Traveling To Oregon & A Poker Tournament! “DAY 115” (WA-OR) – 10/27/10

October 28, 2010 - 12:48 pm - (WA-OR) “DAY 115”

As I write this post, I am currently playing in $25 poker tournament at a Poker Club In Portland , Oregon (Thursday).  I just lost a hand with pocket 5’s (5,5).  I called pre-flop and folded after the flop. 😉  Anyway, back to yesterday which is today in my world (Wednesday).  Confusing huh? 🙂

Leaving Casey’s Place (Kent, WA)
I woke up this morning and was definitely leaving. 😉  It was time to go 🙁 , I have stayed with Casey and his family long enough.  Like I have said a few times during my stay in Seattle (Kent), Casey and I have never fought over anything and after this trip... that still holds true! 🙂

I had a great time each day I was here and for that I thank Casey, Lisa, and Brooklyn!  I didn’t do everything the Seattle area had offer because hanging with them everyday was good enough.

I mean that as a compliment because if I didn’t enjoy spending time with them that much... I would have seem more of the city.  Although... I did see a U-Dwub football game and... I did meet the President while I was here.  So... whatever I did do here... I did big! 🙂

Anyway, I got up around noon and finished writing “DAY 114” in Casey’s dining room area.  I soon found out that Lisa was home because she wasn’t feeling well (I hope you feel better Lisa :)).

So, while I was writing, she helped me out by looking for poker games in Oregon I could play in.  Thanks Lisa!  I finished my writing my entree and packing my car by 2:30 pm but still had to go to Starbucks so I could post it (Casey’s internet connection hasn’t worked for me all week).

Lisa said good-bye to me... as I said good-bye to her and her house.  Then, I left to go to Starbucks to finish up.  Thanks again Casey and family! 🙂

I got to Starbucks and didn’t even get out of my car, I just sat in a parking spot out front and used there Wi-fi connection.  I finally got totally done with “DAY 114” around 4 pm and hit the road for Portland, Oregon (3 hours away).

Traveling From Seattle (Kent), Wa to Portland, OR
I kinds knew where I was going because Lisa found a Hostel and Poker room for me earlier on-line.  Nice! 🙂  I was about 7 miles into my trip when I realized I forgot some stuff at Casey’s.  Ahhhhh!

I called Casey and he said he would meet me at the Starbucks I had just left from with my stuff.  Thanks Casey!  I was pissed I had to double back but it worked out because I got to say good-bye to Casey in person before I left!  You the man dancing Fitch! (That’s his last name.)

Really Traveling This Time
After doubling back to get my stuff, I finally left Seattle at 4:30 pm.  The ride isn’t a long one and for the most part... it was a straight shoot all the way to Portland.

The scenery was nice though as there was a huge snow capped mountain off in the distance I could see for miles.  It might be Mount McKinney, the largest mountain in the Continental U.S. (I think). 😉

I pulled into town around 7:15 pm and immediately drove right to the Hostel to get my bed for the night.

Arriving At The Hostel
I checked into the Hostel at 7:30 pm ($28 for the night) and went to my room to see where I would be sleeping.  I was on the top bunk... Ahhh!  I’m a grown man sleeping over-top somebody who isn’t my older brother (we had bunk beds as kids)... This kinda sucks!

All I did was look at it, then I left to go across the street to a bar that had poker tournament sign out front.

Bar Across The Street From The Hostel
So, I walked across the street and into the bar.  There was a poker tournament going on ($25 entree) but it had started at 7pm and I didn’t want to buy into late.

F.Y.I. - Sometimes tournaments allow people to buy-in through the first of hour play but I don’t like that, I prefer to play from the beginning.  Just my preference. 🙂

Anyway, I looked around the bar and it was pretty cool.  They had huge comfortable looking chairs for bar stools as well as numerous flat screen TV’s with all the games on them.

I would have stayed but I was looking to play poker, so I left and went to the place Lisa found for me on the internet.  It was only 1.5 miles away so it wasn’t far at all.

Aces Poker Club
I walked into the poker club a few minutes before 8 pm and I was right on time because they had a $50 buy-in NL poker tournament starting in 5 minutes.

F.Y.I. - In Oregon (except for Indian Reservations) you are allowed to have poker rooms but you can not take a rake (% of pot for casino).  What they can do is a charge one time entrance fee into the club of $10 per day. That’s how they make their money.

