Volunteer Work, Meeting More Family, & A Bar! (TX) “DAY 209” – 1/29/11

January 30, 2011 - 4:37 pm - (TX) “DAY 209” - Week 30 - State 28

If you didn’t read yesterday, then let me re-cap for a second.  Today (Saturday), I am volunteering as a football coach for a youth football league here in Spring, Texas.  (Practice for 7-9 year old's starts at 9:30 am and practice for 12-14 year old's starts at 12:30.)

Anyway, I had the option to coach for both or just one of them and since I’m not a morning guy... I choose to wake up a little later and just coach the older boys. (I’m more comfortable around older kids anyway.)

Meeting Scott At The Field
Just so you know, Scott is in charge of all the teams, so he was there at 9 am with Blitz coaching the youngest team first. (Even though Blitz is just 6 he practices with 7-9 year old's and he might be the biggest kid there, he’s a big 6 year old.)

Anyway, since I was arriving later, I brought Rob (14 year old son) to practice along with his friend Bradley. (Bradley is a big kid, about 6’1 240.)  Yeah, they grow’em big here in Texas! 🙂

Arriving At Practice
For anybody who isn’t from Texas, these kids get to play football year round.  They have the usually fall football leagues (like the rest of the country) but as I am finding out, they also have spring football leagues which start now (the same type of season as they have in the fall).  These kids are lucky! 🙂

F.Y.I. - This league is called Select Football because it’s the best of the best (players) from the area.  Well... the ones they can find, they are always looking for more kids.

Since Scott has been helping coach this league, the teams he’s coached records have completely flip-flopped.  From what I’ve been told, they have won more games in the past 3 seasons than they did in the previous 8.  Nice job Scott!

Coaching The Boys
Today at practice were just 9 kids (4 lineman, 5 backs).  It’s the first practice of the season and they normally have only 15 or so anyway (they play both ways).

Anyway, even though there was just 9 boys there, all of them were studs!  They were big, they were fast, and they knew football!  Not to mention, the workout they were about to go through was similar to the college practice I just went through at Kean U. two years ago.  It was no joke!

Drills & Conditioning

For well over an hour, we ran these kids into the ground doing different football drills.  We did some form running, bag drills, and the worst of all (for the players) is the pursuit drill. (In that drill, the kids basically do a 60 yard sprint every 30 seconds.)  It’s painful!

10 Yard Fight
Although we did a lot more than what I wrote, the practice ended after a drill Scott calls 10 yard fight.  It’s a drill where a running back carry’s the ball through 6 defenders who have pads to hit them with.  The path is 10 yards wide and long, thus 10 yard fight.

Anyway, this drill was a bunch of fun as all the kids enjoyed doing a little hitting.  Nice! (I like these Texas football players!)  I enjoyed it as well because I got a hold bag as part of the last line of defense.  I went about 50% which wasn’t enough when Big Rob (6’2 240 lbs) carried the ball. (He ran right over me.) 😉

The End Of Practice
After 10 yard fight, practice was over and I can honestly say... that may have been the most fun I have had all year long!  I love football and I guess I love coaching it as well because in the blink of an eye... 3 hours had past!

F.Y.I. - I now am certain that where ever I end up settling down when this is all said and done... I will coaching some kind of football if I have the time and can find a team that needs me. 🙂

Before I left, I thanked the boys and the coaches for letting me help out as well as wishing them well on the upcoming season! (I can’t wait to hear how they do this year and how the kids I met performed.)

My Car Is Making A Noise... Oh No!
After practice ended, Scott’s plan was to take us to lunch (me, Rob, Blitz, Bradley) but I had other things on my mind because when I drove the kids to practice at noon, I heard a noise coming from my car.  Oh no! 🙁

Scott is handy and told me it is probably a belt.  He even called a friend of his to fix for me but I still wanted to be sure so I headed to an auto repair store to make sure he was right.  (He was pretty sure but not certain and I needed to know what I was up against.)

Car Repair Stuff

After searching my GPS, I found a Goodyear auto repair store less than a mile away, so I went there.  When I arrived, I met Ryan and Ryan (auto mechanics who were working).

There were real cool guys and after looking at my car, they confirmed it was a belt that needed to be replaced.  Not nice, but not bad either.  I found out a belt is relatively inexpensive to fix although it can be a pain in the ass.  (Scott’s friend said he would fix it for $65.)

After leaving the Goodyear, I drove across the street to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store to buy a belt ($17) for my 2002 Nissan Altima.  The guys in the auto parts store were cool too as they loved the idea of my journey. (They all wished me well on my travels.)

Meeting Scott For Lunch
Even though I wasn’t hungry, I stopped by where Scott was eating lunch because he said there were roosters everywhere inside.  And... when I walked in, he was right!  Roosters everywhere!

