I Was On TV in Cleveland Last Night! (MI) “DAY 23”- 7/27/10

July 28, 2010 - 9:41 am - (MI) “DAY 23”

Cleveland Indians vs. New York Yankees (A-Rod’s attempt for #600)

J.T. and Me "Rooster"

I got up this morning not knowing what was in store for me except that my cousin and I were going to Cleveland (2 hrs 30 min away) to watch the Yankees play.  This is something I would want to do anyway but the kicker was... we had a chance to see baseball history.

Alex Rodriguez has 599 home runs and his next one will be.. dun... dun... dun... you guessed it, 600!   Only 6 other players in the baseball history have hit 600, need-less to say, it’s almost an unreachable milestone for MLB players.

F.Y.I. - A-Rod’s 500th home run ball sold for $100,000!  600 should be more, right?

Anyway, my cousin (J.T) didn’t wake up until almost noon (he had a rough one) as I was already up for a few hours writing “Day 22’s” post.  We got our act’s together and decided what we needed for the game.

Thanks Tuck!

Tickets... check.  Money... check.  Yankee gear... check.  Gigantic Yankee sign talking about A-Rod’s 600 home run... ahh... Ok, we need to make a Yankee sign!

We headed to the store to pick up materials (paper, markers, tape, etc.).  When we finally got back to J.T.’s is was 2:30 pm and we had to be leaving soon so we didn’t miss A-Rod’s first at bat, who knows... that could be the one.

Before we left, I asked J.T. if he could print out the letters we would be using on the sign.  I made a sign in Baltimore for George Steinbrenner and realized how hard to was draw as well as the fact, it didn’t look to sharp.  So, I figured printing out the letters would be easier and look better.

Well, that’s what I thought.  Who knew J.T.’s printer would be acting up as well as not having any black ink left!  We decided to use blue ink, which he had left, but the printer was still only printing when it wanted to.  

What should have took us 10 minutes, took over a half hour and we still didn’t have all the letters we needed.  It was 3 pm by now and we needed to leave so... it was what it was... we would have to draw the remaining letters.

J.T. drove to the game while I sat in the front seat and worked on the sign.  It was the perfect amount of time in the car because when I finished with the prep work, we had arrived at the stadium (6pm).

Progressive Field

Progressive Field was a beautiful ballpark as we got to see every angle while we looked for parking.  We finally parked our car and started the final phase of our sign... taping the letters/numbers on.  It was windy out, but we got it done and it looked good!

Now, to the will call window to get our tickets (left field bleachers).  Seconds after we left the window, a camera crew rushed up on us and started to interview me and J.T.   Afterward, they told us we would be on the local news (Cleveland - channel 5) as I exchanged cards with them (camera man and host).

Awesome!  We haven’t even entered the stadium yet and we already made TV!  Woo Hoo!  Check out the interview and story I’m in -www.newsnet5.com - (video - about 1 min 20 seconds in, we are on.)

Now, it was time to find our seats.  We were seated in section 180, about 25 rows up.  As soon as we got to our seats, we realized it would have be a monster shot to reach us, so even though we hadn’t seen a pitch yet, it was time to move.

1st row, left field by foul pole.

I scanned the area and saw that there was a special box area complete with a TV right below us on the left field wall.  I grabbed J.T. and headed for our new seats.  There were just 8 seats in this area and only one guy was there (Daniel).

We struck up a conversation with him and told him why we wanted to sit there (the ball!), he didn’t care and welcomed the company.  The game had just started when a man walked up and handed us a press package ( I guess we were in a press area), he then saw our signs and asked to see our tickets.

Obviously, we didn’t have them so he asked us to leave.  I responded “We’re here to catch A-Rods home run and nobody is in these seats, we’ll leave when they show up.”  I must have Jedi mind tricked him because he said “OK” and let us stay.  J.T. was shocked with what just happened! 🙂

Slider, Me "Rooster", Hot chick

A-Rod’s first at bat was uneventful as he grounded out to the shortstop.  Not trying to push our luck, we left after one inning and one AB (at bat).

