Traveling From Wyoming To Idaho & A Few Messages… (WY-ID) “DAY 95” – 10/7/10

October 8, 2010 - 12:44 pm - (WY-ID) “DAY 95”

I woke up at 10 am, showered, packed my car, and then rushed downstairs to start writing “DAY 94” ( I knew it would take long, I took 282 pictures at Yellowstone).  I was in a rush because I was leaving for Boise, Idaho as soon as I finished and I didn’t want to drive at night if I could avoid it (6 hour drive).

Anyway, I settled in downstairs to write but before I started I posting, I checked my messages/emails.  On the website were 2 different messages waiting to be approved/denied/etc...

F.Y.I. - I am telling you this part of my day for transparency reasons, for this is what was on my mind most of yesterday.
Where’s Rooster Messages - 1st
The first was from Mike from Delaware, I approved it.  I kinda know Mike by now for he has been following me everyday since we met (week 1 at a Delaware poker table).

Our communication was rocky at first for I wasn’t quite sure what his intent was, but now I know

Jeremy and Elizabeth

where he’s coming from and appreciate his feedback (even though it’s usually to bust my balls! ;)).

F.Y.I. - Almost every night when Jeremy and I talk, we bring up Mike for at least a moment and laugh about how he hates on me all the time. (Jeremy loves him, he thinks it’s hysterical.)  None-the-less, he reads more than my Mom does so... Thanks Mike for being a consistent reader!

Message 2 - Read “DAY 91” To Refresh Your Mind If You Want
Ok... here’s where it gets a little hairy.  The second message was from Josh, Josh from para-flying.  Yes, the guy I pussed out on when I fell to pieces (mentally and physically), and couldn’t jump off the mountain.

Ron and Me "Rooster"

Anyway, he sent me a message in an attempt to embarrass me to all my friends, family, and readers.  It was in response to a message that Ron (bennervous) wrote to me after I didn’t jump, asking me if I had to pay, etc...

I didn’t accept it on the board yesterday but I will post it here, on the front page now so he can get his message across to EVERYBODY who reads and not just those who check the comments.

Before I do that, I’ll tell you what happened first.  After I read his message (and didn’t accept it), I wrote him a personal email responding back.  Instead of telling you about both messages (his and mine), I will just post them now below.

Josh’s Comment
“No, he didn’t end up paying.  Nor did he offer a tip or anything.  And just for the record, he slinked away with his head down before I even had my gear out of the truck; he didn’t leave me anytime for acknowlegement.  I think it was kind of weak to be offered the employee rate, make me unpack and pack everything twice, and then run away without offering a gratutity, let alone paying for the flight.  But maybe I’m just a hardass.”

My Email Response - Titled: “My Bad On The No Tip”
I was still feeling sick (nauseous and light headed) and didn’t even realize the non-tip until I was gone and feeling better about 5 hours later.  I tried calling the number for you guys the next day and nobody answered or I had the wrong number... I didn’t remember which company you guys were.

I even asked down at Cutty’s bar in Jackson if people knew you so I could get in touch with you.  That was during the Monday night football game... the day after when I was normal again.

I still feel as if I owe you tip and not because you wrote what you wrote.  I just now have a way to get it to you...  Please send me your address so I can send you one...

As far as the flight goes... Hey man I might have saved your life... I was wigging out and who knows what I would have done while in the air (by accident while losing it...) So for that... it was what it was..

The employee rate was very nice of you guys but it was my first time ever on a huge mountain... I wanted to jump but as I just told you... my mind wouldn’t let me... How would I know that until I got up there?  No that it makes it right... but that has to be part of what you guys experience when you bring newbies up to jump.

I hope that explains it...
Thank you for your patience,
Rooster “

Final Thoughts (some pictures will be of the scenery from my drive later.)
I have so much to say... where do I begin???

OK... For starters, I waited to post his message until today so I could see if he responded back to me first.  (It’s Friday 2 pm and he still hasn’t.)  So now, I’m sure he wrote his message just to try to embarrass me, rather then really wanting the tip.

The message I wrote him was sincere and everything in it was true...  I didn’t think about it at the time for I felt like I was dying and when I realized it later, I tried to rectify it.  As well as the part about sending him a tip in the mail.

Now, as I have had time to think about it more... I have knew opinions of the whole situation.

1.) Paying for the jump even though I didn’t jump. - Let me set the record straight on this.  The day before when I called about para-flying and then negotiated the price, I never told them for sure I was doing it, I still didn’t know.  They just told me to go down to the Jackson Hole ski lift at 9 am if I wanted to.

That means that everybody there, was gonna be there at 9 am whether or not I showed.  Nobody extra showed up specifically for me and if they did... that’s their problem because they knew I was on the fence.

2.) We didn’t go up the mountain on the ski lift, they drove everybody up who was jumping, so as far as the ride down goes... somebody was already driving back down the mountain anyway, it wasn’t because I didn’t jump.

Also, there were other first time jumpers, so the ride up wasn’t just for me either.

3.) Is it my fault they didn’t make you pay before you even left the ski lift?  I actually thought it was that way because they knew some people would back out and they didn’t want to go through the return process.  Why would somebody pay if they didn’t jump and didn’t already pay???

