Two Posts In One! A Poker Tourney & Traveling To AZ! (Vegas) (Vegas-AZ) “DAY 133 & 134” – 11/14/10 & 11/15/10

November 16, 2010 - 10:00 am - (Vegas) “DAY 133”& (Vegas-AZ) “Day 134”

Right now, I am two days behind on my posts.  All the driving I have been doing lately has made writing a little harder than usual.  That’s because after a long drive, I am to tired to write for 2-3 hours.

So here I am in Arizona (Tuesday), and I still have to write my Sunday in Vegas as well as my Monday drive from Vegas to AZ.  With that being said... today you will get two post in one!

“DAY 133” (Vegas)
After a long and awesome Saturday, I woke up Sunday at 9:50 am just in time to get downstairs to bet the early NFL games.  I didn’t really like anybody but who cares... whatever I like loses anyway. 😉  The only team I truly had in mind was the Jets.

Sports Betting
I got to the betting window and that’s when I got window pressure.  For anybody who doesn’t know what window pressure means... It’s when you get to a betting window (Racetrack or  Sports book) and all you wanted to do was bet one thing but when you leave the window... you bet everything and usually not the one thing you wanted.  “Window Pressure!” 😉

Anyway, my episode of window pressure at least included the one team I liked but it did turn out to be a $20 four team parlay where I honestly didn’t even know which other teams I took (In Vegas you bet number, ex.- Jets = # 123, Bears = 126, etc...).

So after I gave the guy the Jets number, I just spouted out 3 more numbers and before I realized it... My Jets bet had turned into 4 team window pressure bet. 😉 (I did check the ticket to see who I had a few minutes later, Jets, Bears, Jaguars, and Dolphins.
Back To The Room
F.Y.I - The whole day (Sunday) while I watching football, I was writing “DAY 132” and since we did a lot on Saturday... it took me until Midnight to get it finished.

I didn’t really start watching the early games until halftime when I realized... I may have a outside chance of winning this thing.  So I left the room and headed to the multi-TV area so I could watch all the games.

Sports Betting Area - TV’s
Heading into the 4th quarter, I was good in the Bears game, Jets game, and the Dolphins game.  So all I was worried about was the Jags.  Then before I knew it... the Jags won on a Hail Mary pass but the Jets had let the Browns tie the game on a last second drive.  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

Even worse than that was that the Jets were giving 3 points so winning this bet in overtime would be near impossible but... if they did win by 3, I would still push that bet and win a $20 three team parley instead of a four teamer (that’s how it works).

A few minutes into overtime it looked like the Browns would win the game but then they fumbled.  Woo Hoo!  But the Jets did nothing with the ball.  The game was almost a tie as there was less then 20 seconds left when Santonio Holmes (Ex-Steeler :)) caught a short pass and took it 37 yards to the house!

F&$K Ya!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  I went from losing again to winning $250 in a NY minute!

But... while the game was in overtime and I thought I was gonna lose... I got window pressure again and bet a 3 team $100 teaser for the late games. (Again... I just spouted out numbers as I only knew I took the Steelers.)

Back To The Room
During the late games, I went back to the room and tried to finish writing “DAY 132”.  I wanted to finish before 7 pm because The Sahara has a poker tournament that starts at that time everyday ($45 NL tourney).

F.Y.I. - I haven’t played poker on this trip and I really have the itch but at the same time... I never play good poker when I have other things on my mind so... it was gonna be tough call.

It was 6:55 pm and I wasn’t anywhere near done yet.  Ahhhhh!  The poker itch needed to be scratched so I headed downstairs to play in the poker tournament.

Sahara Poker Tournament - $45 NL
I made it to the poker room shortly after 7 pm but it didn’t matter because they were still filling up tables so I didn’t miss a hand.  I was actually sat a fresh table as I was the first one to arrive and put my re-buy card down (one $20 re-buy or add-on, not both).

I was in such a rush to get to the tourney that I forgot my Rooster card protector in the room.  Nooo!!!  It must have been bad luck to have not had him because for the whole first hour I didn’t get one playable hand!

