Traveling From Idaho To Montana… And Poker! (ID- MT) “DAY 99” – 10/11/10

Thanks Elsa!

October 12, 2010 - 11:13 am - (MT) “DAY 99”

When I got up this morning, I knew I was leaving for Montana so while I wrote “DAY 98”, I was on the phone with Garmin (GPS place) trying to get a new unit.  I needed a new GPS because I’m tired of being in-between states (on the road) and having this one go dead on me!

After a hour of more debating with Garmin, they finally told me they would give me a new unit.  All I had to do was mail in the old one and they would reimburse me for it.  But... that leaves me with no GPS and I need one today. By the way... Thanks Else for being so cool and generous!

None-the-less, it is what it is... so I went to Target to buy a new one.  My Dad said he would pay for a new one over the phone with his credit card (that’s because the refunded money is being sent to his house).

Anyway, I arrived at Target and went to the GPS area.  I spoke with Pete and he wanted to and tried to help me but he couldn’t take a CC over the phone (against store rules). We then called a manager over to see of she could help but she needed the actual CC there so she could make an imprint of it.  Damn!

Both the manager and the Pete were very cool and really wanted to me help me but it just couldn’t be done.  Ahhhh!  I had to pay for it out of my remaining monies.  (My Dad is gonna put it in my bank account this week. :))

Boise State Store
On the way out of the parking lot (with a working GPS :)), I saw a Boise State store.  Since I had so much fun at the game and liked the fans, I decided to check if they had a cheap t-shirt for me to buy ($5 or less).

As soon as I entered the store... there they were... yesterday’s game-day t-shirts ($9.99)!  A perfect piece of memorabilia!  The was $5 to much. 🙁


I negotiated with the people at the counter and the best they could do was $7.50.

This went on for a few minutes until a older guy named Hal walked over and gave me $3 so the shirt would less than $5.  Thank you so much Hal!

Traveling - Idaho to Montana

The drive from Idaho to Montana is just over 370 miles or (about 7 hours).  If you’re good at math, I know what you’re thinking... it should be like 6 hours but the roads were so windy it took at least 7. 🙁

Anyway, the beginning of the drive wasn’t that bad because the scenery was so beautiful.  But then I realized, I was driving through the mountains, which I hate!  This lasted for the first hour or so but it was still daylight out... so it was OK.

Then, I was so relieved when I pulled out of the mountain area and into a flat grassy stretch of road.  Whew... very soothing, mountain roads do make me anxious.

I was about halfway through the trip when the Monday Night Football was about to start.  At about the same time, it started to get dark when I came to a sign that said “99 miles of windy road ahead”.  Noooooooo!  Windy mountain roads at night for 99 miles!

What started as one of the most beautiful drives I have had (scenery wise), turned out to be the worst drive I have had yet!  The next 2 plus hours of my trip were driven at 45 mph or below because every 100 yards you were taking another curve along side a huge mountain.  Damn!!!

Arriving In Missoula Montana
It was almost 10 pm when I finally arrived in Missoula.  As I pulled into town, the first thing I saw was a few casinos.  Yeah!  Casinos!  They didn’t have poker rooms but it still was a good sign.


I kept driving further into town when I noticed a casino that had a sign out front that said poker.  I had already passed it but I doubled back to check it out.

1st Casino - Batman
I walked in and I could immediately tell it was another slot casino.  None-the-less, I stayed for a bit and spoke with the guy working there (Regan).

He was super cool and not only helped me find a poker game for the night, but also told me he was off the next 3 days and asked if I wanted to hang out and check out Montana.  ( He digs chicks, he’s just being cool! ;))


Nice!  See ya tomorrow brother.

I arrived at the Hostel around 10:30 pm where I met Dave (the owner).  He’s a nice dude who owns this Hostel by himself.  Not bad. 🙂  I paid for my room for the night ($31), a little pricey for a Hostel in the off season but I needed a place and it looked clean... so I’m in.

As I told you earlier, Batman found me a live game at the Silver Tip Casino so I headed over there to check it out.  I walked in and it reminded me of the home games I played in NJ.

I say that because the people here were real nice and accommodating, not like in a normal poker room where they could give a shit about you.

The difference though... this one is legal and it’s in a casino.  It’s weird I felt I way because it was exactly what I thought it was.  It a poker room owned by a guy (Jason) just like you and me.  He rented out that area of the casino for poker and had run/owned the room for 8 years.  This is a gig I could have! 🙂

Anyway, I bought in for $129 and sat down in a $2-$20 spread limit dealers choice game.  The players were friendly and local, I was the sore thumb. 😉  The first hand I played was a Omaha-high game.

I was dealt (A, Q, Q, J) double suited, a strong hand.  The hand was raised to $20 so I called, then it was raised to $40.  I called again.  There were 5 people in so the pot was big.  The flop... (A, J, 7) all diamonds.

The better checked and somebody bet $20.  I felt like he was stealing a huge pot so I called with top two pair, no diamonds.  I called down to the river and I chopped the pot with another guy who also had a (A, J).  Nice, I won my first hand.


I only played one more hand to the river and I won that one too.  I caught a nut straight on the river to take down a good sized pot.  I had been playing for an hour and was tired from the drive, so I picked up and left to go back to the Hostel.  I was up $171.

Before I left, I spoke with Jason (owner of the room) for awhile.  He is a real cool guy and said he would try to help me find a free place to crash for the week.  Even after I left, he texted me that he had a free gym membership for me (for the week).

People kick ass!  And you will see me in your poker room all week! 🙂  Thanks Jason!
It was after midnight by now, so I went back to the Hostel and organized my stuff before I called it a night and went to bed.

I’m sitting in the Hostel writing my post.  As soon as I’m done I’m going to hang out with Regan and check out Montana!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    New friends and a win at poker. Hello Missoula !!!!
    I hope Regan takes you to the right places.
    He was a great President.

  2. zack1980 says:

    hey rooster was good to meet ya at the Hostel Boise in Nampa,Idaho. good luck on ur trip and stay safe man and what ur doing is awsome!!!!!!!

  3. dave says:

    Thanks Zach and good luck with school! It was nice meeting you too!

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