Two Posts In One, Halloween & The Day After! “DAY 119” & “DAY 120” – (OR-CA) & (CA) – 10/31/10 – 11/1/10

November 1, 2010 - 4 pm - (OR- CA) “Day 119”

I woke up in my hotel room (Eugene, OR) at 9 am knowing I had 2 posts to write in about 3 hours. (That’s when I have to be out.)  There’s no way I will be able to get that down, I just hoped I’d be able to get one day done.

Football was on the TV while I wrote and I did finish my post before they kicked me out.  But... I did need another half hour, so I didn’t leave until 12:30.  Thank you desk girl! 🙂

Steve Jordan

Traveling To Humboltd County, California
Ryan : Steve Jordan’s Boy (Steve’s an old High school friend)
Last week I talked with my friend Steve Jordan because... well we’re friends! 🙂  While we were on


the phone he told me he had a friend in Northern California that he thought I could stay with. (He knew I was stopping in that area and didn’t have a place to crash.)

Anyway, Steve called his friend Ryan and Steve was right.  Ryan said it was cool for me stop down and crash at his place.  I only spoke with Ryan once since Steve set it up but it I’m assuming it will be all good when I arrive.  (I had his address.)

The Actual Drive - Absolutely Beautiful!

The ride was a little over 6 hours of the most beautiful scenery you could ever imagine.  For starters... there are trees that are so big it looks like something out of “Lord of the Rings”.  And there were trees that were crazy colors that hung completely over the road.

Besides the awesome display of forrest, before I knew it I was driving on the side of mountain looking out my passenger window at the Pacific Ocean crashing into the side of the mountain.  Unreal!

It took me longer than 6 hours because every time I turned around the side of the mountain I saw a view that was nicer than the last!  At one point, I had to tell myself that I couldn’t get out of the car again or I’d never down to Ryan and the Halloween party his bar was having.

Oh yeah... during the drive, Ryan called me and told me to go straight to the bar runs in Eureka because they were having a Halloween Party featuring music artists “Heavy Weight Dub Champions”. It’s a $20 ticket but Ryan said I was on the list and not to worry.  Nice!   Thanks Ryan!

Anyway, I wish I could post all the pictures I took along this drive with-in the post but I only have room for so many.  I tell you this though... this has been the nicest drive I have had by far on this entire trip! 🙂 (Over 10,000 miles now!)

Arriving In Eureka, CA
The show started at 9 pm but Ryan was gonna be at the bar around 8:30 pm (he had some set-up stuff to do).  I pulled into town at 7:30 pm, so I had a little time to kill before I met him and partied at his bar for the night.

Steve & Dave’s Bar
As I was driving around the area near where Ryan’s bar is, I spotted a bar named Steve & Dave’s.  I had to stop in.  Why you ask???  Well... I’m here because of Steve and... dun dun dun... I’m Dave. 😉

I walked in and started talking with the bartender (Marie).  The bar wasn’t that busy because it was Sunday.  And... even though it was the actual Halloween, it was obvious that everybody had partied themselves out as I have done over the weekend.

I stayed there and talked with Marie until I it was time to go to Ryan’s bar (The Red Fox Tavern).   Thanks for giving me the low down on the area and being cool! 🙂  Oh yeah... I’m wearing the Rooster Suit for the 3rd straight day!  Ahhhh!!!!

November 2, 2010 - 10:45 am - (CA) - “DAY 119” - Continue’d

The Red Fox Tavern & Meeting Ryan For First Time
I got to the bar before it opened for the night so basically... I was the first person there.  That was cool because I got to meet all the employees and get a feel for how the bar was set-up.

So, I was downstairs at the bar talking with the bartender (Jill) when Ryan first came down from his office to introduce himself to me (he told everybody there, I was on my way so that’s why I was let in to begin with). 🙂

Ryan or as he is known around here “Dutchy”, instantly treated me as if I was a longtime friend as he

Ryan A.K.A. "Dutchy"

introduced me to everybody, waved my cover charge ($20), and bought me my drinks for the night.  Thank you so much!

F.Y.I. - Dutchy knows my longtime friend Steve from back East.  Dutchy is from Trenton, NJ and his high school best friend went to the University of Maryland which is where Steve went from 1993-97?.

That’s how Dutchy met Steve many years ago, through his H.S. buddy when he would go down there and party for the weekend, etc...  Got the dynamic now.?

The Evening
Anyway, tonight at the bar was a Halloween party featuring a very popular underground DJ. This DJ is different because they add real instruments to the tracks that they play on stage.  So, they are called musical artists instead of DJ’s and for good reason but it’s best explained as a DJ..

