bets, I asked Shakes’s wife Joey who she liked and she told me she liked the 16 horse because he looked like a beast.  Ahhh!  I should have listened to her!

If you can’t already tell from last sentence, I lost all my bets and yes... the 16 horse won the race paying over $43 to win.  Damn!  Just my luck!  Still, I had a great time hanging out with all friends at the track for the day.

Leaving The Track
Sometime after the last race ended, the whole group of us left the track and headed a few blocks away to Frankie I’s bar. (At the point in the week I have already been to Frankie’s a bunch, so I know where it is and what the night is gonna be like.)

Frankie I’s
Since tonight was basically my last night in town (tomorrow-Sunday I’m writing all day while everybody does their own Mother’s Day thing), the whole gang came out to the bar. (Well, except Mills, I’ve already spent a ton of time with him and he had family stuff to do.).

Again, I’m not gonna go into all the details of the evening but what I will say is that I was with a bunch of my friends, on the last night I was gonna be in town, at a bar that one of our friend’s owns.  You do the math! 😉

Back To Shake’s House
Everybody came out at different times and everybody left at different times, but I think I got back to Shakes’s house sometime after 1 am. (He and his wife left before me and were already asleep when I got in.)

By the time I fell asleep it was after 2 am, but before I went to bed I sat in Shakes’s upstairs guest room and thought about how far I’ve come and how lucky I am.  Life couldn’t be better.  Thanks for a great night out guys! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. BJ says:

    You certainly left out alot of crazy details that transpired, but it’s probably for the better. We had a pretty wild week for a bunch of old men. Good seeing you Rooster. Look forward to catching up with you again. Good luck the rest of the way!

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