A Wild Drunken Last Day! (MT) “DAY 102” – 10/14/10

October 15, 2010 - 12:30 pm - (MT) “DAY 102”

Before I begin telling you about today in it’s entirety, this post will be pretty short because at 10:30 pm-ish, I deleted all my pictures for the day off my camera by accident. 🙁

So, the only pictures I have are from 10:30 pm to 12:30 am because at that point... my camera went dead (batteries).  I do have some cell phones pics I took after my camera died but most of them are to dark (no flash on my cell).  Maybe... 5 are good.

The No Pictures Part Of The Day
For the second day in a row, Batman and Sam let me crash at their place.  And for the second day in a row, Brandon also crashed their.

Well.. for Brandon... it’s like the 17th day in a row.  He was been staying here while he was getting a

Brandon, Sam, Batman

place and even though he has a place now... we’ve been so wasted, all of us just wind up passing out at Batman’s.

“Ooh LA Latte”- spelled wrong
Anyway, I got up around 11 am to Batman Smash!, again... LOL 🙂  Brandon got up too (how couldn’t he), as the three of us went to a coffee shop down the road called “Ooh La Latte”.  It’s a drive thru coffee shop where hot chicks serve you coffee in sexy lingerie.

I know... brilliant!  I don’t even drink coffee... 😉  Anyway, Batman and Brandon do, so we got some coffee and smiles 🙂 then went to Brandon’s so he could get ready for work.  (I had great pics but they are gone... :()


Guest Writer - Batman
While Brandon got ready for work, Regan gave me the day off and wrote “DAY 101”.  Thank you!  And it was great!

He really is a great guy... he has taken me into his place, introduced me to all his friends, brought me everywhere in town, and then... he even gave me a day off of a work!  Batman kicks ass...

Batman for President! 🙂

WVU GAME Then Batman’s
We dropped Brandon off at work around 4 pm and then went to a bar to watch the WVU football game (on ESPN).  We left there at half time and went back to Batman’s to relax before our Thursday night of partying began.


Before we left Batman’s at 9 pm to hit the bars, a few of his friends showed up to party with us for the night.  (I don’t have pictures... they are deleted! :()

With us were, Rob, Callie, Joe, Batman , and myself.  Regan’s roommate Sam. was meeting us down there too, she had to get ready. 🙂

Getting Brandon

Girl, Me "Rooster", Sam

It was 10:30 pm when Brandon text me to see where we we’re at and if somebody could get him from work.  Sam wasn’t drinking (she had to be at work at 3 am), so Sam and I went to get Brandon.  (Right before this is when I deleted all the pics :(, so... from here on I do have some. :))

Sam and I - Funny Story
While Sam and I were driving across town to get Brandon, we were laughing and getting to know each other better, when a car pulled out in front of us and we almost got in an accident.

I didn’t have my seat belt on, and the funny part was... I was telling her a story while my face smashed into the windshield, but I didn’t stop talking as I was telling my story with my face plastered on the window.

We were really close to getting into an accident, but Sam was laughing so hard at how I acted if nothing was happening and kept telling my story, that we didn’t even skip a beat on our good time. 🙂

Famous Dave’s
We showed up as we were walking in to get Brandon, Sam told me about a hole in her pants.  I told her the hole didn’t exist unless we documented it, so here is a picture to make all you makes smile.(I don’t think she knows I took this picture!) 🙂

Anyway, we got Brandon and headed back to the bars to meet up with Batman.  I didn’t know it yet, but Batman was on the verge of blacking out.

The Bars Again
We met Regan again at the Central Bar and Grill.  The first thing we drank were Mind Erasers.  I now know why Batman blacked out.  The bar was a good time, we drank and had some fun while we tried to “scoot-scoot” on some chicks as Batman calls it.

We didn’t pull any girls, but we did have a lot of funny and partied with different groups of hotties for the next couple hours.

Then we went to the Badlander around Midnight.  We continued to drink, as Batman and I still tried to “scoot -scoot”on some girls but with him blacked out calling every girl “Snookie”... it was a little rough.  But it was funny! 🙂

During this time, their friend Brenden showed up so... more shots!  (About this time my camera when dead. :().


Brenden’s - After the Bar’s
The bars were about to close so we (Batman, Brandon, Sam, and I) went to Brenden’s for some after hour drinks.  Sam was our DD but she had to leave at 2:30 am so we only stayed for a little bit.

While we were there though, the 5 of us laughed our asses off at all the stupid shit that being said between us.  It was a great and I had a blast!  Thank you to all new Montana friends for showing me a good time!

Batman’s / Sam’s
Sam dropped us off at place while she changed for work.  Before I could even sit down on the couch... Batman was passed out cold!  Alcohol is a hell of a drug! LOL

I went to sleep shortly after and when I woke up this morning... somehow Brandon was here too!  LOL  He didn’t leave with us but he was here in the morning.  I don’t why or how either. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    All this alcohol and fun, will cost you in Seattle.
    Break out your running shoes. I’m sure you owe it
    to yourself. We spoke earlier, drive safe.

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