Traveling From Alabama To Florida! (Al-FL) “DAY 234” – 2/23/11

February 26, 2011 - 10:45 am - (AL-FL) “DAY 234” - Week 34 - State 32

When I woke up this morning (10 am, Wednesday), all I did was grab the few bags I had in my Motel 6 room and hit the road for Florida. (I had showered the night before and packed my car so all I had to do was brush my teeth before I left.)

The reason I got up so early (for me) and already had my things packed was because my ride was over 10 hours long and that’s without stopping, getting gas, eating, etc.

The good thing about the drive was that I was in Florida in a little over a hour.  The bad thing was... even though I had to made to Florida very easily, I still had 9 hours of driving left!  Ahhh!

Re-Entering The East Coast Time Zone
Before I took this drive, I just always assumed that all of Florida was in the East coast time zone.  Well, that isn’t true.  At least 2 hours worth of driving in the Florida Pan handle is still in the Central time zone.

F.Y.I. - If you take the far west corner of Georgia and extend down to the water south through Florida, that’s the cut off line.  I reached this line at 1:52 pm Central time because it changed to 2:52 pm at that moment.

Still Driving
Once I reached the East coast time zone, I felt like I had accomplished something until I realized I still had over 7 hours of driving through Florida left before I reached Fort Myers, Florida (south west coast of Florida).

An Amazing Sunset
I think it was around 6 pm when the sun began to set in the Florida sky.  I have seen many amazing sunsets on this trip but this one was unreal as the sun was bright orange in the sky!

As I was driving 75 mph, I tried the best I could to get some good pictures of the sun but only a few came out good.  And none came out even close to how cool it looked in person.

Arriving In Fort Myers, Florida

As I was approaching my destination (Fort Myers), I called Pat to see where he was.  He told me that he might go out for a few drinks when he got off work, so I should cal him when I got close to see where he was at.

The History of Pat & I
There is a lot to write but I will try to make it short and sweet.  How do I know Pat?  Pat is my best friend’s (from college) best friend from high school.  Even though Pat is from NJ (as I am), I never knew him until 2005 when I moved to Florida.

The kicker, I met Pat through Goran once I was in Florida but after only knowing Pat for a day, he let me move into his brand new home rent free for almost 2 years.  I did do a lot for him as well, but money wasn’t one of those things.

Anyway, part of the reason he paid for me (other than him being an extremely generous dude), was that I worked for him and Goran at their mortgage company as the market was crashing all around us.  I didn’t make much money. 🙁

Moving forward, around 2007 is when I left Pat’s place in Cape Coral (Fort Myers area) and went back to college at Kean U. (That’s where I just played college football (again) and graduated with honors (3.94 GPA)).

Back To Today
It was after 9 pm when I called Pat to see where he was at and when I finally got a hold of him (tried a few times), he told me he was a bar we used to go when I lived here, Blu Sushi.

Meeting Up With Pat At Blu
When I got to Blu, I spotted Pat as soon as I walked in.  He looked exactly the same as his silver hair flowing in the wind! LOL  (I call him Silver-Fox, Silver-time, Silver Jr., Taylor Hicks, etc..)

Anyway, after exchanging our initial Hello’s, we were right back into our old routine of hanging out. (It’s awesome how when you know somebody so well, it only takes a few minutes to get right back into an old groove.)

Meeting The Gm/Bartenders
While Pat and I were having a few casual cocktails amongst old friends, I got to talking with the bartender about my journey.  Her name was Connie and after hearing what I was doing, she told her GM about me.

The GM (forgot her name, damn!), was a real nice lady as she even bought Pat and I flaming shot of Saki.  It was so hot that it burned my mouth when I tried to shoot it, so I spit it out as did Pat.  Ouch!  Thanks anyway, the thought was there. 🙂

Leaving Blu & Back To Pat’s
It was only a little after 10 pm, but I was exhausted from a long drive and Pat had work in the morning, so we left and went back to his place.  Pat lives in a new place now, so it’s not the same home I lived in, but none-the-less, I felt as comfortable as can be when I got there.

Pat’s Place For The Rest Of The Night

Since I hadn’t really eaten all day long (I ate granola bars and whatnot during the ride), Pat cooked up two steaks he had thawed out for me before he went to the bars for the night.

After eating some perfectly cooked ribeye’s, Pat and I just sat in living room talking about whatever until he called it a night and went upstairs to crash out for the evening.

I stayed up for a little while longer as I tried to organize my things. (I have no clean cloths, my things are all over my car, and I’m in need of a shower big-time!)  Since, I was so tired though, I stopped organizing after a few minutes and passed out cold on the couch. I guess tomorrow will be a full day of organizing.

Thanks for reading!


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