UPDATED: Working, Poker, and More Friends! (AZ) “DAY 137” – 11/18/10

November 19, 2010 - 12:32 pm - (AZ) “DAY 137”

Today will be the first day I actually worked a real job in over, well... ever! LOL 😉 And... it’s not really even a job job (to me at least).  Today, I’m gonna go out and sell radio commercials for my old radio partner’s (Curt's) new NFL Football show (by new I mean without me. ;))

I’ve done this in the past for many years.  We (Curt and I) would sell our own show on the different sports radio networks and make whatever we could off of it.  (You could actually lose money this way but we never did, we always did fairly well.) 🙂

Anyway, I told Curt I would help him out while I was here and see what kind of business I could muster in a short period of time. (I’m not worried about what I’ll get, Curt has always been more than fair to me and this is no different.  We’re all good.)

After writing for a bit, I left Mike’s at 2 pm to try and hit as many restaurants as I could.  (I figured this would the easiest sell in a short time period.)  So I drove to busy street in North Scottsdale and just did my thing! 🙂

Before I knew it, I had sold two places (most likely), got gift certificates from another, and had contacts for four more local businesses.  Not bad for two hours of work when you’ve only been in town for 24 hours. 😉

I miss being apart of the entertainment business although what I’m doing now... I hope entertains all of you!  I say it everyday but I truly mean it, THANK YOU FOR READING!

Meeting Up With Bryan Ricci
Around 4:30 pm, I met up with an old friend who I used to do comedy with, Bryan Ricci.  Back in the day, I used to put on a local comedy show, “Rooster’s All-Star Comedy Show”.  And... Bryan was one of the comics I used to perform with.

I created the show and sold it myself because I couldn’t believe how many funny comics couldn’t get paid to perform.  There were at least 10 people in the Phoenix area that were unknown (at the time) yet... hilarious!  Seriously, they were as funny as any headliner (at least for 10 minutes). (left: Reggie Walker)

Now for myself, I realized that I was a fair comic (at best) but a very good entertainer who could definitely get the attention of a crowd.  So I hosted the show and brought up great comic after great comic to do 7-10 minutes each.  As far as laughs went, the show was always a success! (Right: last comic stand guy and Devyan DuMon)

Anyway, since that time Bryan and I have remained friends and every time I come back to the area, we hang out and I usually watch him perform.  (I’ll see him this week at the Tempe Improv either Friday or Saturday.)

The great thing about Bryan’s comedy is that he is never satisfied and is ALWAYS working to bet better.  Making it as stand-up comic is his only goal and it shows because every time I see him... he is better than the last.  (Mind you, he started off funny to begin with.) 😉

Like I said, it was 4:30 pm when I got him and we hung out for about 2 hours before I dropped him off and I went to the casino.  (Bryan comes back later, I get him when I’m done playing.)

Casino Arizona - Poker -

To Be Continued!... There is an awesome story to tell but it has to wait.  I’m just to busy right now. I have a friend (Bryan) in the car waiting on me to drive him to the Improv, I have another friend waiting for me to meet him at 5 pm, I still have to organize my cloths/car, AND... my French girl Celine IS flying in to travel with me in about 2 hours!

So... I want to write the “DAY 137” (the rest of it) but I don’t have time!  I’ll finish it later.

November 20, 2010 - 2:00 am - (AZ) "DAY 137" - Continued!

Casino Arizona - Poker -
The reason I wanted to go to the poker room tonight is because of a promotion they run for NFL football games.  Basically, they do a free pool where you get 2 numbers and if your numbers hit (last 2 numbers of each score match yours), you win $500 or $250. (straight is $500, reverse is $250, matching #'s are $750.)

F.Y.I. - I got my numbers and they were terrible (2, 2).  At this point, the football pool dream is over and I’m here just to win a $100 and get out of Dodge.

Great Story!
Anyway, I got into a 4-8 limit game again and played patiently until I got good cards.  The first hand I played, I won and picked up about $40.  Nice! The next hand I played (about 4 hands later) was pocket Queens (Q, Q).

I was in the big bling and it had already been raised to $8 when it got to me, so I bumped to $12 to see where I was.  Nobody raised back.  The flop... (Q, 8, 3) with two hearts.  Nice!  I hit a set.  I bet $4 (all I could) and the whole table called.

The turn... Queen of hearts!  Perfect!  I just hit quads and somebody hit a flush ( i found out later).  I bet out and got called, then raised by another player.  I didn’t raise back because I didn’t want to force out the 3rd player in.  The river... Ace.  It didn’t matter, I had Quads! 🙂

I checked and the other player bet, I raised him to $16 and he called.  I won... I had quads and took down a nice pot.  Now, that’s a good story but that’s not even the story.  The real story begins right now.