4.) Now, this is this part I agree with Josh.  He did deserve a tip!  My Bad!  The only person I screwed by backing out was Josh.  He didn’t get to jump himself, he packed and unpacked his gear, and then rode back down the mountain in a truck.  He deserved something.

But... like I said, I was freaking out and so terrified on the way down that I even closed my eyes the whole time and didn’t open them until we got to the bottom.  At this point, I’m so sick... “I’m not slinking away”... I’m getting out of the truck and getting back to my room as fast as I can before I hurl.

Yeah, my head is down because I felt like shit!  And yeah, I left right away because who waits on the road next to a mountain when they feel sick and their room is 50 yards away!

Plus, if he would have rode in the truck next to me (they was plenty of room), I wouldn’t have forgotten about him.  But since he felt the need to be so far from me... I forgot he was even there!

Lastly, was I wrong for forgetting about tipping Josh, yes.  Was Josh's post dick-ish... You bet it was!

After all that bullshit, I finished my Yellowstone post and got in the car to head to Boise, Idaho.


Boise is 6 hours away but you have drive through the mountains for the first hour, so it took me a little longer.  I am scared of mountain roads now... Damn! 🙁

Anyway, the first thing I did on my way out of town was get gas ($35).  The guy working the counter looked just like “Whitey” from “Me, Myself, & Irene”.  I almost asked him to come along for the rest of the journey like Jim Carey did in the movie. 😉

(Truth be told... I met Whitey at a different Wyoming gas station earlier in the week and forgot to put him in so I put it here, but I did get gas. ;))

My Trip Map
After that, I was on the road for Boise.  I am going to Boise this week because of the Boise St. football game this weekend.  My original plan had me going to Montana first, then Idaho (not even Boise).  Mainly because of driving distance.

But since there is nothing to do in Idaho and I was able to get a ticket to the game, I decided Idaho would be much more fun if I had football game to go to.  Plus... it’s on the blue turf where the #4 Broncos play!  A real cool sight, I’m sure.

So... I’m going to Boise, Idaho then to Montana, then I have to drive back across Idaho to get to Seattle where my boy Casey James is.   That’s the inconvenience... about 6 hours of driving.

The drive was long and the bad thing was... other than my GPS going out again :(... is that it was raining and at least half of my drive was gonna be in the dark.  Again... without the help of GARMIN'S NUVI GPS, the worst one around!

As I was driving, I did get some real cool pictures of the scenery as well as the sky.  Like I said, it was raining and the sky was crazy shades of blue ranging from real dark to very light.  Nuts!

There really isn’t much more to write about the drive except that it was long and I arrived at the Hostel I was staying at around 11:30 pm.

Hostel Boise
When I arrived at the Hostel, it was already closed but I had spoke to the owner while I was driving and gotten a key code.  She said she would leave me a key on the counter with a room number.  Nice!


I walked in and there she was awake, waiting for me to arrive.  Her name was Elsa and we spoke for awhile while I checked in ($20 a night).

While were talking, I obviously told her abut what I was doing.  Her response to that... “Rooster, you already paid for tonight, but the rest of your time here is on me.”   That’s so generous and cool.  Thank you so much Elsa!

After that, I brought some stuff to my room and went bed after doing some work.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Christine Martino says:

    F Josh, he is a douchbag that doesn’t deserve shit.
    Elsa rocks for payin it forward!

  2. PoopFaceJenkins says:

    My 2 cents. The thing about the tipping situation for me is that you’re accepting donations from a bunch of cool people. Sometimes you need to be the cool guy for other people. Time to pay it forward. I love u buddy but regardless if u like what Josh wrote, or said and did, you need to be buck up and be the bigger man.
    And why block what some people post? A little controversy would be interesting, no?

  3. dave says:

    I wasn’t blocking it totally, I just wanted to see what his response would be first.

  4. Matt says:

    First of all if you didn’t jump then you don’t need to pay…you don’t throw dollars for titties you haven’t seen yet am I right?.. secondly, and this part is for josh… Stop your crying.

  5. Big Brother Adam says:

    A few things…don’t feel bad about not jumping or paying for the jump itself. I’d be surprised if you were the 1st person to ever get to the top and back out. And if you are, then maybe they learned a lesson from you to put up a No Refunds sign or make sure they get paid before the jump.

    As for Josh, I know you feel bad about what happened to him and that you leaving him hangin wasn’t intentional. But you being someone in the service industry and worked on tips for many years, I know you feel bad about not tipping him and that if you can – you should make it right there. Other than that, let it all go and move on.

    Finally, try to approve and let everything (unless it’s inappropriate content) come through the site. You can always copy/paste comments into your posts. This has been such an honest assessment from your perspective that I don’t want people thinking you’re “fixing” the site to only post comments in your favor…if you do that – the terrorists win!

    Hang in there…I’m here for you.

  6. Mike says:

    Rooster as you know I would love to call you a cheap bastard or a jew for not paying the man. But unfortuantly I have to take your side on this one. If you are running a business it is your responsibility to collect the money. If I were josh I would have recognized what a Pussy you were before you went up the mountain and collected your money then. And as far as a tip goes fuck that everybody is looking for free money fuck him. I got your email and ill send that to you shortly. I’m on a bus catching up on the rooster posts.

  7. dave says:

    You the man Mike!

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