Two Uneventful Days Except Burger King & Waffle House Are Banned! (AL) “DAYS 232 & 233” – 2/21/11, 2/22/11

February 22, 2011 - 8:30 pm - (AL) “DAY 232 & 233” - Week 34 - State 31

Sorry for the delay since my last post, but I was doing a lot of other writing for the MLB Dream Job (one-in-a-million shot) that was posted online.  I couldn’t find a deadline on their website, so I had to do it right away.

Monday & Tuesday
For the first time on this trip, I am writing two days together.  I am doing this now because for these two specific days, I did the same thing and it wasn’t that much.

All I did for these two days was sit in my Motel 6 room in Mobile, Alabama and write.  Yes, I did watch a little TV as well and each day I went out once to get some food but for real, I could have been sitting in a Motel 6 in Hong Kong and I wouldn’t have known the difference.

Small Difference’s Between The Days
When I tell you I didn’t do much except write and exist, I meant it.  But some small differences between the days were...

Monday, for instance, started the banning of two different food establishments I ate at.  The first was Burger King.  Now, their burger wasn’t bad, but their receipt says you can get a free whopper if you call the number on the back of it. So I did.

The problem, after a 10 minute stupid questionnaire, you got a free whopper if you buy a whopper!  Are you kidding me!  I went through all that and the whopper isn’t even free!  You’re banned for life BK and if I had time, I would write a letter to the cooperate office!

Waffle House
Then, on Tuesday, I had another dining problem as I again... banned another restaurant for life.  This time it was the Waffle House.  I banned the Waffle House because I ordered a $2 bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and a $3.40 bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Now, since the sandwich was almost the double the money, you’d think it was at least double the sandwich.  Right?  Wrong!  The only difference between the two were the choices of bread.

So Waffle House... you’re trying to tell me that 2 slice of no-name white bread cost $1.30 more than a biscuit.  Your are f&$king kidding me!  You are banned for life! “No Soup For You!”

Not Much Else To Write
Like I said, other than writing, watching TV, and eating, I didn’t do to much for these past two days.  Now though, I have a decision to make.  How long do I stay in Mobile, Alabama?

Changing My Plans
For the last 233 days, I have pretty much stayed in each state I visited for a week. (There were a few a stayed a little longer and few I stayed shorter but for the most part, one week per.)

Anyway, when Tuesday night rolled around, I decided that I would leave Alabama 3 days early and head to Florida.  I decided this for many reasons, let me explain.

1.) I have nowhere to stay in Alabama come Wednesday and I don’t want to have to pay for another night. 2.) I have already seen two baseball games as well as experienced a Mobile Mardi Gras. 3.) I’m mentally exhausted from traveling and Florida is a like a home away from home for me. 4.) Lastly, I have no clean underwear! LOL

Tuesday Night (Post Decision)
After deciding I was leaving, I finished writing my MLB essays and submitted them to  Then, I packed up my room so when I got up Wednesday morning, I could just brush my teeth and leave for Florida.  (It’s a 10 hour ride from Mobile to Fort Myers, Florida where my good friend Pat lives.)

Anyway, that’s about it as tomorrow I will re-entering the east coast time zone for the first time in over 200 days!  Unreal!  Sorry this post was relatively uneventful, but hey... everyday I can’t meet the President or get in the Guinness Book Of World Records! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    The BK receipt says “Free Whopper with Food Purchase…” It also refers you where to get more details. Granted, the print below “Free Whopper” was smaller, but not too small. Perfectly acceptable representation. Sometimes the caveats are so small that they seem to go out of their way to deceive you, but that is really not the case here.

  2. DAD says:

    We all need a day or two to recharge.

  3. Mike says:


    You left 2 states in a row early what’s the deal? You have yet to find a home game in states thst didn’t have poker? Off the top of my head Ohio, Texas and Alabama. Oh and what about finding a free gym membership for the week you have yet to do so? What’s the deal?

    Your most loyal reader,


  4. dave says:

    You are correct that I left two states early. It was because I was getting mentally and physically exhausted from the trip. By no means, do I want to quit or stop going but Florida is a place I lived for 2 years and have a place to stay with old friends. It’s just something I had to do to re-fresh. I couldn’t predict what would have happened after 200+ days but the result was fatigue and needing a comfortable setting.

    Poker is my means to an end in funding this trip (kinda). When I have to play, I play. And when I get some time off, I’m actually happy to have time away from the pressure of a must win. Finding a home game sounded good before I left, but as the trip has progressed I have realized it’s not worth the time or energy to try and find a possible unsafe game where bad things could happen to me.

    The gym: I wish I was working out. It makes me feel so much better but it’s one of the things I just don’t have time for. When I posted all my goals, that was before I left NJ and I actually thought I would have free time on my hands. (I had no idea I would be writing/uploading/posting pictures for 3-7 hours a day depending on the day.) I knew I’d be writing but I just didn’t know what I was in for. Anyway, I put everything I wanted to do on that list and as I have found out, I just don’t have time for everything all the time. Negotiating to find a place to stay all time, looking for cheap food deals, finding fun things to do in town, working on finding charity work (which isn’t as easy as one would think), as well as the daily trials of life has keep me from working out as well as a few other things.

    Hope that explains it.


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