The World Trade Center Memorial & More! (NY) “DAY 249” – 6/20/11

June 21, 2011 - 1:25 pm - (NY) “DAY 349” - Week 50 - State 48

Since I went to bed early last night, I woke up early-ish this morning (9 am).  I got up early because I had to get a post up before I started my all-day adventure in New York City. (Jonah had plans to show me around the city all day long.)

So, while I was trying to get my Thursday post up (NY Yankees game day), Jonah was itching to get out and do something. (He had worked all week long.)  Noticing this, I decided to put up a “NO DAY” post where I just give a quick re-cap of what I’ve been doing. (It still took me until after 11 am it put it up.)

Taking The Subway
It was around noon when we left Jonah’s place to head out on our NYC excursion. (During the course of the day, I rode the subway, took cabs, and walked all over the city.)

Anyway, the first mode of transportation we took was the subway across town toward where the the Village is.  I’ve already talked about this but the subway is the easiest way to travel in order to avoid traffic and high fees. (Cabs cost much more and buses deal with traffic.)

Walking To A Park
Once we got off the subway, we walked a few blocks to a park that was where an abandoned train line used to be. (I don’t know if abandoned is the best word but it wasn’t in use anymore.)  Along the way, we walked on a cobblestone street.  Huh? NYC still has cobblestone roads.

This Park Is Cool
Once we got to where the park was we walked around the area in order to check it out.  One of the cool things about was that is was off the ground so you could get a birds eye of the city or water. (It wasn’t like being on a roof top but it still wasn’t bad.)

Other than the nice views, the whole park was lined with wild flowers, bushes, and whatnot.  Not to mention, there was a lot of people walking around and enjoying it as well.  It wasn’t bad scene but I think Jonah and I would both agree it would have been better walking it with a girl instead of each other. 😉

Walking To Lunch
After checking out the park, we walked back to where the city streets were with the plan of finding somewhere to eat lunch.  But, as soon we got downstairs, we saw a Snicker-Doodle cart and each got a Snicker-Doodle. (Snicker-Doodle’s are like a cinnamon ice-cream treat in between two sugar cookies.) 🙂

Even though we just ate Snicker-Doodles (I like saying that), we still walked a few blocks to a place that Jonah said had a great burger so we could get lunch. (I guess we had dessert before lunch today.)

The Corner Bistro
When we got to the Bistro I could tell the food was gonna be as good as said for a few reasons. 1.) The place was packed with people and it was hot out. (For this many people to want a burger when it this hot out means it must be good.)

2.) The menu was small with just a few options.  I like this too because it means that whatever they make, they make a lot of and it should be fresh.  And 3.) I saw a bunch of reviews and awards in the front window.  That’s speaks for itself.

Well... Jonah’s words and my instincts were dead on because this was a great burger. (I also had a side of fries which were good too.)  Then, when we finished eating, we hit the  streets again.  This time we were heading toward the World Trade Center so I could see the memorial that has been put since the 9/11 tragedy.

Walking To The WTC
From where we were the walk to the World Trade Center was a bunch of blocks.  It didn’t seem like it would be that far but by the time we got there, I was physically exhausted. (I think I’m just real sore from all the walking I did yesterday, but none-the-less, I was spent.)

Once we got to where the WTC used to be, you could see the new building going up.  Really cool!  It’s been 10 years but it’s still awesome to see America rebuilding one our greatest structures. (I know it’s gonna be different but it’s still gonna be huge as well as a NY landmark.)  (Right: A pic of new WTC .)

The WTC Memorial
After checking out the new construction site, we walked a few blocks over to where the 9/11 Memorial is.  Along the way, I saw a truck with a memorial to all the fallen NYC fireman and policeman who were lost on that tragic day.

F.Y.I. - Maybe other people don’t feel the same as me, but I can still feel the anger and sadness I felt that day when I see anything related to 9/11.  It’s one of those moments that I’ll never forget.  I’m sure our whole nation agrees on that.

The Memorial Itself
The memorial itself was a beautiful piece of art depicting the heroism of the fallen on that awful day.  It may be just a small reminder of the great people in this country that gave their lives trying to save others in one of the worst circumstances imaginable, but it means a lot to me to remember the heroes from that day. (And I’m sure to many other people as well.)

I could go on and on about this topic but I’ll finish by just saying... this memorial was nice tribute to the many people who lost their lives on 9/11.  And to anybody who lost a loved one that day, I still send out my sincerest condolences.

Back To Jonah’s
By the time we left the memorial it was after 4 pm, so we hopped back in the subway en-route to Jonah’s place on the other side of Manhattan.  Once we got to his place we just relaxed for the next few hours until it was time to go out for the evening.

Hitting The Town
I’d say it was about 9 pm when we were finally all rested up and out the door for the night.  The plan... was to go to one of Jonah’s friend’s places in Soho and then hit the bars on that area. (This trip was by cab.)

Meeting Jonah’s Friends
Although I didn’t taken any pictures of his friends, I did meet up them at this point in the night.  The place went to was a really nice loft in a nice part of town and we hung out there for an hour or so before the 6 of us left for a bar in the area.

Walking To A Bar
The bar were going to was within walking distance so we used the cheapest form of NY transportation and hoofed it the 5 or 6 blocks to the Spring Lounge. (I have never been to the Spring Lounge so I didn’t know what to expect.)

Spring Lounge
When we got to the bar I happy to find out it was bar-bar and not a club or something like that. (I prefer places where you can actually hear the person who is standing right next to you. ;))

But, since I wasn’t drinking (to expensive), I only hung out inside the bar for the first few minutes I was there before I decided to hag out in front of the bar for the rest of the night.

Hanging Outside All Night
There are a few reasons why I enjoyed hanging outside all night long. 1.) Since I wasn’t drinking, it didn’t really matter where I was hanging out as long there were people around.  And, if you didn’t know it, outside of a bar is where many people hang out since smoking is banned inside.

2.) I can talk to a whole bunch of different people when I’m outside as opposed to just the people in the bar. (This street was busy and there were people walking up and down it to different bars all night long.)

3.) If your outside, you don’t have to answer the question again and again on why you’re not drinking because you can’t drink outside a bar in NYC.  Not to mention, you also aren’t expected to buy anybody a drink either. (I don’t have any money for that.)

So, for those reasons, I just stayed out front of the bar or within a few blocks until all the guys were ready to leave sometime in the AM.  I had a great time and met a bunch of interesting people. 🙂

Cabbing Back To Jonah’s
The last mode of transport for the day was another cab as we hailed one pretty easily when it time to go. (Sometimes it can be hard to get a cab at night.  Not impossible, but it can a take a few minutes.)

Thank You Jonah
Now, for this entire post I didn’t mention my finances because I didn’t spend any money today.  This was possible because when Jonah got up this morning he told me he had me covered for whatever we did for the entire day.

So, for that Jonah as well as letting me stay at your place and showing me around the city, I send out a truly sincere thank you!  I was mentally in a bad place before I got to NY and since I’ve been at your place, I’ve gotten my grove back.  Yes, just like Stella! LOL

You’re the man Jonah and thanks again for everything! 🙂  Also, Jonah's friend Dan was kind enough to donate $12 to me when we out.  Thanks Dan!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Outstanding day and tour of the city. Thanks.

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