Working With Scott & Chasity’s Birthday! (TX) “DAY 207” – 1/27/11

January 28, 2010 - 9:25 am - (TX) “DAY 207” - Week 30 - State 28

I got up this morning and immediately started writing. (I knew I had a lot to post since I did a lot on Wednesday.)  Anyway, I grabbed my laptop and hit the kitchen table.

Sometime around 2pm, Scott stopped back home and asked me to help him with something.  After everything Scott has done for me this week, I jumped at the opportunity to give something back.

Working With Scott

After getting in the truck, I found out what we were doing.  It wasn’t hard.  All I was gonna have to do was help him carry a few toilets to one of his job sites.  Nice!

I’m not a very handy guy so I had no idea how heavy toilets are. (They are like 80 lbs a piece and weighted weird.)  Anyway, after we got done with that, Scott had a few errands to run before we got back to his place.

Chasity’s Birthday
When we got back to Scott’s, it was close to dinner time except tonight’s dinner was special because it was Chasity’s birthday today!  So tonight, we were having all her favorites for dinner (goulash, key lime pie, etc..).

While dinner was pre-pared by Julie, Scott and the boys were putting in a toilet that Scott had gotten earlier in the day.  And while everybody was doing that... I was trying to get my writing done.  (Not very successfully.) 😉

Birthday Dinner
Sometime around 6:30 pm everybody finally found there way to dinner table.  And for the second night in a row (but they do it every night) they said Grace before dinner.  I only mention it because they prayed for my safety on my journey. (Thank you!)

Dinner was dinner, as everybody ate up and enjoyed Chasity’s favorite meal (or one of them).  I can’t speak for anybody else, but I enjoyed it.  (Meat, pasta, and sauce are perfect for me!) 🙂

Cake Time

By the time dessert rolled around, more of Scott’s family had arrived to celebrate in the festivities.  Joining us were Scott’s oldest daughter, her fiance, and their two kids.  (Scott is grandfather 3 times over!)  Wow, I’ve never thought of him as Grand Dad! LOL

With the addition of the extra family members, I gathered everybody together for an almost family portrait (one daughter and grandson weren’t there, Courtney and Blaze).  Still, it was wild to see this big of a family together! (I grew up with just me, my brother, and my Mom in a small apartment.)

Finishing My Work
After having cake and singing Happy Birthday, I left Scott’s and headed to Starbucks so I could finish my daily post.  I did this because the internet connection is better there and I with that many people around, you never have a moment alone to concentrate.

I got to Starbucks around 8:30 pm and stayed until they closed at 10 pm.  It worked out perfect because I got done posting my entries around 9:55 pm.  Nice!  Good timing!

Back to Scott’s For The Night

Scott only lives a mile from Starbucks, so I got back there in no time and when I did, Julie was on the porch with one of her friends shooting the shit.  They invited me into the conversation and that’s all I did for the rest for the night.

I hung out with Julie, her friend, and Scott on their front porch and talked about whatever.  Basically, what we decided was that Scott should run a tough love boot camp for troubled youth as he knows how to whip bad kids into shape!  Through discipline or... the back of his hand! 😉 LOL

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Happy B-Day Chasity. Cool glasses.

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