Spinning The Wheel For A Jackpot
When you get quads (4 of a kind) with 2 cards in your hand you get to spin the wheel for a jackpot.  The jackpot you can win is decided by which 4 of a kind you had.  For instance, four 2’s pay $2,250 while four 8’s pay $5,000.  Each 4 of a kind has a value.

Since I had four Queens, I was spinning for an amount ranging from $50 to $3750.  That’s a pretty big swing!  Truthfully, as I approached the wheel, I was just thrilled I was able to add, at minimum $50 to my chip stack.

F.Y.I. - The wheel is like what you would see at the boardwalk or a carnival.  It probably had at least 100 places you could land on and 3 of them were Jackpot!  Also, if you (the spinner) hit the jackpot slot, not only did you win the amount associated, but the whole table you were playing at wins $100 each.

It was my turn to spin and I spun the wheel real hard so I could at least... make my time last a little bit. 😉  The wheel definitely went around 4 or 5 times before it started to slow down and when it did... I could tell I was gonna be close to winning the Jackpot!

By the time it was about 7 rungs from stopping, I was certain I was about to win $3750.  During those last 6 or 7 rungs of spin, the next few weeks of trip flashed before my eyes.

I could see my self watching football games with a purchased ticket, eating at nice restaurants, staying in a nice clean hotel room, so on and so forth.  Anyway, the wheel was on the verge of stopping as the whole casino paused to see what happened...

Then... right before my very eyes, the cards Gods played one more trick on me.  The wheel did stop, but it stopped one rung away from the Jackpot as it tried it’s best to get over the hump on into my bank account!

I’m not lying when I say, the whole casino gasped in disappointment!  I just stood there absolutely nauseous doing my best not to throw up on the floor!  I instantly... became physically ill!  I went from winning $3750 to $100 in a split second!

$3750!  Do you have any idea how much that would have changed my life for the next few months!  That’s $1750 more dollars than I started my trip with 137 days ago!  Ahhhhh!  Why!  🙁

Even though I had just won a $100 and was up another $100 at the table, I was still nauseous as I couldn’t even play anymore poker!  I truly felt so bad, you would have thought my trip was over.

I can honestly say, I would have been much happier to have won just $50 and never even been that close to a trip changing amount!  Ahhh... one half rung!!! 🙁

Leaving Casino AZ
It wasn’t even halftime yet but like I said, I was mentally distract and feeling physically ill so I left and went back to Mike’s.  I did leave plus $175 for the session, so I should have been happy, but I wasn’t.  I felt as if I had just lost thousands of dollars.

For the rest of the night it was on mind and it still is.  Opportunities like that don’t happen often and mine just passed me by!  I have yet to catch a huge trip changing break!

Hanging With Bryan, Mike, & Gene
I was suppose to play poker until the end of the game and then meet Gene (WVU buddy) and Bryan (comic) at a bar to have a few drinks and catch up on life.  (Gene and Bryan were meeting there separately, they didn’t know each other.)

But... after my almost trip changing spin, I was in no mood to be out in public, so we hung out Mike’s until about 11:30 pm.

Thank you Mike for being so cool! 🙂 I appreciate everything you do for me every time I come out here!

Gene (WVU)
The only reason I even know anybody in Arizona is because of Gene.  Let me explain, I was friends with Gene at West Virginia U and after he graduated, he moved to Scottsdale, AZ.

It was New Year’s Eve week (1996) and Gene didn’t go home for the holidays (South Jersey) so a couple of his college friends (me included) went to AZ to spend some time with him.

We (well I) was supposed to stay a week but the weather was so nice... I didn’t leave and stayed in AZ on his couch for 4-5 months.  How could I go, it was 70 degrees on New Years day! 🙂  What's up Seth and Seth (old roommates from that time.)

Every since that time and before, Gene and I were like family (cousins).  Ya know, ya always love them and sometimes you don’t talk to them for awhile but when you do... you never miss a beat and remember why you like them so much!

At least, that’s how it is to me! 😉  Also, and I say this all the time about Gene, he's one of my favorite people in the whole world!

The Rest Of The Time

Basically... Bryan, Mike, Gene and I just hung out and bullshitted as we laughed until it was bedtime for all of us.  It was great seeing Gene and Bryan.  And it’s always a pleasure to kick it with Mike!

I was tired from a long day and I HAD TO get to sleep so I could try and get that damn spin out of my head!  It even haunted me into my dreams as I woke up thinking about that god forsaken wheel!  Ahhhhhhhh!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Can’t wait to here the end of your day. Your personality is why it’s easy to make a sale. You also
    never take never for an answer. Go get em Rooster!!!

  2. Christine says:

    Ahhh, you are leaving us hangin’, what about the French girl?

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