It doesn’t make sense for them to run cash game if they can’t take a rake from the game.  So... because of that law, there is only tournaments to play here in Portland.  For instance, this club runs 5 tournaments a day starting at noon and ending at 10 pm.

$50 NL Poker Tournament
The info needed... There was 29 people in the tournament, 5000 starting chips, no re-buys or add-ons, and they were paying the top 5. Ok... that’s the need to know.

I have played in a tournament since this one I am writing about, so my memory of the hands is a little fuzzy. 😉  But I will try and do my best to re-cap the event.

During the first hour of the tournament I didn’t get many hands but I played good poker. So when we got to the first break, I was in good shape with a average amount of chips left.

2nd Hour
It was in this hour that I made some moves.  I won a good hand with pocket Q’s (Q,Q), won another hand somehow, and then tripled up with pocket Aces (A,A).  I’ll tell you about the pocket Aces hand because I slow played them.

I slow played them because the guy in position after me was pushing like crazy, so I called then he pushed All-In!  Another guy called in between us and since my Aces held... I tripled up! 🙂  Woo Hoo!

3rd Hour
Going into the 3rd hour I was in good shape with chips and there was only 17 people left (2 tables).  I just had to play smart to make it to the final table and give myself a chance at cashing.

For this whole hour, I folded almost every hand and just bleed chips away but it worked out because when the 4th hour began... I was sitting at the final table with a decent amount of chips (about 14 K).

4th & Final Hour
The top 5 were getting paid and there were 9 of us at the table (I was about 7th in chips).  I decided I would play even tighter and let these guys knock each other out until I got into the money and I could negotiate a chop. 🙂

My plan was working to perfection as before I knew it there were only 7 people left.  I hadn’t even had a blind yet.  I kept folding when appropriate and then there were just 6 people left but one guy had just 2K in chips and the blinds were 1-2K.

Even though he was destined to take 6th, the table decided to pay 6 places as nice gesture to the bubble guy.  F.Y.I. - This is common place except when the bubble guy has such a low chip stack like in this instance, but we gave it to him anyway.

Final 5

The guy with 2K took 6th and there we were... the final 5.  The payouts ranged from 1st- $570 to 5th- $110.  Myself and another guy tried to negotiate a 5 way chop ($230 each about) but the chip leader wasn’t having it.

I don’t blame him, he had a massive chip lead (about 4 times everybody at the table)! At this point my goal is to take 4th which is $140 or hopefully 3rd which is $220.  I was low stack at the table with 12 K in chips (about 5-10 less than 4th place was).

Anyway, like I said... people were pushing like crazy so I just let them keep knocking each other out.  Next thing I knew I was 4th and then 3rd.  But now with 3 people left, I was in trouble because they both had over 50K in chips and I had just 10 K.

Then it happened... they were ALL-IN against each other, Sweet!  I routed for the guy with more chips and... he won!  Nice!  I’m in second place.  By the way, the guy who took 3rd was the massive chip leader from before.

Me "Rooster" and John

Heads Up
There I was heads up and completely out-chipped!  He had me by about 18 to 1.  But as they say... all you need is a chip and chair!  I needed more than that because although I l played pretty good and even got to 38K in chips... I was finally eliminated in 2cd place.

Second place was $360 so after my buy-in and tip, I won a little more than $260.  Nice!  I then took a picture with John and checked Thursdays poker schedule.  They (floor people) told me the Noon tournament usually has 40 people so I’m think about that.

It was after midnight so I went back to the hostel, but I was still amped up from the tournament so I wasn’t tired at all.  This hostel has bunch of people there and when I got back many of them were still up mulling around the place.

I started talking with Jeff and Holly, just 2 people I met in the hallway.  They were gonna watch some Independent film but I wasn’t interested, so we chatted for a few more minutes and then I went outside to see who was out there.


Outside of our Hostel is a gazebo, so I walked over to check it out.  When I got there, there was a guy named Wizard just sitting there listening to music at 1 am.  The weird thing was... he wasn’t staying at the Hostel.  Huh?

I stayed there and chatted with Wizard (that’s what he told me his name was).  Hey... what can I say... I introduce myself as Rooster! 😉

Anyway, he was from Alaska and moved here a few years ago.  I can’t tell you much more than that because he was enigma wrapped in riddle with chocolate syrup on top!

After meeting Wizard... it was time for bed, so I went inside and climbed into my top bunk.  Tomorrow, I plan on waking up and playing in the noon tournament but you already know that so...

Thanks for reading!


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