Traveling to Somewhere to Play Poker! (OK) “DAY 199” – 1/19/11

January 20, 2011 - 12:00 pm - (OK) “DAY 199” - Week 29 - State 27

I woke up this morning at 11 am and immediately got to writing.  I wanted to get my post up and done before I left this casino for my next stop in Oklahoma.  The problem... I don’t know where I’m going to go yet???

Let me explain.  Right now, I’m on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma (I’m barely in OK), so I want to see more of Oklahoma and do a bunch of cool stuff.  Tulsa is an 1 hr west of me,  Stillwater (OK.ST. U) is 2 hrs west, Oklahoma City is 3 hours SW, and Norman (U. of Oklahoma) is 3 and 1/2 hours SW.  Got it.?

Anyway, after doing some computer searching, the Oklahoma State Cowboys have a home basketball game tonight (Wed.) at 8 pm but tomorrow at noon, I have a charity gig lined up in Tulsa.  This doesn’t work out well driving wise.  Damn!

I know have a decision to make.  Which is more important???  Since, I didn’t have a place to stay in either city and I have to pass through Tulsa first, I figured I’d stop at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa and see if I could get a room.  If that works out, I’ll stay there.  If not, we’ll see.

F.Y.I. - Even if I stay in Tulsa, I can still drive the 75 miles to Stillwater for the basketball game later and just drive back to Tulsa after.  The is an inconvenience only because Stillwater is more on the way to OK. City and I’m headed in that direction eventually this week.  So, it’s not just a double back, it’s a double back, double back. 😉

Anyway, this may sound confusing but that’s how it was for me today as well!  Ahhh! 🙁

Traveling From Watts, OK - Tulsa, OK
The drive from Watts to Tulsa was a very easy one as it was basically just 71 miles on highway 412 all the way from the casino I was at (Cherokee Casino)... to the casino I was going to (Hard Rock Casino).

Hard Rock Casino & Hotel
I arrived at the Hard Rock around 2 pm and when I got there, I did as I always do and got a players card. (This Hard Rock is separate from other Hard Rock’s around the country because it’s Indian owned, so I need a new card.)

After getting my players card, $10 in free slot play, and a coupon for half off the buffet, I worked my way through the chain of command until I spoke to somebody who was able to comp me a room for the night.

Front Desk
It took a few minutes for the floor manager to meet me at the hotel front desk but I didn’t mind because I was talking some pictures of the artwork and memorabilia there had all around the lobby area.

As is there M.O., the Hard Rock has tons of Music memorabilia everywhere, but this Hard Rock also had some amazing paintings by a local Indian artist. (He had a few different pieces around the property.)

But, the coolest piece they had (or at least I thought) was a motor cycle built by Orange Country Choppers right in the entrance way!  Really sweet! 🙂  I don’t ride bikes but I do appreciate a nice looking ride! 🙂

Getting A Comped Room or... Not?

After speaking with a few nice people (one in person and one on the phone), I wasn’t able to get a comped room for the night.  It happens. 🙁  But now I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do again.???

Re-Deciding My Plans
The game in Stillwater starts in 3 hours but I have charity work tomorrow in Tulsa which is where I am.  Ahhhh!!!  What to do? (I only wrote one paragraph about the room situation but it took over two hours to get that point in my day, so it was almost 5 pm.)

As I was thinking it over, I saw a hotel (Cherokee Inn) right next to the Hard Rock so I stopped in to see how much the room was.  After talking with a nice lady at the front desk, I decided to take the room for the night (under $40.)  Not bad.

My Room & Still Deciding
My new room for the night is a $40 room, not like the room I was yesterday which was the nicest $50 room in the country (that I have seen).  Anyway, once I got settled in, I turned on the TV to relax when I came across the weather channel.

Oklahoma Weather
I have never been in Oklahoma so I have no idea what the weather is like here in winter. But... I soon found out because tonight the weather channel is saying that an snow/ice storm is hitting Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

Well, with that knowledge, I’m not driving an hour and half to Stillwater for an 8pm basketball game (I’d have to drive back too.)  O.K., at least I now have a plan.  I’ll stay in Tulsa and play poker all day, then do charity work here (Tulsa - Salvation Army) tomorrow afternoon.  Nice, I’m planned. 🙂

Poker Room
It was 5:30 pm by time I was planned, so I hit the poker room at the Hard Rock right next door (walking distance).  When I got to the room, I found out there was a $60 Bounty NL Hold’em Tournament starting at 7 pm.  Nice!  I’ll play in that.

1-2 NL - Cash Game
Since I was there though, I bought into 1-2 NL game ($140) while I waited for the tourney to start.  I only played for about 45 minutes before I got up to eat some food before the tourney started.  (I cashed out up $25 during the short session.)

Buffet Time
After buying my entry for the poker tournament ($60), I went over to the Hard Rock’s buffet where I had a 50% comp for my dinner.  I’m not bashing the Hard Rock because they didn’t comp me a room but this was the worst buffet I have had in awhile!

There wasn’t a huge selection of food to choose from and the steak for dinner was a flank steak.  Now, I like flank steak but it was dry and overcooked.  Also, the dishes in the pans seemed like they were yesterday’s buffet re-buffet’d.  Still, I found some edible food and left right right before the tourney started.

Poker Tournament
I already told you the need to knows except that there were 60 people entered.  Since it’s a bounty tournament, you get $10 for each person you knock out, so people play a little different than in a normal tourney.  (I try not to.)

Anyway, during the first hour, I played good tight poker and won half of somebody’s bounty when me and another player chopped a pot which knocked somebody out ($5 each).   I ended the 1st hour with more chips than I started.

Hour 2
During hour 2, I played real good poker again and again... I knocked somebody out. (I did it alone this time and got the whole $10.)  By the time this hour ended (there is a break after each hour), there was 30+ people left and I was 10th in chips.  Not bad!

Hour 3
Half way into hour 3, we were down to just 2 tables and the blinds were getting big (2000-4000).  I had started the hour with 24,000 chips but after 30 minutes of getting (10,4), (9,3), etc..., I was down to just over 14,000.

Then, I got the best hand I seen in forever, (A, J).  Since the blinds were coming up on me, I pushed All-In pre-flop and hoped to steal the blinds. (I didn’t want a call.)  I did get called though by the chip leader and she had pocket 7’s (7,7).  Fine, a race.

Unfortunately for me, I was the 3 legged dog in this race as I didn’t hit a Ace or Jack and  was eliminated in 15 place.  After losing in the tournament after 3 hours of play, I needed a break from the tables so I went back to my room.

The Room

By the time I was situated in my room, it was close to mid-night.  And, since it was already snowing ice outside, I was in for the night.  I’ll live for another day and play poker again tomorrow.

Anyway, after flipping through the channels and finding nothing on TV, I called a early night and crashed out on the bed.  I do have charity work in the morning, so I figured I’d get a good night’s rest in order to be bright eyed and rooster tailed tomorrow! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Tomorrow will be a better day !!!!!

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