The Start Of “Week 45”, Just 8 Weeks Left! (PA) “DAY 302” – 5/2/11

May 3, 2011 - 12:00 pm - (PA) “DAY 302” - Week 45 - State 41

Most of my Monday morning was the same as yesterday’s late evening... watching news on Bin Laden’s death.  By now you should be aware that Bin Laden is dead and I’m a night owl, so I obviously heard about his killing as the news broke.

Whereas, some of America was sleeping when the initial report was broadcast, so this morning is the first they would have heard of it.  Matt for instance, woke up this morning at 6 am to work out and didn’t learn of the news until he saw the newspaper on his doorstep.  He said, “It was the most shocking headline he could have imagined!”

My point is... even though I heard the news of his death last night, I still couldn’t resist to learn more and continued watching all morning long until Matt called me to see if I wanted to join him for lunch. (I was also writing while I watched TV.)

Old Mexico
I left Matt’s house around 12:45 pm and 15 minutes later, I met him for lunch at “Old Mexico”. (This is Matt’s lunch hour as he works all day long for the local newspaper.)

Anyway, since we hadn’t spoken (except through text messages) since before the news of Bin Laden’s death broke, that was pretty much all we talked about. (And related topics to the subject.)

On another note, the food was good. 🙂  Yeah, it’s still tough to talk about anything else besides the ground breaking news that our country had finally received after 10 years of waiting for justice.

Moving on, our lunch ended around 1:30 pm, so Matt went back to work and I did too. (He has a real job while I went back to his place to keep writing like a maniac.)

F.Y.I - Hopefully my journey will turn into something big someday!  Whether it’s a book, a movie, a sitcom, or being a motivational speaker.  It doesn’t matter to me, whatever’s good. 🙂

Dinner With Family (Matt, Renee, & Liam)
All I did when I got back to Matt’s was write/upload my posts until it was dinner time.  Tonight for dinner Renee made us a turkey and a bunch of healthy sides.  It was all good as I love turkey and believe it or not, I do like vegetables as long as I don’t have to cook them. 😉

A High School Baseball Game
After we finished eating dinner, Matt and fam were going to watch his Nephew (Corey) play in a high school baseball game (Trinity vs. South Park).  No... not Cartman South Park, but South Park, PA (I think or it could just be the high school’s name).

Anyway, I still had writing to do, so I told Matt I’d meet him and his family there when I was finished. (I had like 30 minutes more to do and I just wanted to get it done before I started doing anything else.)

Consol Energy Park
Once I got done posting, I left Matt’s place and drove 10 minutes to the baseball field.  This thing is, when I got there it wasn’t a baseball field but a baseball park.

F.Y.I. - Matt’s nephew’s high school team (Trinity High School) happen to play at Consol Energy Park where the Washington Wild Things play.  The Wild Things are pro baseball team with no affiliation to the MLB.

So, once I got there, I now had to walk around the stadium and take a bunch of pictures of the whole venue. (I didn’t have to but I like to see everything the stadium has to offer before I relax and sit down.)

Since it was a high school game and not a Wild Thing's, there wasn’t anything going on but the game itself.  None-the-less, I could tell this would probably be a fun place to watch a kinda-pro baseball game at.

Finding Matt
Now that I had a feel for the layout of the ballpark, I searched around the stadium for where Matt and his family were sitting. (It wasn’t just Matt, Renee and Liam at the game, his Mom, sister (who’s son was playing), and her other kids were also there to support Corey.) Nice!

Matt’s Nephew (Corey)
Corey is a very good athlete as he is only a sophomore starting on the varsity team. (I also heard from Matt that he played on the varsity football team as a freshman. That is impressive!)

Anyway, he played first base and batted... I’m not sure, I got there late.  Still, from what I saw, he did play a good first and the one AB I witnessed, he made good contact but got thrown out.

The Game Itself
The game itself was a pitchers duel as through 5 innings, it was tied 1-1.  But then in the top of the 6th, South Park scored a run and never looked back beating Trinity 2-1.  It was a well played game but somebody had to win, to bad it wasn’t Trinity.  Better luck next time guys.

Matt’s Family
Once the game ended, I gathered Matt’s family together for a group picture. (I had to get one since I didn’t get a family picture during Easter last week.) 😉  Now that I had that, it was time to go back to Matt’s for the night.

Back To Matt’s
On my drive back to Matt’s house, I thought about going to the casino instead of just going home.  But then I thought to myself, hey... you don’t need to gamble tonight to make it another day and... it is just a Monday, so I headed back to Matt’s for the rest of the night.

More Donations Come In - Thank You 🙂
When I got back to Matt’s and got all comfortable in his guest room, I opened up my laptop while I watched TV. (It was the most electrifying man’s birthday in all of entertainment last night, so Happy Birthday Rock!)

Anyway, while I celebrating the Rock’s birthday with him ;), I noticed a donation came into my Paypal account.  The person who sent it wanted to remain anonymous but you know who you are and thank you! (It was a $100!)  Woo Hoo! 🙂  I also got another $23 from Geri who donates to me every 2 weeks.  Thanks Geri!

Calling It A Night
It must have been around 1 am when I fell asleep because I only talked to Jeremy for a few seconds before I told him I was crashing for the night and couldn't talk any longer. (Normally we talk for at least 30 minutes and usually up to an hour each day.)  Well... that’s it.  Tomorrow is another day.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    It’s not hard to tell who’s Matt’s Mom and Sister.
    Liam also looks like Matt. Nice !!!!!

  2. Dad says:

    Let’s not forget Liam also looks like his pretty Mom.

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