Traveling To NJ To Surprise My Mom! (PA-NJ) “DAY 309” – 5/9/11

May 12, 2011 - 11:09 am - (PA-NJ) “DAY 309” - Week 46 - State 42

I knew that when I woke up today I was driving to New Jersey to see my Mom, so I got up early because the ride from western Pennsylvania to NJ is a little over 6 hours (that’s with no traffic).

So, after packing and running into Cara again (she was babysitting Grace), I hit the road for home.  I already thanked Shakes, Mills, B.J, and all my friends from this area, but thanks again guys, I had a blast!

Traveling To NJ
I could get into everything I saw along the way, such as the different tunnels they have through mountains (in PA) or Hersey Park signs I saw on the road, but I’ll skip all that and just say... I didn’t hit any traffic, didn’t get pulled for anything, and made it back to NJ in just over 6 hours. 🙂

Picking Up My Dog (MAX)
As I was driving back to NJ, I did call a few people from home along the way. (Not my Mom though, I was surprising her.)  I called my Dad so he could stop by and see me, I called a few friends, and I called Ang who’s watching my Dog for me now. Thanks Ang!

FY.I. - Two different people have watched my dog since I”ve been gone.  D was watching him first (with her family) but then she gave him over to Ang after 9 months.  Thank you so much D as well. 🙂

Long story short, I stopped by Ang’s house and grabbed my dog Max.  I was curious to see if he’d remember me because I’ve been gone so long but after a few seconds... he was happy and jumping all over me.  Well, as much as Max does, he’s a low key dog.

Stopping For A Pizza
Since I haven’t had good pizza in over 10 months, I had to stop by my local pizzeria and grab a pie before I stopped home.  Plus, my Mom likes this pizza too, so now I have a present as well. LOL 😉

Finally At My Mom’s Place
It was almost 4 pm when I finally pulled up outside the apartment I grew up in. (My Mom’s car wasn’t home, so she wasn’t either yet.  But, my Dad was there (outside) waiting for me with a Harold’s corned beef sandwich.  Oh yeah!  Thanks Dad!

I have keys to my Mom’s place so my Dad, Max, and I waited inside until my Mom got home. (My Dad is remarried but is still friends with my Mom, his ex-wife.)  Anyway, after a few minutes, I decided to call my Mom from her own phone and see what she says. (Get it, she’s getting a call from her own home phone.)

As I was placing the call to my Mom, she answered but she was already out front parking her car when she did, so I just ran outside to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day!  She was surprised!  And my Dad was there, that surprised her too.  Then, my friends showed up, that surprised her more...

Hanging With My Mom, Dad, & Friends
From the time my Mom got home, we probably hung out for 30 minutes before, one-by-one, all my friends started to show up at her apartment.  My Mom’s loves to hang out with my friends, so this wasn’t a big and she was happy as well. (My friends make her laugh.) 🙂

Before I get into all my friends who showed up, my Dad stayed for a little while, donated $20 toward my trip, and then drove back to his house.  Thanks for everything Dad, see ya in a 7 weeks.  The corned beef was as good as I had hoped it would be. 🙂

My Friends Hang Out All Night
Sometime around 5 pm my friends started to show up and one by one.  First, my friend Frankie arrived followed by his older brother Mike (Moose). (Moose and I have been friends forever and since Frank is Mike’s younger brother, I’ve known him just as long.)

Although, he wasn’t the next person to arrive, eventually their oldest brother Tom (we call him Head) showed up to see me.  These three brothers I have been friends with for so long it’s hard to imagine life without knowing them.  They are all great dudes.  Kurt Russell rules! (Inside joke.) 🙂

Then, Rob showed up to see me and hang out.  Rob and I have been friends since 3rd grade and know everything about each other. (He actually knows more because I don’t remember our childhood as well as he does.)   At this point (7 pm-ish), I’m realizing we’re all hanging out tonight.  Nice! 🙂

More Friends Arrive
It was now that Head actually showed and when he did he had our friend Louie and Scott with him.  Louie is a real funny guy who always likes to have a god time and Scott is well... Scott. (Anybody who knows him knows what I mean. It’s not bad though.)

So, here I am in Mom’s apartment and there is 6 of my friends hanging out in the living room along with my Mom and my dog Max. (Max is so lazy and chill he was just lying there on the floor as everybody walked around him.)  You go Max Daddy!

Anyway, for the next few hours, the guys and I just hung out BS-ing about my trip, their lives, and whatever else good friends talk about when they haven’t seen each other in awhile.  Needless-to-say, it was a lot of fun.

Monkey Shows Up
It was about 10 pm when one of my oldest friend’s (Justin, A.K.A. Monkey) finally showed up to see me.  I’ve talked about Monkey on my site in the past as he has had friends of his hook me up along the way. (Pat from Denver was his college buddy as well as Keith from Chicago.)

Now that Justin was there, almost of my friends who were still in town that I hung out with every day were there. (Jake was somewhere else, Buck was working, and Pat was sleeping.)  This is perfect!  It’s so awesome to be around life long friends! 🙂

Calling It A Night
Before I knew it, it was after midnight on a Monday and since most of friends had work in the morning, that’s when everybody started to leave my Mom’s place. (I think my last friend left around 1 am.)

There is nothing to complain about when you get to your friends and family, but because I didn’t have one free second to do anything except see/talk with everybody, I still have things to do now in the morning. (Unpack the things I don’t need, finally back up all my work to an external hard drive, and etc..)

Final Thoughts
I’m real happy I decided to stop home and surprise my Mom with a late Mother’s Day gift.  She seemed real happy to see me and I think I made her day. (Although that’s not to hard when it was Monday where she had to work.) 😉

Also, it was nice to see my Dad and friends.  Not to mention all the good food I got to eat in just the few hours I was home.  I love NJ food! 🙂

Well, that was my day as I made around the country and back to NJ as a pop in.  I got 7 more states to finish before I’m back in NJ for a while, so for now... I’m enjoy my visit here until I return for my final week of the trip in late June.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    Why did you fail to stop in Philly. That was part of your plan if I remember correctly. Didn’t you even have an interview set up for a newspaper, with Josh. Day 2 if you can’t keep track of your lies, ill help you. I love how you dobt even play poker anymore. Don’t post about how much money you have either. It’s great. Your family is obviously funding the trip at this point. They probably tell you to stay out of casinos because you are just pissing money away everytime you go. To ..might be down overall in poker. Which is another reason this trip is probably nut true for the most part. Keep taking the easier softer way in life rooster, it seems to he working. You are a perfect example of what is wrong.with the country. Racking up debt, that you have n cant pay. God forbid you get sick, no health insurance but they have to treat you. Just another guy jacking up health care premiums.

    Just my 2 cents


  2. Dad says:

    It was a great surprise for Mom. It was dynamite seeing you with all your childhood friends, and Max. You look good for being on the road 10 months. Have a safe trip and I’ll see you in 7 weeks.

  3. Brian Kingsbury says:

    I haven’t had Ciro’s pizza in years… growing up it was usually Mijo’s one week and Ciro’s the next. And my car wheel fell off in their parking lot, the whole thing (axle broke). I think I hung out in that apartment back in the day with Adam.


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