Traveling From Vegas To Utah &… Did I See A UFO? (Vegas-Utah) “DAY 156” – 12/7/10

December 8, 2010 - 9:11 pm - (Vegas-Utah) “DAY 156”

When I woke up this morning, I knew I had a lot to do before I checked out of my room and left for Utah.  I had to write my daily entry (although I couldn’t post it, no internet), pack up all my things, and then get all my stuff down to the valet area.

It doesn’t seem like that much to do but before I knew it... it was almost noon and I had to leave the room.  So, I grabbed my things and headed downstairs toward the main entrance.

Impersonators Again

On my way out of the casino, I walked by the area on the casino floor where the celebrity impersonators were performing.  Now, as I have said, I don’t who many famous people are but I did recognize this performer.  It was Alice Cooper on stage! 🙂 Nice!

Leaving The Imperial Palace
For the first time on this trip, I valeted my car the whole time I was here.  It’s just so much easier because of all the bags I have to carry.  But the negative is, I went back and forth to my car so many time over the past 5 days, that it cost me about $20 in tips. Hey, you gotta tip!

I got my car after about 20 minutes and was finally on my way to Brian Head, Utah (3 hours away) for a 4 day, 3 night ski weekend (during the week though).  😉  (I’ll explain that in a minute.)

F.Y.I. - Gambling in Vegas was good to me this time around as I arrived with $400 and left with over $800 after spending whatever I had to for the 5 days I was here.  Nice! 🙂

Traveling - (Vegas - Utah)
As I already stated, the drive is just 3 hours from Las Vegas to Brian Head, Utah.  But, the thing that’s cool about this drive is, you start out driving through the desert with all the cactus and brush on sides of the road and end up driving through mountains covered with snow!  Really cool!

Also, along the way you witness huge beautiful mountains in the distance and sometimes... you can even see where the mountains were blown up for the road to continue.  Really cool!

Seeing Something In The Sky... You Tell Me???
Now, as I was driving through the middle of the desert taking pictures of the scenery around 3 pm (west coast time), I noticed something real bright in the sky, off to the left, out of my drivers side window.

I didn’t think to much of it but still... I held my camera out the window and took a few photos.  I did look back at it after I took the pictures but I was driving 75 mph and was more concerned with keeping my eye on the road, so I didn’t get a good view.

Fast Forward: When I got the resort and uploaded my pictures, this is what I saw in that picture... I don’t know what it is but there are 3 lights in the sky and... you tell me because I don’t know what to make of it.? (Should I call Mulder and Scully???) (Right: 2 lights in top left, 1 light in middle.)

Back To Traveling
After my X-Files moment, I still had about 1 and half hours of driving until I reached the resort at Brian Head.  As I got closer, it went from desert mountains to snowy mountains in the blink of an eye!  Real cool!

The final 15 miles of the drive were up a windey mountain which lead me to the foot of the resort I was staying at (Cedar Breaks Lodge).  As I pulled up, I could tell this was gonna be a nice place just because of how nice the scenery was around the mountain.

Cedar Breaks Lodge & Spa
When I finally arrived, it was close to 5 pm (I lost an hour, time zone change) and obviously... the first thing I did was head to the front desk so I could check into my room.

F.Y.I. - This trip was set-up through Curt because he needed somebody to write a  review on a Utah Ski Resort for his magazine.  The pay, a comped room for 4 days/3 nights, ski passes, lift tickets, free rentals, snowboarding lessons, and even some food gift certificates for the restaurants.  Not bad. 🙂

Checking In

Now, even through it was free, I didn’t know what my accommodations would be (a regular room, a suite, etc...).  Then, the girl at the desk told me that the room I have isn’t even a room they are allowed to go in, so she didn’t know what it looked like.  Huh?

I was now excited to where I was staying for the next few days.  F.Y.I. - Curt and I have done these types of trips before (in the past) and sometimes we get a real sweet pad to stay in, I’m thinking this will be one of those times. 😉

My Room... Or Shall I Say... 3 Bedroom Condo
My room was on the 3rd floor, so I’m already thinking I should have a great view of the mountain.  But then... I opened the door and the first thing I saw was stairs!  Ah ha!  This place is gonna be phat!

Yes, my room is a upstairs/downstairs condo with 3 bedrooms, a full kitchen, dining room, a master luxury bathroom, a fire place, as well as one of the nicest living rooms I have ever stayed in (hotel wise).

I was so excited, except there was nobody to share my happiness with so I just ran around the condo by myself taking pictures of everything!  I felt like a fat man at free buffet with no time limit. 😉  It was sweet!

The Rest Of The Night
After I settled in and calmed down ;), I looked through the different things this Lodge had to offer.  They have a couple of restaurants, a bar, a game room, and few other things you can do to occupy your time at night.

So, I went downstairs to check out the bar area in the lodge, but it wasn’t busy at all and all the establishments around here close by 9 pm the latest, so there isn’t much happening at night.  Hey, it is a ski resort... gotta be on the slopes early. 😉

That's fine by me because I can use some relaxation after 5 days in Vegas.  So, I just hung out in the room and watched TV for the rest of the night.  I even went to bed real early (especially for me) because I had to be up at the crack of dawn to hit the slopes in the morning!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Your UFO doesn’t look that promising.
    Sweet looking apartment set-up. I’m sure they supply the wood for that fireplace. If you should use it, be sure the flew is open. If you change your mind about skiing, be careful

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