The Poker Room Is Home For The Day! (NH-VT?) “DAY 323” – 5/23/11

May 26, 2011 - 10:10 am - (NH-VT?) “DAY 323” - Week 48 - State 43

I woke up this morning at 11:00 am after just 5 hours of sleep.  I wanted to sleep longer but since I was leaving for Vermont today, I had to get up and get moving to my next state.

Also, I have already been here for 10 days exploring New Hampshire and Maine so even though it hasn’t been 2 weeks total, I still feel like I have a good idea of what life is like in this part of the country.  Not to mention, I’m sure Scott has had enough of me in his house. 😉

Leaving For Somewhere
After getting up and organizing all my things, I asked Scott if he minded if I stayed a little longer while I finished writing my daily post.  He said no problem so I finished writing and by 2 pm-ish... I was out the door and headed to somewhere.

Thank You Scott & Amy
Where do I begin to start when two people who I barely knew before I got here welcomed me into their home for 10 days while never for a second making me uncomfortable. (My Mom wouldn’t even let me stay at her home for that long, for real!) 😉

Anyway, your hospitality, generosity, and kindness is/was overwhelming and since I’m broke as a joke... all I can do is sincerely say thank you and hope that one day I can return the favor somehow. (I don’t think you’ll be traveling around the country homeless anytime soon so that’s where the somehow comes in.) 😉

So to Amy and Scott, good luck in life and thank you!  It’s people like you two that have made this trip possible for me because without the kindness of otherwise strangers along the way, I’d have never made it this far and experienced so much.  With that in mind, to everybody who has helped me out, I say Thank You!

Messing Up The Week Total In My Posts Somewhere?
I just realized it but I messed up my week total somewhere along the way.  I know this because next week would be week 48 in Vermont, then week 49 in Mass., 50th in Rhode Island, 51st in Connecticut, 52nd in New York, and then 53 would be NJ so that’s how I know I made a mistake somewhere. (There’s only 52 weeks in a year.) 😉

I made this mistake because I didn’t start the week total from the beginning of this trip and only implemented it after a reader made a suggestion (or I screwed it up somewhere since, I don’t know).

Still, I should have got it right but I must have miscounted my weeks, so instead of this week being “Week 48” is should really be “Week 47”. Got it.  Let’s move on now. 🙂

Where To Go???
Here we go again.  I’m off to Vermont but I have no idea where I’m gonna go or stay.  Normally when I don’t have a friend to stay with in a state, I look for something big event that's going on and then look for a hostel or other housing arrangements close by.

But, when Jeremy (one of my best friend’s) searched the internet for things for me to do in Vermont, nothing really came up for. (Jeremy always find things for me to do and places to stay, yet he found next to nothing for me this week.) Hmmmm....  what am I gonna do?

Since I had nowhere to be and at least a 3 hour drive ahead of me, I decided to stop at “The Poker Room” one last time before I left. (I’d say good-bye to everybody I met there over the week while I figured where I was gonna go.)

Also, one my friend’s was calling a friend of theirs in Vermont to see if I could crash with them, so killing a little bit of time didn’t hurt. (I didn’t find out until later but it didn’t pan out. )

The Poker Room
Moving on, I got to “The Poker Room” a little after 3:30 pm and I remember that because the 3:30 pm $40 tournament had already started (it was in the 3rd level.)  No I had a decision to make, enter the tourney late or wait til the next one???

$40 NL Hold’em Tournament - 3:30 pm-ish
Since I didn’t want to play 2-4 limit hold’em and I didn’t want to just sit there twiddling my thumbs until 5:30 pm, I decided to get into the 3:30 pm tourney late and take my chances as a short stack. (I normally don’t like to do this because it’s basically All-In or nothing.)

Talking With Paula
As soon as I sat down at the table the girl next to me (Paula) started talking to me about my trip. (It was posted on “The Poker Room’s” website and she checked it out. Nice!)  Thanks for the plug guys. 🙂

I kinda knew Paula because she and I played against each other earlier this week and she cracked my pocket Ace’s with pocket 5’s.  Anyway, she was really cool and told me that if there was anything she could do for me at all she would gladly help me out.  Wow!  People kick ass! 🙂

The Rest Of The Tournament
Even though I was short stacked I somehow made it to the final table. (Well, that somehow could have been because there was only 24 people entered.)  Still, I was only 7 places away from making some money.

I wish my luck would have been different but I was eliminated in 8th place when the blinds kinda knocked me out.  They were getting real big so I pushed with (K,J) suited and got called and beat by (K,10) off-suit. (I was short stacked, it happens.)

Hanging At The Bar
After I got knocked out of the tourney, I went over to the bar where I sat for a little bit thinking about where I was gonna go.  During this time, Paula walked over to me and again asked how she could help me out.  I told her I was fine but thank you anyway.

Then, a few minutes later after she too was knocked out of the 3:30 pm tourney, she came back over to me and handed me $80 so I could enter the 5:30 pm $80 NL Hold’em that had just started.  Unreal!  People are just so amazing!

Thank you so much Paula!  It’s had to explain how it feels when total strangers step up and help out for no reason at all other than they want to help.  It’s a humblings and overwhelming feeling and all I can say is thank you so much! 🙂

$80 NL Hold’em Tournament - 5:30 pm
The need to knows: $80 buy-in, 20 min blinds I think, 10K starting chips, 25 players entered, no re-buys, no add-ons, and top 3 paid.  Now, since Paula paid for me to get into this tournament I really wanted to win it so I could give her back her money.

