Traveling & Finding A Place In Myrtle Beach! (SC) “DAY 260” – 3/21/11

March 22, 2011 - 3:00 pm - (SC) “DAY 260” - Week 38 - State 34

I woke today somewhere in South Carolina.? (I really don’t know what city I’m in because I pulled off the road yesterday as my fantasy baseball draft was beginning.)

Anyway, knowing I had a couple hour drive to Myrtle Beach today, I immediately got to writing/ posting my “DAY 259”.  I finished just in time as at 11 pm sharp I got a knock on my door telling me it was time to go. It was just fine with me as I was done and needed to get on the road.

Traveling To Myrtle Beach
The drive to Myrtle Beach wasn’t that far (3 hours), but my damn GPS took me the back road way across the state toward the ocean instead of taking me the highway route. (I know there must be a setting on it but I can’t find it.)

Anyway, it was so annoying because what should have taken me 3 hours, took me over 4 hours because I saw every small town in South Carolina on the way to some coastal semi-highway.

Once I realized what my trip was gonna be like (stop-start, stop start), I decided rather than to be angry about the route, I’d just enjoy for it was.  (A slower path to where I was going through some nice looking country.) 🙂

Chili’s Near Myrtle Beach
After 3 and 1/2 hours of driving, I could tell I was getting close to Myrtle Beach because the highway got busier and there were now stores lining the streets instead of trees. 😉

Since I hadn’t eaten all day and I still have a $20 in Chili’s GC’s, I stopped at a Chili’s I saw off the highway (3 pm-ish).  I ate a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a burger so I could try be a little healthier and maybe even get back into shape.  Well, one other than a shape of a pear. (I could be look an apple body too I guess!) 😉

Searching For A Inexpensive Room
After I finished eating, I got back in the Rooster mobile and 30 minutes later... I was in North Myrtle Beach.  I decided to start in North Myrtle and and work my way south because the north side has nicer places to stay in.  And, I was trying to get my room comped (somehow), so why not start with the best first. 🙂

I drove around North Myrtle for over an hour talking to hotel manger after hotel manger, but the best deal I found was $48 a night with a weekly rate of $250 (plus 16% tax).  Even though that wasn’t a bad deal, it wasn’t gonna do, so I headed to Myrtle Beach which is 6 miles south.

Myrtle Beach
I got to Myrtle Beach and kept trying places right on the Atlantic Ocean.  Why not? (I thought I had a shot because it doesn’t look that busy this week as the spring breakers are gone.)

But, I didn’t still have any luck.  By now I had been searching for almost 3 hours, so I pulled off the ocean strip and started searching just off the water.  The first place I stopped at was called the Sea Echo Motel and it was perfect!

Sea Echo Motel
Well... I didn’t know it was perfect but after meeting Billy (the owner operator), I knew I had found my place.  For starters, he told me the place was quite and had mostly snow birds staying there.  Perfect, no drug dealers, crack heads, or etc... that I’ll have to worry about stealing my stuff. 🙂

Then he told me the better news, he’d give me a small private room with all the usual amenities (cable TV, mini-fridge, micro, etc.) for just $25 per night.  Double perfect!  I guess free would have been perfect but if I have to pay... $25 is the right number. 🙂 Thanks Billy! 🙂

My Room
My room was/is small, but it is clean and suits my needs A-OK.  Nice!  For the next few hours, I just sat in my room and watched TV while I organized my things.  I also talked on the phone with a few people (Little Frankie who happens to be big and my Mom).

Working Out
It was around 9 pm and it was still very nice out, so I decided to get up off my fat ass and run around town for a 30 minutes jog (if I make it that long).  The wind seemed to be always blowing in my face no matter which direction I ran, but none-the-less, I made it the 30 minutes I planned (although I did stop once to take a break).

Grocery Shopping

Since I have a fridge, a place to stay for a few days, and I want to eat healthier, I went to the local grocery store to buy some food for the week.  I wound up spending $35 but the food I got should last me 3-4 days and it’s relatively healthy (at least for my diet). 😉  Not bad!

The Rest Of The Night
For the rest of the night I didn’t to much except eat some of the food I just bought and watch more TV.  TV is great when you don’t get to watch it to much.  Well... to be honest, TV has always been great!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    Can you update how much money you have for your readers please? Poker anytime soon?

  2. dave says:

    I just finished writing a whole post for you. And… I just told you 7 days ago… I had less than $950. Relax bro…

  3. Jeff says:

    Hey Dave as you can see from my email you know who this is. Was told about your sight couple of weeks ago and have been following it since. Wish I had the time and the balls to do what your doing. Totally awesome bro. Ball buster Mike is clearly jealous. keep on posting so I can keep on reading. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the journey. Ps. Get back to the gym 206 is unacceptable lol. See ya in jersey

  4. dave says:

    If only I could just switch physique’s with you right now… I’d look good on the beach. I did run again today, so time is all need and I’ll be back! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  5. Judy says:

    I am a local here in North Myrtle Beach & I passed your car on Hwy 17 yesterday & was curious what “Where’s Rooster” was about. I think it’s cool that you are doing this trip. It sounds like a blast!! I wish I could have thought to do something like this b4 I had the kids!! I bet it’s nice to travel to all those different places. And talk about seeing some beautiful scenery!! I’ll keep following your trip. Have fun & stay safe!! 🙂

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