Traveling To Morgantown, My Old Stomping Grounds! (WV) “DAY 290” – 4/20/11

April 23, 2011 - 4:05 pm - (WV) “DAY 290” - Week 43 - State 39

I woke up this morning in my car in the parking lot of Wheeling Island Casino.  That’s not even the bad part, the bad part is... my finances are so low I’m not sure how I’m gonna make it much further.  Ahhh! 🙁

Traveling To WVU
After I got my act together, I started my car and hit the road for West Virginia University. (This is where I first went to college many many moons ago.)  The drive wasn’t that far as it was only a little over an hour to campus.  Nice!

Donations Come In!
During my travels (as I always do when I’m driving), I made a bunch of calls to people I haven’t talked to and want to.  During this ride, I decided to call some family members because it was the holidays this week. (I always speak to my Mom and Dad, so I called other family members who I haven’t spoke to in a while.) (Left: Dad's side of family.)

Uncle Mickey
First, I spoke to my Uncle Mickey (my Mom’s brother).  My uncle and I have always gotten along real well as I consider him not just a close family member, but a friend as well.

Anyway, after speaking with my Uncle, he said he was gonna give me a $100 toward my trip, as he was proud of me for all I have accomplished.  Thanks Big Mick and Aunt Ginger! 🙂

Grandma Gloria
After speaking with my Uncle, I called my Grandma (My Dad’s Mom) and spoke to her for a bit.  My Grandma is still sharp as an axe and she always has some words of wisdom for me. (Usually, it’s to quit some of my bad habits.)  😉

Anyway, when we were about to get off the phone, she told me she was gonna send my Mom a $100 for me.  I didn’t ask for anything from her or my Uncle, they both just wanted to help me out.  And since most of my family hasn’t donated to me yet, they said it was time they lend a hand now that I’m 290 days in.  Thank you Grandma!  🙂

F.Y.I. - My brother bought me a baseball ticket in Chicago, my Dad bought me a Rooster t-shirt and a hotel room, my Mom donated $150 just recently, my cousin (Little Mickey) donated his portion of our fantasy baseball team’s winning to me, and then some birthday money I got from other relatives. (The same money I’ve gotten every year.) (Left: Cousin Mickey and his fiance Hara.)

Arriving In Morgantown, WV
When I got to Morgantown, I was super excited to be back at my old college that I raged at for 4 years while earning a mere 28 credits. (I had a great time and knew everybody!) 😉

The thing is... Morgantown is a college town and not much more, so even though I knew everybody when I went here, nobody is left as everybody has moved on to wherever they ended up. (Nobody stayed in town.)

My point is, even though I know everything about Morgantown, I have no friends left here and nowhere to stay.  So, I have to make things happen now in order to have a good time.

Meeting Alex
After driving around campus for a few minutes (checking out all the old places I lived in), I wound up meeting Alex who was a freshman here at WVU.  He was a real cool kid and after talking with him for a few minutes, I drove him to his class at the coliseum (across town).

During this time, we exchanged numbers and he said he’s call me later to hang out with him and his friends in his dorm room (for the former WVU students who read my site, it wasn’t Towers).

Checking Into Graduate School
Since I had time to kill before Alex was done with class, I decided to see if I could get into Graduate School here at WVU. (Hey, I have to find something to do after this trip ends and that might be soon.)

So, the first place I went to was admissions and records to see what I would have to do in order to find out all the information I needed to know about grad school. (Currently, I wouldn’t even know what the first step was.)

The English Department
After getting some info from admissions and records, they told me I’d have to check with the specific graduate program I wanted to apply to in order to find out the rest.  The place I needed to find was the English Department for I was looking into getting a Masters Degree in creative writing.

When I arrived at the building I needed to be at, I first met Cindy and shortly after that, I met Mary. (They both work there full-time, I think.)  Anyway, since the person I needed to speak to wasn’t there (out to lunch), I just stayed in the office waiting while I talked with the ladies about my journey.

This lasted for about 30 minutes as they were super interested in what I was doing.  And, since I have a million stories to tell, I just kept on talking to them about the things I have accomplished until the lady I needed to speak to arrived (Amanda).

Long story short (to late), I found out that I could get into Grad School here at WVU if that’s the road I choose to travel when I’m done.  From what I was told (although all colleges are different), I think I can get into a lot of different colleges if I choose to.  Lastly, it was very nice meeting you ladies.  Good luck in life! 🙂

The Mountain Liar
Once I was done finding out everything I could about grad school, I headed over to the Mountain Liar to hang out until I figured out my next move. (The Mountain Liar is a building of the school where students can get food, books, hang out, etc...)

Hanging Out With Alex
While I was still at the Liar, Alex called me to tell me him and his friends were hanging in his dorm room.  Nice!  I have something to do now! 🙂  So, I walked over to Alex’s dorm (which was only a block away) to see if freshman life is still the same now as it was I went here.

Well... it is!  The kids are still as crazy here as they ever were. What can I say?  Students at WVU love to have a good time, it’s Morgantown for Pete’s Sake! 😉

A few hours of living the life of a WVU freshman later, I said good-bye to my new friends and headed out to find somewhere to crash for the night.  I was asked to, but I probably could have found a place to crash in the dorm somewhere.  But, I felt old and needed a real room after sleeping my car for 2 days straight.

Looking For A Hotel Room
While I went to school here at WVU, I never needed a hotel room so I had no idea what they would cost per night.  Well... to my surprise every hotel in Mo-town was expensive!  Really?!  This is Morgantown, not South Beach! 😉 (Most hotels were $149 or more per night and the cheapest one was $69 plus tax.)

Ahhh!!!  I can’t afford any of these places!  No way can I spend 17-20% of my net worth on one room for the night.  What to do???  Thinking about my options, I remembered that one of my friends from NJ said he get me room if I ever really needed it.

The funny thing is... this friend thought I wouldn’t even make it a month when I left (he might have even thought I’d only make it a week). 😉  Plus, this isn’t one of my friends I’d expect to donate anything to me as we have bickered (as some friends do) over the years. (Left: Mark's dog Bubba.)

Mark Gets Me A Room
Anyway, I called Mark and after speaking with him for a little while, he said would get me the room if they (the hotel) would take his CC over the phone.  So, I went inside and talked the front desk guy down to the trucker rate (which was $59 after tax) and handed him the phone so Mark could pay.

Then, Mark went above and beyond with his generosity as he not only got me one night, he also paid for second night as well.  Unreal!  For Mark to pay for me for two nights at a hotel is gratification enough that this trip is a success!  Not that Mark is cheap, far from it, it’s that he did for me! 🙂  Thank you so much Mark!  See ya when I get back NJ.

Econo Lodge
By the time I got the room and was all settled in, it was after 10 pm.  Now, I could have went out and hit all the Mo-town bars I used to go to nightly, but I was so run down from living in my car for 2 days in my car that I just stayed in for the night and enjoyed the comfort of a soft bed. 🙂

I’m not sure when I fell asleep, but it must been before 1 am because I never even heard Jeremy’s nightly call to my cell phone to check in on me.  That’s it, tomorrow is another day in Mountaineer land! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    You can remember, but you can’t go back.
    I’m glad you checked into your opportunity to
    get into grad school if you choose. Why not,
    Summa Cum Laude Grad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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