But... the poker Gods weren’t on my side as I made it to the final table and got knocked out on the river by an Ace. (I had pocket 6’s and lost to (A,J) on the last card.)  I wasn’t thrilled but that’s poker, bad beats happen. 🙁

This next part isn’t about me but the guy (Jay) who at every final table I played at this weekend was also at this final table and chopped for a win again.  Not bad Jay, not bad! 🙂 (This guy was real fun to play with and everybody liked him besides being good.)

Tony Buys Me Dinner & More
It was now 7 pm-ish and while I standing at the bar thinking, Tony (the owner) approached me and told me I could order anything I want off the menu.  So, since I hadn’t eaten yet today (except for the free pizza they give out on Monday’s), I ordered a bacon cheeseburger from the bar.  Thank you Tony!

Then, sometime after I finished eating dinner Tony also brought me over to “The Poker Room’s” clothing rack and game a awesome rain proof pull over. (It even has pockets in the front, sweet!)  I don’t know what to say except thank you again Tony.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were Yankees Fan! 😉 LOL

Meeting Chris
While I was talking with Tony a guy named Chris walked up to the bar and ordered a Guinness.  I didn’t know Chris yet, but Tony did so he introduced us. (Paula knew him too.)  This was a blessing in disguise as it turned out because later in the night after Chris and I had talked a few times, he invited to stay at his (and his wife’s) place for the night.  Nice!

Even better than that was that they (Chris and Terry) own a house in Vermont where their 23 year old son lives and they told me I could stay there when I leave for Vermont in the morning.  Thank you isn’t a strong enough word, but thank you!

F.Y.I. - I could’ve left tonight and drove right there but it was late and Chris said I crash his house until the morning.  No reason to drive in the middle of the night if I have to.

Still Hanging At The Bar
Look how life changes in an instant!  Woo Hoo!  A few hours ago, I had nowhere to stay and now here to go and now I have a place to stay all week long.  Unreal! 🙂  Not to mention, I got $80 donated to me in tournament form, my dinner paid for, and a comfortable pullover.  What’s next?

Dave Donates His Tips To Me
Then, while I was just sitting at the bar smiling at how life changes, Dave the bartender or manager (who I had talked to all night) walks over to me and hands me $31 in chips that he received as tips during his shift.

Come on...  I looked at him and said no, but then he said are you good at poker?  I said yes.  Then, he said take it over to the 2-4 limit game and play.  If you win, we’ll split the winnings and if you lose, it’s all good.  Thank you Dave, you’re the man! 🙂

I gotta tell ya, at this point I was waiting for a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes to walk in and say to me, “Rooster, you homeless, fat, short, broke hunk of man, you’re what I’ve been looking for my whole life!” LOL 😉

Playing In A Cash Game
So, with the $31 Dave donated toward my journey I sat down in a 2-4 limit game.  Since I didn’t have much of a bankroll, I played tight and about an hour later, I got up plus $48.  That was fine with, plus $24 with the chance of losing nothing.

So, I walked back over to the bar where Dave was and told him that we won.  He said for to keep all the winnings.  No, I couldn’t do that so I handed him back $40 which he reluctantly took. (He wanted me keep all the profits.)  Thanks again Dave! 🙂

Thank You “The Poker Room”
I can honestly say that I had a great time each and every day I was in the poker room this week.  The dealers are good and friendly, the room is always packed with people, the tournaments were great, and everybody I met from the owner on down was awesome!  Good luck all and take care! 🙂

Leaving For Chris’s
The main reason I got up from the poker table when I did was because Chris and Terry had already left for their home which was 45 minutes away.  And since I was staying with them tonight, I didn’t want to show up at 2 am when they were sleeping.

Arriving At Chris’s House, Wow!
I didn’t know where I was going or where I’d be staying when I left the poker room (other than it was Chris’s house), so when I arrived I was surprised to see their house was attached to a huge church. (Or as I found the next day, the church is part of the house.) (Right: at night with camera in night view.)

So, I walked up to the house next to the church to ring the bell but before I got to the door it opened up.  Terry and Chris had been waiting for me and heard me parking my car out front.

It was late, so after showing me my room for the night, Chris went to bed and his wife Terry went to watch some TV before bedtime.  I sat downstairs talking with Terry about my journey and etc. for a little bit before I went upstairs to my room for the night.

F.Y.I. - This house is huge as it has 9 bedrooms (I think), a ton of bathrooms, a bunch of other rooms, and so on.  It’s real nice!  For example, my room was on it’s own floor with a bathroom on either side.

My Computer Breaks!
While I walking with Terry about my journey, I had gotten my laptop and tried showing her a few pictures but my screen wouldn’t turn on.  I didn’t worry about it then but now that I’m trying to turn on my laptop again and it’s not working... I’m Freaking Out!

Luckily for my own sanity, I just backed up all my work while I was in NJ or I would have completely lost it and who knows what would have happened.  I may have jumped out of a window. JK 😉

Sleeping Badly
Knowing there was nothing I could do at 2 am (Apple phone help was closed until 9 am), I tried falling asleep in the comfortable bed I had for the night.  But, no fluffy bed would have been comfortable enough because all that was on my mind was my broken laptop which is my life line to this trip.  I’ll just have to wait until morning.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Great Day. Sorry you didn’t find that blonde !!!!

  2. Tony says:

    Rooster, youre very welcome and it was a pleasure having you here.
    Please come back and viist us again soon.
    Good luck on the rest of your trip.

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