The National Park, A Museum, & Browsing! (WY) “DAY 93” – 10/5/10

October 6, 2010 - 8:30 am -(WY) “DAY 93”

Although I took over 150 pictures yesterday, I really didn’t do that much.  Here’s what I did in a nutshell... I wrote my post (duh), went to Teton National Park (again), checked out the information center there (haven’ t yet), saw a Art Museum, and then browsed through the shopping area in Jackson Hole.

Teton National Park
I went back to the park today because... I could.  I still had the pass that Lee gave me last Thursday (it expires today).  Anyway, this time through the forest, I didn’t see any bear or elk or moose.  The only animal I saw was deer (I think they are deer). 😉

The deer were on the side the road just outside of my car door.  I took a bunch of pictures of them but only a few came out good.  I’m not the best photographer in the world! 😉

After spotting the deer, I drove through the rest of the trail without seeing anything except for gorgeous scenery and foggy mountains.  It was real foggy at the top of the mountains but not foggy where I was, pretty cool!

As I got to the end of the path, I realized there was a information center.  I didn’t notice this the last two times.  Huh?  Any way I decided to check it out.

Craig Thomas Visitor Center
I entered the visitor center and everywhere I looked were statues.  Statues of bears, mountain cat, elk, deer, moose... you name it... it was there in statue form.  I stayed for about 15 minutes as I checked out the information provided.

The most interesting thing to me might have been the million year old rocks out front created by “Fire and Ice”.  Something with glaciers and heat but it produced the rocks in this picture, wild!

National Museum of Wildlife Art
After you exit the official park area (the park is everywhere though), I drove down the highway toward Jackson Hole.  On this highway road was a Wildlife Art Museum, I spotted it... so I stopped. 🙂

Along the outside of the Museum was numerous statues of local wildlife (Bear, Elk, Deer, An Eagle, and even Wild Turkeys).  I took a few pictures of the statues, then entered the actual museum.

Inside the building were a few different galleries of artwork.  Some were paintings, some were pictures, and some were statues.  My favorite were the paintings.  I don’t like the pictures because I feel like anybody can get a good picture, although I did a few cool pics.

Most of the paintings were awesome but my favorites were of bear.  I guess after seeing  a few bears up close, I have new appreciation for them. 🙂  Besides the bear paintings, I enjoyed this one painting of a tiger and some birds.  Really cool!

There were so many cool pieces of artwork but the truth be told... None of these artists can hold a

Terry Redline

candle to the Terry Redline Artwork I saw in Watertown, South Dakota.   Sorry Wyoming artists... but that’s my opinion!  🙂

I looked around for a half hour or so and then left to go shop (well... browse) in the Jackson Hole stores.

Jackson Hole Shopping Area
As you are all aware, I don’t have extra money to go shopping for meaningless things but... I still figured I could look around in case I ever have extra money some day. 😉

For starters, in every store there is a statue of bear in front, every store!  I seen at least 15 different bear statues while I walked around.  Also, there is as much moose stuff as I have seen anywhere in the country.  Moose this, moose that, it was everywhere!

Then, I stopped at a store that had a T-Rex skull in the window.  Yes, a real T-Rex skull!  It cost something like 25K, very pricey but I guess you don’t see many T-Rex skulls these days... 😉

As I entered this store, I could tell it had a lot of stuff I would love to have but everything was 10k and above.  There were gems inside these rocks that were unbelievable.  They had purple, gold, and silver ones.  Each one was cooler than the next!

I kept looking around and they had a saber tooth tiger skull, a bear skeleton, a mammoth tusk, and so much more.  It was like I was in a museum instead of a gift shop.  I will be back (Like Arnold), if this book makes it!

I was getting hungry, so I stopped at a local famous burger place in the middle of Jackson Hole, Billy’s Burgers.  The burger was good but the people working there were even better.

Brian - Cooking

I hung out in the burger place for an hour or so shooting the shit with their cook (Brian).  Brian was a real chill dude from Louisiana who moved up here to work with animals or mountains or something...  Anyway, I left there around 6 pm and headed back to the Hostel.

When I got back to the Hostel, all I did was upload pictures and name them until I went to my room at 10 pm.  (Everything shuts down at 10 pm, I had nowhere else to go. :()  I watched some Netfix (just got a free month) and then passed out before 11 pm.


It’s Wednesday morning and I’m rushing to finish this post so I can head to Yellowstone National Park (about 1 and half hours away).  Today is my last day in Wyoming and tomorrow I head to Boise, Idaho for a Boise St. football game this weekend.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    How bout some poker?

  2. dave says:

    If you can find it…. I’d play it! No Poker in Wyoming or Idaho… I dont make the laws….

  3. Mike says:


    what effort have you made to find a poker club. Im sure there is a game if you look hard. What happened to finding a date for Saturday nights too. Seems like you are slacking a little bit and deviating from your original plan. Also if I’m not mistaking you said if funds got low you would look for a job. You said funds are a little low and there is not poker why not work a day somewhere?

  4. dave says:

    Mike… Glad to see your back! Let me answer you the best I can… I have tried to find some poker and I did… but the game is on Thursday, Fri, Sat in Wyoming at a bar. I didn’t find that out (I have been asking since I got here last week) until Monday night but that didn’t help me since I’m leaving Thursday morning… So I found out to late…

    This town in Wyoming is in the off-season… and is very dead. Not only isn’t there single women around this time of year… the woman that are here (single or not) aren’t that appealing to me (mostly older) and I’m not looking for just any girl to date… Not that these women would want to date me anyway… Hey, I know I’m not a super catch… so it is tough!

    Work… This town is in the off-season.. there is no work even for the people who live here. Everything closes early or doesn’t even open… So there is definitely no work for a guy who is in town for a week with no outdoorsman skills at all! Plus… I was counting on the fantasy money and it happened! Cha-ching!

    Good to hear from you again Mike,

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