Traveling To NJ For Father’s Day! (NY-NJ) “DAY 350” – 6/19/11

June 21, 2011 - 8:26 pm - (NY-NJ) “DAY 350” - Week 50 - State 48

Even though I went to sleep pretty late last night, I got up early today so I could get some pictures named and filed before I drove back to New Jersey to see my Dad for Father’s Day.

This plan also worked out well for Jonah because he was going back to NJ today to see his family too and since I was already driving to NJ, I was gonna give him a ride to where he needed to go first.

Traveling To NJ
The drive from New York to where I was going is about 25 miles or anywhere from 1-3 hours long.  Today wasn’t that bad, but it still took over an hour to get close to where I was dropping off Jonah in NJ.

The good thing was I had Jonah taking pictures for me along the way, so I got a few photos of the New York City skyline on the way out. (I normally am taking pictures while driving at 65 mph, not an easy thing to do.)

Stopping At A Diner
When we just a few minutes from where were going Jonah asked me if I wanted to stop at a diner first for breakfast (2 pm-ish).  He said the Summit Diner had the best bacon around and that’s all I needed to hear. 🙂

So, we stopped there for a bit to eat before I dropped Jonah off for the day.  I gotta say that the breakfast here was real good, the portion was huge, and the price was right.  Summit Diner is real good.  Good call Jonah! 🙂

Dropping Off Jonah Then Driving To My Dad’s
After we finished eating breakfast, I took Jonah to where he was going and then headed off to see my Dad’s for Father’s Day.  The drive to my Dad’s from where I dropped off Jonah was another 45 minutes, so around 4pm-ish I arrived at my old man’s house.

Hanging With My Dad
There really isn’t to much write about my time with my Dad because all we did was hang out for a while and talk about life.  This was just fine for me and I think Dad enjoyed it too.  Like I said, it’s wasn’t extravagant, but it nice to spend time with my Dad. 🙂  Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Heading To My Mom’s For The Night
Sometime in the early evening I left my Dad’s and went to Mom’s place to sleep for the night.  Once I got to my Mom’s, I really didn’t do anything for the rest of the night except write and eat some food.

Other than that, I came up with plan to fill a few days from the missing week I now have in my journey, but I’ll write about that in tomorrow's post. (Being I only spent about a week between Rhode Island and Connecticut, I have a week to fill in order to travel for an entire year.)

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Bacon may taste good, but it’s not good for you.
    It was real nice to have you hang out for a while.
    The weekend was busy so relaxing at home was the way to go.

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