Talking With Eric
Since I wasn’t playing any hands, I was talking to the table about my journey.  Seated next to me was Eric and we talked for back and forth for the time I was there.  I was telling him about the French girl I met who’s covered in tat’s when he said his girl was also covered in tat’s. (To the right: French girl )

Now, I didn’t expect her to be good looking because.... (left: Eric's girl)
1.) Eric didn’t say he had a real hot girlfriend, he just said she was also covered in tat’s. 2.) I normally don’t like girls with a lot of tattoos.

But, to my surprise... Eric’s girlfriend was absolutely smoking hot!  Holy shit!  I never thought he was gonna show me a picture of a girl this gorgeous! 🙂  But then again... I bet he didn’t think he’d be sitting next to homeless adventurer.  So, Touche’. 😉 Nice work my man!  Good luck in life bro! (Eric's girl to the right.)

2nd Hour
The first break arrived, so I ran back upstairs to get my Rooster card protector (maybe he’ll bring me some luck because like I said, I didn’t even play a hand for the first hour.)

I back to my table and even with the Rooster... it was more of the same (7, 2 - off suit, 10, 5, off-suit, etc...).  So, I kept talking about my trip.  During this time, I met Summer who was also playing with us.  (She had overheard me telling Eric what I was doing.)

Anyway, Summer basically thought I was full of shit until I started showing some pictures to the table of the things I was talking about.  Once she realized I was the real deal, she offered me a place to stay in Colorado once I got there.  Thank you Summer! 🙂

Table Change
We were halfway through the second hour when they shut down our table and moved everybody I had just bonded with.  Later guys!  From a poker sense, I was happy because my old seat was cold as ice!

The blinds were getting bigger while my chip stack was getting smaller so when I finally got a playable hand (A, J, of clubs) in the dealer button, I made a big raise.  Then, the little blind pushed ALL-IN!  Damn!

I knew I had still had to write a lot and I hadn’t seen a good in almost two hours so against my better judgment... I called (I was almost pot committed).   He had (A, Q).  I was dominated!  The flop came with two clubs but the third never came and I got eliminated.

I wasn’t mad that I lost, I was mad at myself for even being in a tournament when it wan’t the most important thing on my mind.  Lesson learned, never play when I have other things on my mind. 😉

Steelers vs Patriots
After the tournament, I went back up to the room to watch the rest of Pittsburgh Steelers’ game while I attempted to finish writing.  The three team $100 teaser I placed was still all good because the first two games I had were Seattle and St.Louis who both covered.

Now all I needed was the Steelers to win by less than 4 points and I would be all good. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you before the poker tournament started, I bet $110 on New England to cover.  I know... I bet against my favorite team!

I did this because I had a chance to middle the game.  That means... I would win both bets if the Steelers won by 4 or less (or lost by one but I wasn’t planning on that scenario). 😉

As we all know by now... The Steelers got worked by the Pats so I wound up breaking even on those bets.  I won a $100 on the Pats and lost $100 on the Steelers for not covering the spread (+1 and half, teaser spread).

After the game ended, I continued to write until I finally finished “DAY 133” sometime after midnight.  I hadn’t really eaten yet, so Scott and I went downstairs to get a late night snack.

Asian Lady & A Snack - Funny 🙂
It was about 1 am when Scott and I arrived at the only place open (in the casino) to get food.  At the counter in front of us was an older Asian lady.  She was ordering and when she finished... she rushed up to both of us and started telling us a crazy story (she actually startled me.) 🙂

It was so insane and I could barely understand what she was saying, so I slowly back peddled away leaving Scott alone with her.  Scott didn’t mind and it gave me a opportunity to take some pictures of her.  She realized what I was doing and yelled “No taka my picture.”

After that, it was definitely time for bed, so we called it a night.  Whew... it’s hard to do everything some days and today was one of them!

Thanks for reading!