The doors opened at 9 pm but the place wasn’t hopping until after 10.  I had a great time but I was so tired from partying for 2 days straight along with the all the driving I had to do.  None-the-less... I was at a party so... I partied like a giant Rooster would!

Hanging Outside
The were a lot good costumes but the best one tonight was a dog dressed in a tux.  He wasn’t in the bar but for most of the night I hung out front because my Rooster suit was hot.  (I’m in Cali now, not cold and rainy Portland, OR, 30 degree temperature change.)

I was also hanging outside because... a lot of people were.  Ya see, like most of the country, you can’t smoke inside the bar so the sidewalk was filled with smokers all night long.  The smoking community were my friends tonight! 😉

There were a lot of interesting people I met, but mainly I hung out with Dutchy.  He walked the bar most of the night making sure everything was running smoothly but when he would slow down for minute, we would BS about whatever.

Sometime during the night, I was hanging out wit a cool girl named Zuleika when we started making fun of her crack, which was hanging out.  She had such a good personality, she just rolled with the joke and said to put a dollar in there. 🙂  Very funny!

The bar closed at 2 am but I stayed with the staff as they cleaned and closed the place down.  I had to (not that I minded) because I’m staying Dutchy’s for the night (maybe longer).

Dutchy’s Place
By the time we finally arrived at his place, it was after 4 am.  He lives by himself and I have the couch to crash on.  Perfect!  We bullshitted about the night for awhile before my eyes gave out on me and I passed out cold around 5 am.

I had another great day as somehow things just seem to work themselves out for me.  Dutchy is a great dude who I would already consider a friend, not just somebody who is helping me out.  Hey... he’s a Jersey guy!

Thanks for reading!

November 2, 2010 - 12:14 pm - (CA) - “DAY 120”

Luckily for me, today’s post will be short because all I really did was write for most of the day as I tried to catch up on everything I did over the weekend.

I woke up on Dutchy’s couch around noon and immediately started writing “DAY 118” (Beaver game).  There was so much to write and so many pictures to upload that I didn’t finish until 7 pm.

During those 7 hours I wrote at a few different places.  I started at Dutchy’s but it took so long... that by the time I finished, I was writing in the office at the bar.  It was already night time and we hadn’t eaten yet so we headed out to find a bar with the games on.

Crazy enough, there aren’t many sports bars with food in this area, so we wound up at Applebee’s.  As we were eating, the SF Giants won the World Series and the place went nuts!  I am in Northern California right now.

F.Y.I. - I was routing against them with all my power because I wanted to try and get in to game 6 which was gonna be played in SF in 2 days but now that they won... that ship has sailed. 🙁

After eating and watching the ends of the games (MNF too), we picked up Dutchy’s dog, got a movie at Blockbuster, and headed back to his place for the rest of the night.  That was perfect by me because I still was a day behind posting and it gave me time to catch up.

Dutchy’s - He Made A Pizza Too!
When we got back to his place it was 11pm-ish and before I knew it... he was making a NJ style pizza in his oven (well the best he could in a home oven ;)).  He had fresh dough, fresh sauce, and even put some ground sausage on it.  Nice!

I was shocked he was going through this work but he said he had to for his New Jersey brother.  Thanks Dutchy!  And to be honest... it was a very good pizza.  Better than most of the pizza I have had on this trip and he made it in his home stove.  Not bad! 🙂

Calling It A Night
After eating half of the pizza as well as a few snacks, we watched “Splice” (A new release about cloning and whatnot).

Anyway, the acting was so bad (storyline too) we had to turn it off after a hour or so.  Truthfully, we should have never given that long!

We put on the next movie with Matt Damon, “The Green Zone”.  This movie was good but by the time it half way through... I fell asleep on the couch for the night.

That was it for my Monday as I am now finally caught up on posts!  Woo Hoo! 🙂  And to Dutchy... thank you for being so cool and hospitable!  I truly appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    You covered a lot of ground in a few days and once again, strangers became friends. Go Rooster Go!!!

  2. Casey says:

    Well atleast you got alot of good use out of the rooster suit. I don’t miss it nearly as much now. I am sure it is trashed. Good work Rooster!

  3. Matt says:

    I fell asleep 2 times on 2 separate occasions watching Green must be contagious.

  4. Marie says:

    Hey Rooster! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog…you were cool to talk to and this little project of yours is rad! Enjoy your adventures and anytime your back in Eureka come by and have a drink with me!

  5. dave says:

    You got it Marie. Thanks! 🙂

  6. G says:

    6 Months you can use my Heat tickets!

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