Traveling With Spaulding In Arkansas! (AR) “DAY 191” – 1/11/11

January 12, 2011 - 1:00 pm - (AR) “DAY 191” - Week 28 - State 26

Beginning today and for the next three days, I will be living the life of Kevin Kurucz (A.K.A.-Spaulding).  Let me explain.  Kevin has a very god job working for AT&T as a salesman and during the week, he has to travel the state to do business.

So, for the next three days, I will be traveling along with Kevin while he does his job across the great state of Arkansas.  Today, we are heading to Little Rock.  Tomorrow, we are going to Hot Springs, and Thursday, we should be back in Fayetteville (sometime).  At least, that’s what I think the plan is (I could be wrong).

Anyway, by the time I woke up and got my act together, we had to be out of the house and on the road. (Because I was rushing around, I didn’t get any pictures.)  The weather was still bad out but the snow was melting because it was the afternoon.  We should be fine. 🙂

Before we were to arrive in Little Rock, Spaulding had an appointment somewhere in-between, so he dropped me off at an McDonald’s (free Wi-Fi) while he did his job.

F.Y.I. - The drive to where we were was about an hour and the drive from there to Little Rock is about 2 hours.

I was dropped off at McDonald’s sometime before 1 pm and Spaulding said he’s be back around 2 pm.  That was just fine because it gives me time to get my writing done. 😉

Again, it didn’t matter because I had work to do but Spaulding didn’t show back up until 3 pm-ish.  F.Y.I. - This is a weird situation for me because this is the first time in 190 days where I don’t have my own car with me and I was at the mercy of somebody else’s life decisions.

Off To Little Rock, Arkansas
By the time we had a snack and left McDonald’s, it was close to 3:30 pm.  As I already told you, the drive was a little over 2 hours to Little Rock, so I did what any good passenger would do during the drive... I took a nap! 😉

I sleep for the perfect amount of time because when I woke up, we were just arriving into the city.  The first thing I saw was the skyline and it wasn’t that bad (It’s not NY, but what is?). 😉  Other than that, I noticed the Verizon Arena which is where concerts are, etc.

Comfort Inn
I guess Little Rock isn’t to big because a few minutes later, we arrived at the Comfort Inn (which is where we are staying the night).  Spaulding is a regular here (because of work), so he knew everybody there and they greeted him appropriately.  Nice!  The Royal treatment! 🙂

While we were at the front desk, Spaulding asked if they had king-size room available but I put a quick stop to thought immediately!  LOL  F.Y.I. - He stays there a lot and knows the king room has a separate room area with a pull out queen size bed.

Even with that knowledge, I still prefer that when 2 straight guys check into a hotel room... they ask for two queen size beds instead of a single king. 😉  Not that there’s anything wrong with it (Seinfeld reference). 😉

Checking Out Little Rock - Dinner
After putting our things in the room, we headed out to the main area in Little Rock so we could get some dinner.  And, for my sake, we would also do a little site seeing up and down the main drag.

Restaurant Hopping
Normally, I would have used the term bar hopping but since we weren’t doing any drinking (a beer with dinner), we were mainly doing appetizer hopping from restaurant to restaurant.

Fish Place
The first place we stopped in was a popular fish restaurant where they had all those talking fish on the walls for atmosphere.  It was real cool to see and they even had an “wall fish” adoption program so their guests can own a fish on the wall.  Not bad! 🙂  (we didn’t get any food here.)

Sticky Fingers
The next place we stopped in was a chicken place called Sticky Fingers.  Now, Sticky Fingers was a weird place because it was a few different restaurants/bars in one.

For starters, when you walked in, the first thing you saw was a mini-statue of the Statue of Liberty.  Then, as you walked further down the hall, you could choose between a lounge area or a rock band type of venue.

Since, we were just eating, we choose the lounge area.  At Sticky Fingers, their famous dish is homemade chicken fingers.  So, sticking to my golden restaurant rule of thumb, I ordered the house specialty.

The food was good but I wasn’t able to find the right sauce for my fingers.  Still, I enjoyed myself as we headed out to check out another place in Little Rock.

The next place we went was called “Rumba”, I think.  This place had Salsa dancing tonight but it was a $5 cover to get in and since it was filled with old couples learning to dance... we decided that since we didn’t get the king size bed... we shouldn’t salsa dance together either! 😉

But, as we were walking out, we noticed a bar on the other side of the place that had a a big TV with a NCAA basketball game on (Michigan St. vs, Wisconsin, State won in OT).

Eating More Food (1/2 Price)
As we approached the bar, a real cool bartender named Lauren asked us what we wanted and told us they had 1/2 price Tappas for the rest of the evening.  (Tappas, I think, is just a name for a small plate of food, I can be and probably am wrong about that.)

Anyway, the food was just OK, but it was the right price as we ordered a few different things from the menu.  During this time, we shot the shit with Lauren as she told us about Little Rock.  (She has lived here for most of her life.)

After we finished eating, it was time to go and check out another local place.  Since we were only spending one night in town, I had no choice but to see it all tonight. 🙂

The Whiskey Bar
The last place we went to was a sports bar called the “Whiskey Bar”.  The cool thing about the Whisky Bar was that all over the place were huge signs that had famous or cool toasts on them.

I even saw one of my favorite toasts that I actually use on the wall when I walked in.  It was slightly different than the one I say, but it had the same gist.  (My friend Glenn Miller told it to me many many years ago while we were attending WVU.)

Even though the Whisky Bar was real cool, we didn’t stay there to long because we weren’t drinking and we were already full from eating at two other places.   It was around 9 pm, so we called for the Comfort Inn Van and headed back to the room.

Comfort Inn Driver (Ernest)
Like I said, Spaulding does this trip weekly, so he knows everybody at the Comfort Inn, Ernest being one of those people.  Ernest was one of those guys you instantly like because he is as real as it gets.  It was just the way he carries himself.

Anyway, after chit chatting with Ernest during the drive, he dropped us off at the hotel and then we headed up to our “Double Queen” room for the night.

Calling It A Night
When we got back to the room, all we did was unwind a little bit and watch TV before both of us hit the rack.  Remember, this is a work week Spaulding and I’m just happy I have somewhere to sleep where it is warm and safe!  Well, that was my day! 🙂

A Serious Note 🙁
On a serious note, I got a text tonight from Brian (Kansas) telling me that Ryan is in the hospital dealing with a serious issue (I’d write more details but it isn’t my place).

Anyway, to Ryan:  You are a great dude and I’m sure everything with be OK because when it comes to good people (and you’re one of them), it seems there is somebody above looking out!  Hang in there bro and if you need to talk to me for anything, my phone is always open to you.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Good move on the 2 queen beds. You wouldn’t want Spauldings co-workers to get the wrong idea.

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