A Washington Husky Football Game! (WA) “DAY 104” – 9/16/10

October 17, 2010 - 11:56 am - (WA) “DAY 104”

Waking up this morning was so relieving. 🙂  I’m finally in an old friends place and feel completely comfortable.  (I did feel that way in Montana as well, those guys were so cool but for many weeks prior, it was a difficult stretch.)


Anyway, I woke up around 10 am (West Coast time) and started writing “DAY 103” in the kitchen.  While I was writing, Brooklyn opened a package my Mom sent me.  (She mailed it here last week.)  It had Rooster cards and two new Rooster chip protectors (poker). 🙂


Casey and fam had a party to go to, so I just stayed at his place, finished writing, and watched college football until he got back around 3 pm.  My internet connection at Casey’s wasn’t working well so I went to Starbucks and finished posting.

After I got done, I went back to Casey’s and got ready for the Washington Husky football game.  Casey wasn’t going because he is lazy! 😉  Actually, he went last week an didn’t feel like going again.  (He’s a ASU fan, not a U Dwub fan anyway.)

Washington Husky’s vs. Oregon St. Beavers
To get to the stadium from Casey’s you can drive (35 minutes) or take a bus that runs from Renton, WA (10 min away).  Casey advised me to take the bus, so I drove down there and jumped on one.

I arrived at the stadium around 5:15 pm (2 hrs before game time) and walked around to take in the scene.  After figuring out where the best tailgating area was, I headed down there to party and hopefully find a free ticket. 🙂

On my walk there, I saw a Husky Dog statue with a skully over each ear.  Some bank were giving them away for free, so I got one (well two) and keep walking toward the tailgate area.

Tailgating Area
Washington’s main tailgating area wasn’t as big as Boise St.’s was last week, but it still was pretty big and lively.  I stood over top looking down on the scene before I headed in to find a tailgate to party at.

Old Gold
I was walking through the parking lot when I stumbled upon a gold truck with a keg next to it.

Greg and Me "Rooster"

This looks like a cool place to party I thought, so I asked around until I found out who’s tailgate was.

The fist person I met was Greg and he gave me a beer while he found Casey, the main person who’s tailgate it was.  I think “Old Gold” was his truck but I may be wrong.

Sheena, Courtney, Casey, Brian

Anyway, I explained to him what I was doing and he invited me into the party.  He told me to hang and drink for as long as I wanted.  Sweet!  Old Gold Tailgate Rules!

I stayed at the “Old Gold Tailgate” for almost two hours as I met a bunch of great people.  During this time, two real cool girls (Sheena and Courtney) even tried finding me ticket after they heard my story and knew I needed one.

They came back empty handed but they tried and for that... I sincerely Thank You!

Finding A Ticket

Thank you!

It was around 6:30 pm when I decided to look around the area for a ticket to the game.  I stumbled a few tailgates over when I found a guy (Terry, I think?... I did have a few beers ;)) who had an extra ticket.

He was a real nice guy but didn’t immediately want to give to me the ticket.  He didn’t say no but was reluctant.

After about 10 minutes of talking with him, he finally caved and gave to me if I agreed to leave his tailgate. 😉
Back To “Old Gold”
I know had a ticket so I went to back to the “Old Gold” tailgate for a fe more beers and laughs.

Me "Rooster", Sam, Hailie

As I was filling up my beer, I met two real cool girls (Sam and Hailie).  I stayed and chatted with them until it was almost time to leave for the game.

I say almost because I was getting hungry and needed to find some tailgate food.  So I said good bye to “Old Gold” (the truck) and thanked them (the people) for a great time! 🙂

Tailgate Dinner
I didn’t walk more then 10 feet before I dog tailgating and having a good time!  I walked over and asked the dog if I could join his tailgate and he said, “Bark, bark.”, Nice!

As I was chilling with Spud’s Mckeinzie (U Dwub style), the guy who’s tailgate it was offered me a hot dog (he was grilling a bunch).  Perfect! 🙂   I ate the hot dog and hamburger before I left for the game (7 pm).  Thanks Spud and owner!

Walking To The Game
The walk to the stadium from the main tailgate is only a few hundred yards but it was cold out!  (This was by far the coldest day of my entire trip, it was about 30 degrees out.)

Anyway, I got to the entrance where the stadium welcomes you, took a picture of myself with my ticket, and then walked around to find a seat.

F.Y.I. - The only condition I had with my free ticket was I couldn’t sit in that seat.  The guy who gave it to me worked for a company and it was their tickets.  So, he didn’t want to bring somebody he didn’t know into their company seats.

I didn’t mind, I just needed a way in the stadium and... I’m in!  All good by me. 🙂

My First Seat - Kinda
I entered the stadium and was in the end zone area, so I walked down to the first row and started to take pictures.  I didn’t know it at the time but I was just feet from where the both teams would enter the field.

Washington Husky’s Entrance
I realized it when smoke started pouring out all over the place around me.  There was so much smoke that I couldn’t see the players running on the field and I was only a few feet away!

It must look real cool for the rest of the crowd but I didn’t see a thing except for smoke!  After the smoke died down, I got a picture of some of the last Husky players running onto the field.

