Traveling, Poker, & Re-meeting Amy! (NJ-NH) “DAY 313” – 5/13/11

May 15, 2011 - 3:20 pm - (NJ-NH) “DAY 313” - Week 46 - State 43

I knew that when I woke up this morning, I was definitely leaving NJ.  Heck, my car is already packed from yesterday.  So, after doing a little writing, I got in the Rooster mobile and left my home town for unexplored terrain. (I have never been to New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont before.)

Traveling To New Hampshire
The reason I’m driving to New Hampshire right now is because I have 7 or 8 states left depending on how look at it. (I stayed in NJ 4 days and am going to New Hampshire now. The other states are Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York.)

Anyway, since I have to drive all the way north to Maine and then back down to NJ, I can hit any state at any time as long as I hit them all. 🙂  Now, the reason I’m going to New Hampshire is because a girl (Amy) I met in D.C. in “Week 2” said I could stay with her and her boyfriend (Scott) if I made it that far.

Even though I did remember that conversation, I wouldn’t have contacted her because it was so long ago.  But, as luck would have it, she contacted me last week and re-invited me to stay at her house for the week.  Thank you Amy! 🙂

Picking Up Amy In Boston
The funny thing about me going to Amy’s house is that I’m gonna pick her up at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts on the way (8 pm).  It a long story but she works in D.C. and lives in New Hampshire so she flies into Boston because it’s only 1:15 minutes from her house.  Got it.

Traffic, Traffic, & More Traffic
The ride from NJ to Logan International Airport is roughly 5 hours from my place without traffic.  Without traffic is the key phrase in the last sentence because from NJ all the way until I got to Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, I was stuck right in the middle of it.  Ahhh!  🙁

Mohegan Sun Casino
Since the Mohegan Sun Casino was along the way to pick up Amy (20 minutes out of the way), I decided to stop there and play some poker. (I knew I would have some time to kill before I got to Logan especially when Amy texted me to tell her flight was delayed by an hour.)

Anyway, on my way back down to NJ I will be spending a lot of time here and that’s when I’ll talk about how big it is and etc...  But for now, I’ll just play a little poker and hopefully make a some money.

The Poker Room
I got to the poker room around 5 pm and knew I had about 2 hours to play before I would have to leave in order to make in time to pick up Amy.  So, I sat in a 1-2 NL game for just over the minimum buy in. (I only had $62 left in my wallet after I bought $50 worth of gas in NJ.)

Knowing I didn’t have the chips to scare anybody out, I was hoping to finally catch cards.  And... luckily for me, I did just that.  I won the first hand I played with pocket 8’s (8,8).  It wasn't a big pot because nobody called the turn, but I won about $30 in the hand.  Nice! 🙂

Doubling Up
The next hand I played past the flop I had pocket 6’s (6,6).  There was a pre-flop raise to $7 followed by 5 or 6 callers.  The flop... J, 6, 2 (off-suit). Woo hoo!  I’m gold.  Now, I just hope somebody bets the jack.  Then, the guy next to me bets out for $20 (perfect).  I call and somebody calls after me.

The turn... 10.  I’m still gold in my mind.  The better bets out $90 which puts me All-In and the other guy folds.  We turn over our cards and he has (K,J).  He’s dead and I already won.  Sweet!

Leaving Mohegan Sun
It was about time for me to go and since I was up $105, I took my chips and cashed out at the casino cage. (I’ll take any win at this point in my trip but anything over a $100 is nice.) 🙂

It was about 7 pm when I left the casino and the drive to Logan Airport from here is a little under 2 hours.  So, if I don’t hit any traffic in the city of Boston, I should be right on time to make my pick up.  Nice!

Picking Up Amy
The drive was as smooth as it could have been and I got to terminal E only a few minutes late to get Amy. (This is a really cool situation because here I am picking up somebody I only met once 300+ days ago and now I’m going to stay at her house for the week.)  So wild! 🙂

Traveling To New Hampshire
Once Amy was in the Rooster Mobile, we were off to Rollingsford, New Hampshire.  The drive to NH isn’t that far from Boston as it’s only a little over an hour long.  Not bad, especially when I have somebody to talk along the way.

So, for the next hour and change, Amy and I talked in the car during the ride about anything and everything.  We talked about traveling (she’s been to all 50 states at some point in her life), we talked about New Hampshire, about her dogs (Kona, Nunska), and a bunch of other stuff.  Amy is super cool! 🙂

Meeting Scott (Amy’s Boyfriend)
By the time we got to Amy’s house it was after 11 pm and her boyfriend Scott was waiting up for her. (I would say he was waiting for us, but he doesn’t know me yet, so I don’t think he was waiting for me.) 😉

Anyway, after getting settled in, Amy, Scott, and I just hung out in the their home talking about my journey, where I’ve been, etc...  But, we weren’t just talking about me as I found out a lot of stuff about Scott and Amy as well.  Oh yeah, they also warned me about all the ticks that live in NH.  They are everywhere they said.  Oh no, I hate ticks!

Calling It A Night
It was a little after midnight when Scott and Amy called it a night and went to bed.  But before they went to sleep , they showed me my room for the week after they made the bed together for me.  Thank you both so much!  It’s more than appreciated.  🙂

My Thoughts
After traveling for over 312 days I can honestly say that the reason I have made it this far isn’t because of poker, it isn’t because I drive a 2002 Rooster Mobile, and it isn’t because of my good looks.  (Although I’d like to believe it’s my good looks.) LOL 😉

Seriously though, it’s because people in this country are amazing, caring, and like to help others.  I know... that’s hard for people to imagine, but our country is more generous and caring than most people would ever give it credit for.   As for me, I now know better. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Matt says:

    nice job on the double up brother. oh yea and ticks are satans spawn

  2. Dad says:

    As for me, I now know better !!
    written by Rooster

    ( that’s the name for the book. ) homerun !!!!

  3. Kelly Anderson says:

    Hey Dave, Scott and Amy aren’t married! They just live together and seem married!! This is Kelly, Scott’s sister writing!!

  4. dave says:

    Thanks Kelly. 🙂 All the posts are correctly re-written. That’s what I get for assuming.


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