Traveling To Another WVU Friend In NC & 100 Days Left! (NC) “DAY 266” – 3/27/11

March 28, 2011 - 6:01 pm - (NC) “DAY 266” - Week 38 - State 35

Today I woke up in North Carolina and even though this is the start of my NC week, I’m not doing it in Wilmington, I’m doing it in Raleigh.  So, after I post my daily writing and have lunch with Scott, I’m off to stay with another WVU friend who lives in Raleigh.

Helping Scott Out
While I was writing in Scott’s den area, he asked me if I could help him move things around his house.  Of course I said yes and I didn’t mind at all.  I was actually happy I could help him out after all he’s done for me this past week. 🙂

Basically what we were doing was moving everything into one room and vice versa in order to make room for the Scott’s new baby which is on the way. (I didn’t ask to many questions, I just carried what he asked me to.)

I don’t have kids (as you are all aware), so helping somebody move a few things is really no big deal at all.  But apparently for people that have kids and only have friends who have who have kids, finding somebody with a spare 1/2 hour to help out is hard to do.

I only mention this because Scott and Amy were real thankful for the little bit of help I gave them.  When in reality, the help they gave me (a place to stay and a few meals) is more than I did for them by a million!  So... your welcome but... THANK YOU! 🙂

Lunch With Scott And His Family
Around 1 pm after we finished moving everything and I had finished posting, Scott told me he was buying me lunch one more time before I left for Raleigh. (it wasn’t just for me, he was getting lunch for everybody.)

Anyway, he brought me to P.T.’s burger joint where we were getting everything to go.  None-the-less, I took a bunch of pictures of the place and talked with the manager (maybe owner) while we waited on our order.

Back To Scott’s To Eat
Our food didn’t take long and in 20 minutes total, we were back at Scott’s eating lunch.  My burger was real good and so were the hand cut fries.  But I could be bias, I love burgers and fries! 🙂

Thank You Scott & Family
Hanging with Scott was real nice surprise as I only realized he was in the area the day I arrived in South Carolina when he Facebooked me.  That’s one of the awesome parts of my trip, getting to see and catch up old friends.  Especially when it’s so unexpected.

Then, add in how generous Scott was to me for the whole week and I can’t help but feel forever grateful!  So to Scott Kline and his family... Thank You and good luck in life!

Traveling To Raleigh
The drive to Raleigh isn’t far as it’s just 2 hours across the state.  And unlike yesterday, today’s ride is much easier as it’s one real highway the whole way (no small towns to slow down through).  As expected, I arrived in two hours at my friend Wulf’s house.

How I Know Wulf (History)
Wulf and I are both from North Jersey although we never met or knew each other until orientation at West Virginia University.  School hadn’t even started yet but Wulf and I found a whole crew of like minded soon-to-be freshman and tore up the weekend!  It was one of funnest moments of my life!

When I returned to WVU 3 or 4 weeks later for the start of school, Wulf and I found the whole crew that we hung out with that weekend and for the most part... everybody that partied that first time together has stayed friends for more than 18 years.  So cool! 🙂

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you, but Wulf is the one and only master of giving somebody a nickname.  I know at least 5 people who still go by the nickname that Wulf tagged them in college.  He’s got a gift! 🙂 (Right: Spaulding who now lives in Arkansas is one of them.) 😉

Wulf’s House (Current)
Back to the now, I arrived at Wulf’s around 3:30 pm and when I got there, he was waiting for me with his son 5 year old son Jake. (His 3 year old daughter Ava was napping and his wife Robin was at the gym.)

F.Y.I. - I have stayed at Wulf’s house before.  It was about 4 years ago (for a weekend) when I was driving to Florida, so I already know his wife and his son Jake but his daughter Ava is the new addition I still have to meet.  Also, I know all his friends in the neighborhood as we played horseshoes and partied for a few days together.

Anyway, as soon I walked in Wulf’s, his son Jake said, “BeerStien’s here!” (Wulf has always called me BeerSwartz or BeerStien.)  It is funny though coming from a 5 years old mouth. 🙂

Showing Me Around
Even though I’ve been here before, Wulf gave me the tour of his place to refresh my memory.  Also during this time, he showed me where I would be sleeping all week (Jake’s room).  Thanks Jake! 🙂

Other than that, we just hung out in the living room until Robin (Wulf’s wife) got home for the day.  But before that happened, I met one of the cutest little girls I’ve met all trip long, Wulf’s daughter Ava. (Curt's daughter Kira (AZ) was real cute too.)

Wulf’s Daughter Ava

Anybody that knows me knows that I’m not the biggest fan of little kids.  I’ve never held a baby before, I don’t like to play little kid games, and to be brutally honest... I just don’t have the patience to answer a million and one questions about nothing every second of the day.

That being said, I could hang out with Wulf’s daughter Ava all day long!  She is so funny and has such a good personality.  Then, add in her little southern draw when she calls me Beerstein (that’s what she calls me too or... chicken head) and I’m putty in her hands.  She’s just to damn cute! 🙂

Dick’s Sporting Goods Store
After Robin got home from working out, Wulf, the kids and I went to Dick’s so Wulf could buy some fishing lures for the camping trip we are going on this weekend. (I also needed to get a 10 day fishing license.)

F.Y.I. - This Friday Wulf, his son, his neighbor (Elvis), Elvis’s kids, and I are all going camping this weekend in North Carolina.  Also, I rarely have ever fished so this is my first fishing license. 🙂

Long story short, Wulf found the lures, I got my license, and his kids ran around the store as all kids do. (Wulf paid for my license as a donation to my trip.)  Thanks Wulf! 🙂

Dinner With The Wulf’s
When we got back to the house, dinner was almost ready to be served.  So after getting the table set, all of us sat down for what was a great dinner. (Tonight was spaghetti and meatballs, another one of my favorite meals.)

While we were waiting to eat, I sat at the table and talked with Ava.  She was sitting there saying all kinds of funny things to me and I couldn’t help but smile the whole time.  I mean... how can’t you smile when a 3 year old is saying, “BeerStein, pull my finger so I can pooter.”  🙂

Hanging With Wulf At Night
After dinner ended, Robin and Wulf did all the normal family things all parents across America have to do (bath the kids and put on their pajamas while listening to them cry how they don’t want to go to bed yet). 😉

When that was all straightened out, Wulf and I hung out on the couch downstairs and watched a movie for the rest of the evening.  We had a few choices to choose from but we decided on the Rock’s new movie “Faster”.  Even though it was a movie where you had to suspend disbelief, it was still good. 🙂

Calling It A Night
The movie ended around midnight and since Wulf had work in the morning, he called it night and went to bed.  I on the other hand, stayed up for a few more hours watching TV and uploading pictures from the past two days.  I’m not sure, but I think I passed out sometime around 3 am.

100 Days Left
Today was the first day of the 100 I have left on this trip.  Unreal!  I can still remember leaving and wondering if I was even gonna make it a 100 days period, let alone being on the last 100 of this wild journey! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    WVU Alumni seem to be everywhere. Go Mountaineers !!

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