November 16, 2010 - 12:00 pm - (Vegas - Arizona) “DAY 134”

I got up this morning in Las Vegas and had to decide where I was headed.  Do I... A.) Go back to the L.A. area and then maybe to San Diego to see a friend or do I... B.) Go to the Phoenix area where I used to live and have a ton of friends?

After talking with my friend Cisco (who temperalily lives in San Diego with his cousin who plays for the Charges but who is currently in NJ - confusing huh?), I decided it was best just to head to Phoenix until he’s definitely back there with his cousin before I decide to drive 6 hours west.  I hope you feel better Cisco!

Anyway, I know knew where I was headed so I packed up my stuff and hit the road for Arizona.  The drive is only 5 hours and it’s a familiar one because I used to live in AZ for a bunch of years and have done it many a times.

Traveling - Las Vegas to Arizona
I want to write a lot about the drive because there so many cool pictures of the desert scenery that I took but the truth is... it was a very uneventful ride from start to finish.

All I really did, was get into the car, sing songs on the road, and talk to a few friends while I snapped pictures of the awesome landscape.  It took me a little over 5 hours as I stopped to get gas along the way but all-in-all, it was an easy trip. 🙂

Arriving In AZ At Mike’s House
I got to Mike’s house around 6:45 pm (Arizona time) and was so happy to be there.  Although I have stayed with many real close friends so far on the road, this is the first time I truly feel like I’m at home.

F.Y.I. - I fell this way because not only am I staying with a close friend but I lived here so long that I also know the roads and many other people too.)  It’s an unbelievable feeling!

Also, the crazy thing is... is that Mike (Who I’m staying with), I never knew while I “technically” lived in Arizona between 1998-2005.  I didn’t meet Mike until after I left when I would come back to visit each year. (My visits are at least a month at a time. ;))

The first year I came back to visit (2006, I think), I stayed at Mike’s house although I didn’t even know him (he was a friend of my old roommate Cooper).  Coop didn’t have an extra a bed and Mike did, so he said I could crash with in 2006.

I stayed at Mike’s for about month and by the time I left we were boys!  Every year since then when I come back, I stay at Mike’s.  So over the past 4 years... I’ve probably lived at his house for 4 months.  Thank you Mike!  You are the Man! 🙂

Casino Arizona
I was only at Mike’s house for a few minutes before he asked me if I wanted to go to the casino.  (Mike doesn’t play much but he knows I do, so he thought I’d like to go.)

Anyway, I was tired and didn’t want to go yet... but Mike persisted so we went to the casino for an hour.  (The roles were crazy reversed in that scenario.) LOL

I used to play in the poker room for 40+ hours week for the whole time I lived here so I know a lot of the regulars that still play in this room.  The thing is... the room is gone!  They built a whole new poker room and casino... with a hotel!  Crazy how things change so fast!

I knew I wasn’t playing long, so I sat down at a 4-8 limit game with a $100.  Mike isn’t a gambler so when he said an hour, he means an hour (not like most poker players ;)).  I played for the hour and when I got to leave I was down $18.

Back To Mike’s - Funny Story
While I was driving from Vegas, Mike keep checking on me because he was making us dinner.  I tell you this now because we didn’t eat before we went to the casino so when we got back I very hungry.

Mike walked up to me to show me a bowl of food I thought he had already cooked (actually it was raw ground beef marinating) and when I saw it I grabbed a spoon full and immediately put in my mouth.  As I was about to swallow... Mike told me it was raw meat!  Ahhhhh!

I spit it out in the gargabe as we laughed at how I almost ate a whole spoon full of raw meat because I’m such homeless vagrant. LOL  Mike then cooked up the raw meat along with some pasta as we ate a nice dinner as I watch season 2 of “Eastbound and Down”.

Mike went to bed around 11 pm but I stayed up and watched most of the season while I uploaded pictures on my laptop.  I eventually passed out around 2 am on Mike’s couch (without the dog). 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Another successful day and ride plus a new place to stay in Colorado with Summer in winter.
    Tats are the in thing. These ladies wear them well.
    I deal with Asian customers all the time, they can be fun if there drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!

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