I wasn’t there long as they were just about finished eating, so I took a picture next to a huge rooster on the wall and then headed back to Scott’s house so I could start writing. (Or so I thought I was gonna start writing.)

Julie’s Familia
When I got back to Scott’s house there was a lot of people there.  Well... there is always a lot people there so for me to say this... there was even more people there.  Sometime while we gone, some of Julie’s immediate family stopped by for the day.

I can’t even begin to tell you everybody’s name, but I know her Mom, a few cousins, and some of there kids were there.  With that many family members in one house, I had to take a picture, so I gathered everybody up and took a family photo!  Nice! 🙂

Ostrich Skin Boots
While everything was going on everywhere (so many people), Scott, Lynn, Julie, and myself were getting ready to go out for the night. (We were going to a bar in Houston where a local singing sensation was performing.)

Anyway, while I was getting my outfit together, Scott asked me what my shoe size was and then told me he had a present for me.  You ready for this... he gave me my first pair of cowboy boots!

And... there weren’t just any pair of boots... they were ostrich skin boots!  Yes, ostrich skin boots!  So tonight, I’m wearing my first pair of ostrich boots to a bar or... well... anywhere for matter! 🙂

Dan’s Electros - Guitar Bar
Around 9:30 pm the four left the house and headed 20 miles south to Houston to go see Carolyn Wonderland perform at Dan’s Electros Guitar Bar.  The ride wasn’t bad and before I knew it, we were outside of the bar and ready to enter.

Cover Charge
I’m not sure how much it usually is to enter this bar, but tonight it was $15 a piece.  The good thing was... somehow Scott, Julie, and I didn’t have to pay.  We just walked in because we didn’t realize there was a cover and by the time we found out, we were already in. 🙂

The Bar And The Bands
The bar itself had a pretty cool set-up as it was an inside-outside bar with plenty of room.  Before Carolyn went on, we partied outside and mingled with the many people who were there.  It was a cool scene as everybody there seemed to know who Carolyn was.

F.Y.I. - From what I’ve been told, Carolyn is an amazing singer/guitarist/performer.  They say she is mix of Janis Joplin and somebody else. (I don't know the names of singers.) 😉  Also, they say the only reason she isn’t super famous is because she doesn’t want to sell out.

I’m not a huge fan of unknown musicians so if I like her, she will have to be real good! 😉  Anyway, about an hour later Carolyn was on stage and ready to put on show.

Carolyn Wunderland & Band
As she was getting ready to start her show, I got close to stage and took a picture of her (just incase she was as good they say).  Well... after I heard her first song... she was that good!  She was everything they she said was and almost more. 😉

Some people think she is the best ever but this is what I’ll say... for being in a regular bar in front of crowd of 150 people-ish, this is the best band/performer who you could ever hope to see.

Is Metallica better, yes.  Is Areosmith better, yes.  Is Whitney Houston better, hell yeah!  But for an unknown band (nationwide), she might have been the best I could have ran into on my trip!.  She was real good! 🙂  (She even played the trumpet during a few songs.)

More Random Luck
Oh yeah, it’s not a big deal but just to tell you how perfect my trip has been going in every which way (even small things).  Tonight, at about 12:30 am I was real hungry so I went to the bartender and asked if they served food.  They did but had already stopped serving for the night.  Ahhh!

So, I walked next door to another bar but they didn’t even serve food at all.  Damn!  So there I am looking for food and hungry when I’m about to walk back into Dan’s Electros when a normal looking couple walks up to me and asked if I wanted the hot dogs they just ordered and received.  What?  Is this even happening?

What happened was, they ordered the food at Dan’s before they stopped serving but it took so long, that they were about to leave when they finally got their food (2 hotdogs and chips).  Still, they were out the door and frustrated, so they just wanted to give the food away.  Nice!  Right place, right time again! 🙂 (I gave the 2nd hot dog to Scott and Julie.) 🙂

Back To Scott’s For the Night
After Carolyn’s last set, the four us hopped back in Scott’s car and went home for the night.  It was 2 am and everybody was tired from a long day... week... you get the idea. 😉  Well... that was it as I crashed out on Scott’s couch shortly after we got back.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Your dream job, football coach !!!
    Scott and his family are awesome.
    Thanks for showing Rooster around Houston.
    Dallas look out, the Rooster is on his way.

  2. When you write your book, will it look bad having nothing but a peace sign up in almost every picture you’re in?
    It makes me laugh every time.
    All the best Rooster!

  3. dave says:

    If I’m not happy or things are going bad… there wouldn’t be a peace sign or a thumbs up. So, that means I’m doing good on my trip! 🙂

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