Traveling Through Arkansas With Spalding! (AR) “DAY 192” – 1/12/11

January 13, 2010 - 5:00 pm - (AR) “DAY 192” - Week 28 - State 26

Spaulding and I woke today in Little Rock and the plan was to leave by noon so Spaulding could make it to his appointment in Pine-Bluff (1 hour south) on time. (Incase you forgot, for the next 2 days I’m living the life of Spaulding, not Rooster.) 😉

Anyway, he got up at 8 am (work) and I stayed sleeping until 10-11 am.  I didn’t sleep that well, Spaulding snores like 2000 lb bear!  Ahhh!  If it wasn’t a work day in the morning for him, I would have punched him in the side 100 times to shut him up!

After getting all our things together, we left the Comfort Inn and headed south to Pine-Bluff, Arkansas.

The ride to Pine Bluff was an hour and when we arrived there, Spaulding dropped me off at a Ramada Inn so I could write while he went off to his appointment.  This actually works out well for both of us, he has somebody to travel with and well... I just have a friend. 🙂

I wasn’t there to long as about and an hour or two later, Spaulding picked me back up.  This Ramada Inn was pretty big and nice but the neighborhood was supposedly terrible. Pine-Bluff is considered the ghetto around here (from what I’ve been told.)

Before we left Pine-Bluff to go to Hot Springs, we stopped at KFC for lunch.  I only mention this because again... Spaulding paid for me (Thank you!) and the deal there was unreal.  It was $5 for an all you can eat buffet of KFC food, everything was included. Not bad! 🙂

Traveling Again - Hot Springs, AR
After eating, we were back on the road again but this time, we were headed toward Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Hot Springs is a city where there is a ton of bath houses.  Not San Francisco style bath houses... here they are actual bath houses where they use the hot springs under ground to bath in.

Other than that, Hot Springs has a bunch of bars, the gangster museum, and a racetrack and casino (Oaklawn Racing-Gaming).  Our plan when we get there is to get a room and head to the casino for the night.

Best Western
Before we got the room, we took a ride through town to see all the stuff I just talked about as well as checking out the casino to see what games they had available. (They do have poker but it’s video poker, I’ll explain in a minute.)

Anyway, we did get a room and this time... Spaulding asked for a double queen room. Nice!  After settling in the room for a few minutes, we headed back out to the casino for a poker tournament that started at 7 pm.

Oaklawn Raceway & Casino
Oaklawn is a racetrack that has been around since 1904 and over the years, they have added a casino to this establishment.  The thing is, gambling is illegal here, so the way they beat the laws was to make all their gaming tables... machines.

What I mean is, all the blackjack tables are tables, but they are video ran.  So it looks like a table but where you would normally get cards... is a video screen with the cards on it.  This may be confusing so I’ll try and show you with the poker tables (I have pictures of them, left).

Poker Tournament
By chance, tonight was the first ever big poker tournament they had in their room.  And by big I mean, a $50 tournament with 60 players seated.  That’s fine by me but I wouldn’t consider this a big tournament whereas... they do.

Anyway, the need to knows; entry was $50 per person, 60 players, 3000 starting chips, no re-buys or add-ons, I think the top 6 were paid, and well... that’s about it.

Video Poker Tables
The easiest way to explain this set-up was... it was like playing on the internet except you could see the players you were up against.  If that doesn’t make any sense to you than I’m sorry because that’s how I’m explaining it. 😉

Video Poker Tournament
After the all the players were seated, the tourney began.  My first hand... pocket kings (K,K).  Nice!  Or as it turned out... not so nice.  I was in the little blind, so I raised it to 310 chips (blinds were 25-50).  I got one caller.

The flop... (A, J, 7).  Damn!  I didn’t want to see an Ace on the flop but I bet it anyway (300 chips).  The other player called.  Damn, I’m beat.  The turn... 6.  I checked this time and he bet 500 chips.  Now, this is either a real good bet or he has an Ace.  I couldn’t take the chance this early in the tourney, so I folded. 🙁

I continued to play tight (as always) and by the time the first hour ended, I was still in the tourney but I was short stacked.  Actually, I was short stacked the whole tourney because I didn’t get many playable hands.  I was just surviving the whole way.

Hours 2 and 3
During the 2nd and 3rd hours, I just kept playing my game (waiting for a hand).  But before I knew it, I only had 2000-ish chips left and the blinds were 300-600.  I had to make a move soon or else I’m gonna be done anyway.

Playing A Hand Poorly
With just 16 players left, I was in the button when I was dealt (A, 9) off-suit.  Nobody raised (2 callers) when it got to me.  Now, I should have pushed All-In and just played the hand til the end but instead... I limped in.

The reason this backfired is because the little blind (chip leader, playing tight) raised the pot to 3,500.  I knew she had me beat and folded because she hadn’t played a bad hand yet, but still... pot odds should have dictated me to call.  I realized this a second later.

Anyway, I got to see the flop because somebody else called (even more of a reason I should have called) and it came out... (A, 10, 5).  The raiser bet and the other guy folded but she showed her hand anyway... pocket Queens (Q,Q).  Ahhh!  I would have tripled up and then some.  What a bad play! 🙁

The vey next hand I got pocket 5’s (5,5) and pushed All-In.  I got called by a few people and one of them had pocket 6’s (6,6).  A 6 hit the flop and I was all but finished unless it went runner runner 5’s.  It didn’t and I was knocked out in 15 place. Ahh!

Longshots Saloon
After losing my $50, well it was actually $40 because you got ten free dollars for signing up for a players card, Spaulding and I left to have some dinner at a bar right across the street called Longshots Saloon.

Longshots was a local type bar which is exactly the type of bar I like to go to.  I’m not a fan of the foo-foo type snooty bars.  Anyway, I was still a little pissed about my poor poker play so while Spaulding made friends with the locals, I sat back and thought about how I could have played better.

Top 5 Hottest Girl On My Trip
As I was sitting at the bar in a funk thinking about poker, I noticed a extremely hot girl who worked there.  Really, she was smoking hot!  After realizing she was to young, to hot, and well... to everything for me, I approached her. 😉  (I had to!)

I introduced myself and told her what I was doing, followed by letting her know hot she was, and then I took a picture with her.  I wasn’t hitting on her because of well... all the reasons I just explained.  So, I just enjoyed our conversation and was happy with the picture I got! 🙂

Calling It A Night
It was close to 11 pm and Spaulding had to be early up for work in the morning, so we called a night and headed back to our “Double Queen” room at the Best Western.  For the rest of the night, I watched TV and tried to fall asleep but the snoring bear next to me, made it near impossible! 🙁

I’m just busting balls because the truth is... I’m so happy to be hanging with one of my boys.  And, I would gladly sleep in an alley with a band marching playing behind me if it was free and safe!   I finally got to bed around 5 am when I was so tired I just couldn’t stay awake.  That was my day. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Sounds like a typical working man’s day.
    Tomorrow it repeats itself.

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