Oregon St. Entrance
The Beavers (I like writng that ;)) entered second, so I got a good picture of them before they left the tunnel.  Their entrance wasn’t as grand but at least I was able see something as they ran onto the field.  (No smoke entrance for the visiting team. ;))

Watching The Game
After both teams hit the field, I walked along the end zone’s first row looking for a seat.  Remember, I can’t sit in the seat I have (I gave my word).

F.Y.I. - For some reason the first 4 rows of most of the stadium were completely empty.  I sat there a lot though out the night, but not at first.

Oregon St. Cheerleaders - Smokin!
Anyway, as I was walking along the rail watching the 1st quarter, I stopped in front of the Oregon St. cheerleaders and watched them perform.  I was only planning on watching them for second but... they were some damn hot I couldn’t take my eyes of them!!!

I have seen hot girls and I have seen hot cheerleaders, but... it has been awhile (maybe ever) that I saw a whole cheerleading squad of super hot girls without a grenade in the bunch.  (Oh my God... I just used a “Jersey Shore” reference.  What is happening to me!” 😉

Before I knew it, I had watched most of the 1st quarter standing in front of the Oregon St. cheerleaders with my jaw on the ground!  They were so damn hot, by the far the hottest the group of cheerleaders I had ever seen!

The 2cd quarter was about to begin, so before I got a restraining order against me... 😉 I moved on to see the rest of the stadium.  Did I mention how hot the Oregon St. cheerleaders were??? 🙂

2cd Quarter
During the second quarter I got a lot done.  I kept walking around the stadium in the first row until I got to the student section.  The student section was wild as are most student sections.  On a 1-10 scale... I give this a 8 1/2.  A very fun environment!

“Purple Man”
Since I was in the first row, I was next to “Purple Man”, a kid who wears a purple spandex suit from head to toe.  It covers his whole body, real wild!  He was a good sport and took a picture with me, Thanks Purple Man!

Harry Husky
As I was in the student section cheering on the Huskies, Harry the Husky jumped into the stands and ran to the two hottest girls in the area.  It’s funny because you know under the Mascot outfit is some college kid hoping the Husky suit will help get him laid. 😉

For the record, this was the first mascot I have seen that was truly more interested in the girls than being a mascot.  The Husky definitely lost his “Mascot Focus”, not that I could blame him... the girls were hot!

The Real “Husky Dog”
It was almost halftime so I left the student section and headed for some shelter (it was cold old).  But on my way around the stadium I saw the real Husky dog by the rail.

I walked over and petted the dog for luck as some lady took my picture for me!  The dog was real friendly... I miss Max (my lazy dog)!  Thanks again D. 🙂

Something Cool About Their Stadium
After each touchdown, some cheerleaders, sometimes the mascot, and others pile onto a Washington Husky Helmet car as it rides up and down their sideline riling up the crowd.

They scored 5 touchdowns in the game so I got to see this a few times over the course of the night.  Other than that, they (the crowd) gets real fired up during each kick-off.

3rd Quarter
The 3rd quarter began with Oregon St. down 21-14 but on their 1st possession, they scored a TD and tied the game at 21-21.  I tell you this because this game turned out to be awesome as it went into double overtime before somebody won but we’ll get to late later.

Oregon St. Beaver Mascot
Anyway, after the TD, I called over the Oregon St. mascot (A Beaver).  He was walking down the sideline of the field when I caught his attention got him to come over to the rail.

He was a real cool mascot, maybe the best yet other than Lil Red. 🙂  He came to the rail and gave me the rabbit ears, Damn you Beaver!

Other fans saw me get a picture with the Beaver and started to come down and get there’s as well.  I started a photo op with the Beaver.  can’t you tell I like to write the word beaver. 😉

4th Quarter
Like I said, the game was close as it stayed tied through regulation (21-21).  The problem... I took the bus from Renton, WA and if I get left for some reason, I don’t where I am and I will have no way to get back to Casey’s.

I had to make a decision... stay until the end?... or go to the bus and make sure I get back to my car?  It was real cold out and I already did everything I wanted to do (except get on the field) so I opted for the bus.

The Bus
I made the wrong decision because there were a ton of buses and the bus wouldn’t leave until 60 people were on it.  I was the first person there...

It didn’t take long though as by the start of overtime (about 10 min) the bus filled and I was off to my car.  During the bus ride, I was getting text updates from Casey on the score.  After each text, I would stand up on the bus and relay the information to all the Husky fans who left early.

During the bus ride (25 minutes), the game ended and I announced the final score to the bus... “The Huskies won 35-34!”  The bus went crazy as they cheered for most of the way back to Renton (where my car was).

Back To Casey’s
I got back to Casey’s around midnight and waiting up for again was Casey, Lisa, and Brooklyn.  I love my new family! 🙂  Brooklyn went to bed as the 3 of us watched “Iron Man (1)”.  (Casey never saw it.)

I went bed before the movie ended because I was exhausted but I had another great day.  F.Y.I.-  The whole Husky game cost me.... $0.00.  The ticket was free, the bus was free, the food/tailgate was free... THANK YOU WASHINGTON STATE!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    So, washington cheer leaders are hot, and beaver
    get’s you excited. ” It’s the simple things in life” we enjoy the most.Glad your having a good time.

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