Traveling From Albuquerque to Denver! (NM-CO) “DAY 168” – 12/19/10

December 20, 2010 - 6:55 pm - (NM-CO) “DAY 168” - Week 24 - State 23

When I woke up this morning (10 am), I knew I was 3 days behind in writing but I still didn’t have time to catch up because I had a 7 hour drive ahead of me and I didn’t want to drive at night.  (Left: Ali and Sadie)

So, all I did was get up, shower, pack my things, and head out the door so I could drive to Denver, Colorado.  If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember I have best friend in Denver named Sadie who I already stayed with for 3 days about two months ago. I'm excited to see her and her roommate Ali, they are both real cool girls. 🙂

Traveling From Albuquerque to Denver
As I already told you, the drive was 7 hours or 460+ miles. (A pretty far ride even for me.)  There is one good thing about driving on Sunday during football season and there is one bad thing about driving on Sunday during football season and the answer is same thing.

The good thing is... I get to listen to football on the radio during my drive and bad thing is... I don’t get to watch football because I’m listening to it on the radio. (I don't have Sirius.) 🙁

Anyway, on my drive I saw a few things that were interesting to me other than the mountains and regular cool stuff.  The first thing I found out is that there is a Las Vegas, New Mexico somewhere between Albuquerque and Denver.  I didn’t know that.

And then, I also realized that I-25 must have been the old Santa Fe Trail because at 5 or 6 times I saw a sign on the road that said, “Old Santa Fe Trail”.  To me that’s pretty cool because you always hear about that trail when you watch old westerns.

Other than that, I’m sure I saw a few other things that interested me but I was focused on getting to Denver that I never stopped once to take a break during the whole drive.  I somehow even made it there on one tank of gas. 🙂

The Foul Line
I arrived in the Denver around 5 pm and before I got to Sadie’s, I stopped at a bar called the Foul Line so I could watch the end of Steelers/Jets game.  The cool thing was... it happened to be a Steelers bar.  The bad thing... the Steelers lost 22-17. 🙁

Arriving At Sadie’s
When I got to Sadie’s, she was waiting for me on one couch while Ali was dying on the other couch. (Ali had a long Saturday night. ;))  We were both happy I was there and after chit chatting for a bit, we went out to get some pizza.

Cosmo’s Pizza
We got pizza because Sadie was craving it and Ali said there was a place that had NY/NJ style pizza, so I was in too. 🙂  We got there, ordered a whole pie, and... Ali wasn’t lying... this pizza is good!  (We brought her home a slice.) 🙂

Denver X-Mas Lights
After eating dinner, Sadie and I drive around Denver as she showed me the cool X-Mas light displays they had around town.  I really enjoy doing this as me and Mom used to do this together when I was a kid.  It has always looked so cool to me. 🙂

We drove around for about hour as she not only showed me some real cool Christmas displays but she also gave me tour down the history of Sadie lane as well. (Like where she went to high school, first job, etc..)

Back To Sadie’s
We got back to Sadie’s around 9:30 pm and although I had a lot of work to do, I was exhausted from a long day of driving so I just crashed out on her couch and set my alarm for real early in the morning.  This so I could get to writing and finally catch up!

Well, that’s it for my Sunday and now I’m all caught up to date.  I hope I can stay up to date because I today I have been writing since 5 am and currently... it’s 2 am Tuesday morning.

Thanks for reading!


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