Trying To Leave NJ But It Just Didn’t Happen! (NJ) “DAY 310” – 5/10/11

May 12, 2011 - xx:xx pm - (NJ) “DAY 310” - Week 46 - State 42

I woke up this morning on my Mom’s couch with my dog Max’s head lying right on my mine. (It was really cool to see my dog hasn’t changed since I’ve been gone. He always used to sleep on my pillow next to me and just did the same thing 10 months later.)

Now, my plan today was to get some things accomplished and then leave for my next state which can be any of the ones remaining because of the route I now have to drive.  But, as it turned out, I couldn’t get much done as one thing just ran into the next thing until the day was over.

My Day Begins
After getting up and getting my act together, I took Max for a walk and then drove with him to my uncle’s house (Mickey) to say hi to him and my cousin Jesse.  I’m real tight with my cousins so I’m glad I got to see one of them (there are 3 brothers) and I always like talking with my uncle so it was win-win for me.

Driving To See Pat & Happy Birthday!
Once I left my uncle’s house, my plan initially was to drive home, pack, and head off for my next state.  But, I called my good friend to say hi when I realized it was his birthday today.  Now I’m off to where Pat lives to hang out with him for a bit.

Pat lives with Buck in the room I used to live in before I left, so I know the place well and am very comfortable there.  Anyway, I hung with Pat as we talked about a bunch of stuff. Pat always gives me real solid advice when it come to real life things.  Thanks Pat!

It was after 2 pm and I still hadn’t done anything I needed to, so I said good-bye to Pat, wished him Happy Birthday again, and left to go see Buck who’s place I was just in.

Meeting Buck At His Job
Since I’m in town, I had to see Buck and say hi.  Buck and I have been friends high school and recently he let me stay at his place for the whole time I went to college at Kean. (I did pay rent but it was extremely affordable for North Jersey.)  Thanks Buck!

Anyway, he was working all day so I stopped by there to say hi to him.  Also, my dog was basically Buck’s dog as well as the whole time I lived with Buck is the same amount of time I’ve had Max.  Got it.

During this time I realized I might be staying in NJ another day so I asked Buck if I could crash at his place tonight.  He said no problem as his couch is my couch. (At least for the night.)  Thanks again Buck! 🙂

Hanging With Head
As soon I got back to Mom’s place and was about to finally go through my things, Head called me to see what I was up. (Head and I have been friends for years and now he lives one building away from Mom in the same apartment complex.)

It tough not to want to see your friends when you’ve been gone so long, so instead of sorting through all my stuff, I walked over to Head’s to hang out with him a little bit.  About an hour later, I left his place to hopefully get some stuff accomplished trip wise.

Local Poker Game Tonight
I got back to my Mom’s place after 6 pm and as I was about to start to sort through my things, I got a call to remind me that the local poker game I used to play in on Tuesday nights is going on. (It’s a $60 NL poker tournament followed by a cash game.)

I won’t go into anymore detail about the tournament except to say I didn’t cash as I finished in 11th place out of about 35 people. (I played pretty good poker but got knocked out by runner runner straight. It happens.)

Mark Donates To Me
As I was playing in the tournament, one of the guys who follows my site religiously since I left walked over to me and handed me a $50 donation toward my trip.  Thanks a lot Mark!  I appreciate it and it will help! 🙂

Hanging & Staying At Buck’s
Even though I didn’t win anything playing poker, I did play for about 3 hours before I was knocked out, so it was 11 pm-ish before I got to Buck’s house to hang out with him.  As I already mentioned, I used to live here so it’s real a very comfortable environment for me.  Nice! 🙂

Anyway, for the rest of the night, all I did was hang out with Buck and Max in Buck’s house just as I did for past two and half years while I was back in college (pre-trip 2 1/2 years).

Calling It A Night
Sometime around 1 am, I passed out on Buck’s couch with Max sleeping right next to me. (Somethings never change.) 😉  I didn’t think I’d still be in NJ another day but I’m glad I did as I got to see a bunch of people I wanted to catch up with.  Tomorrow, I hope to get everything done and move on to somewhere.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Time to hit the road again. Nice to see your family and friends welcomed you home. Did Buck open his restaurant yet?
    Again, drive safe and I’ll see you in 7 weeks.

  2. Big Brother Adam says:

    If anyone is wondering why among mention of everyone David has ever known (I’m sure there was mention of the mailman in one of these posts), there was no talk of his brother, neices or nephew. We talked but couldn’t coordinate schedules to see each other…I’m looking forward to his homecoming 2 months from now

  3. Lisa says:

    Bet it was nice to be home for a bit! Max is so cute!! Happy travels 🙂

  4. Brian Kingsbury says:

    Thanks Adam, I actually did wonder where you were.

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