As we were moving to our next seats, I ran into the Indians mascot, Slider.  He was wearing a big glove so he could catch A-Rod’s home run but I let him know I would take him out if he got in my way. 🙂

We finally made it to the next area we would habitat for a few innings.  It was in the left field bleachers not far from our original seats, but a little closer to the field.  We met some cool people in this spot and I told everybody that if I caught the ball, I would give anybody within 6 feet of me a $1000.  Why not... keep the crowd on your side ;).

Pic- From His TV Screen in AZ

A-Rod’s second AB came and went but it didn’t go unnoticed.  Let me explain.  A friend of mine who lives in Arizona (from NY), was watching the game at his home, 3000 miles away when he realized I was on his TV screen!

He immediately sent me a text message followed by a few pictures of me from his TV.  So cool!  The only bad part... is was on Cleveland’s feed, not New York’s, so my friends and family in New Jersey couldn’t see it.  The rest of the country did though, nice!

Use can see his TV in this one

Then, J.T. and I moved to the other side of the stadium to watch from right field but when A-Rod came to the plate for his 3rd AB (30 minutes later) we immediately rushed back to left field.  Again... no home run. 🙁

J.T. liked the seats we had in right field, so we went back to that area to watch the rest of the game.  It was now the top of the 9th inning and the Yanks were down 4-1.  The only way the Yankees could win was if A-Rod made it to the plate again (he batted 5th in the inning).

Gardner lead off with a single, Jeter followed with another single... Oh my God, we’re gonna have another chance to catch a home run and if he hits it, it would either tie the game or give the Yanks the lead.  What could be better than this!

Rogaine Works Pal! 🙂

I started to move toward an outfield seat while J.T. stayed where we were.  I decided any outfield seat was as good as the next (who knows where it will go), so I found another special area next to the right field foul pole (it was a table section).

I sat there and held up my sign as A-Rod came to the plate with 2 on and 2 out, down by 3 runs.  It’s so perfect, it’s like a movie scene.  He has to hit it to me... the pitch... not this time, as A-Rod grounded out to the shortstop and the game ended. 🙁

I didn’t catch a home run ball but I think I did everything else possible at Progressive Field in Cleveland.

Ty Cobb - Cleveland - Plaque

It was almost a perfect night (Yanks lost and no home run ball) but I’m glad I got to spend it with my cousin.  He’s gonna be a lawyer soon and this type of good time will be few and far between for us as his life will be getting busier and mine well... I’ll be the same :)!

We got home exhausted, around 1 am.  The drive wasn’t that bad and the tickets only cost $20 plus you got $10 of food with your ticket stub, so I think I’m gonna go back on Thursday if A-Rod doesn’t hit #600 on Wednesday night.

Today (Wednesday), I will be going back to casino to continue to build my funds.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Larry says:

    Dave – What a great stadium, right?

    Just seeing those pictures makes me miss the Jake, I mean Progressive Field – Actually what I really miss is having a Cleveland team worth rooting for.

    At least the Buckeyes kick off in a month…

  2. Pratt says:

    Wow Rooster, you would be the guy that gets that interview on TV. And the guy who talks his way into sitting in a luxury box. And the guy who makes that sign. Always just going for it. I love it, man, I swear I felt a change in the air when you re-entered Ohio, like I could smell the infinite possibilities on the horizon.

    I think your trademark should be: “it’s always an adventure with Rooster! ©”

    Anyway, man, good to hear you had fun in Cleveland, hope everything goes your way today on the poker tables! Be in touch!

  3. Dave Sabin says:

    Hey Dave…You were on YES tonight…Hit #600 here I CANT GO TO TAMPA!!!!

    Crazy!! Good luck with the rest of the trip

  4. dave says:

    You’re the man Pratt!

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