Writing, A Hornets Game, & Finding A Place To Stay! (LA) “DAY 223” – 2/12/11

February 14, 2011 - 9:40 pm - (LA) “DAY 223” - Week 32 - State 29

O.K., I’m a little behind again in my writing so this post is/was my Saturday in New Orleans.  Got it.

I went to bed last night after 6 am, so I only got about 5 hours of sleep because I had to be out of the hostel today at noon (no vacancy).  I’m so tired. 🙁  But, I had a lot to do, so I got all my things together and headed to the hostel front desk to see if anybody canceled there reservation.

I was out of luck I guess because they told me they were still filled up as nobody called to cancel.  Damn!  I was really hoping to get lucky because rooms in this town are expensive!  I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now about a place to stay.

Ostrich Time
So... in stead of worrying about a place to stay, I decided to play like an ostrich and just put my head in the sand.  If I can’t see it... it’s not a problem.

That’s my plan for today... I’m just not gonna worry about it until I finish doing everything else I have to/want to do today. (I have to write and then I’m gonna go to N.O. Hornets basketball game, 7 pm.)

Finding Somewhere To Write Near Bourbon St.

Since I had nowhere to be, I drove down Bourbon Street before I searched for a coffee shop to write at.  F.Y.I. - I haven’t been on Bourbon in many years and the two times I have been here... it was so mobbed with people, there was no way you could drive a car down it.

Anyway, as I was driving, I saw all the nudie bars, all the regular bars, and then even some more bars.  That’s Bourbon St! 🙂  Bars, bars, and more bars!  I wasn’t drinking, so after cruising through, I kept on driving until I found a coffee shop with Wi-Fi.

P.J.’s Coffee Something

Instead of going to Starbucks, I went to P.J’s.  P.J.’s is basically a Starbucks here in Louisiana and maybe elsewhere but I’ve only seen them here so far.  I got there at about 1 pm and immediately got to writing my Friday in New Orleans.

Other than writing, I did nothing else here at P.J.’s except talk to a little kid about the Hornets game later.  He was going to the game too, the only difference, he had ticket and well... I still had to work some magic. (I left P.J.’s at 6:30 pm after over 5 hours of writing.)

Heading To The New Orleans Arena
Even though the drive was less than 5 miles to the New Orleans Arena, the traffic was awful because there was a lot of construction on all the roads.  Compile that with the fact that the game is sold out tonight and you have disaster on the roads.

Finding A Parking Spot
If I thought the traffic getting there was bad... the traffic around the stadium was much much worse!  So, after waiting and waiting and waiting just to move 30 feet, I started to notice my parking options.  There weren’t any.  All the parking that I could see was for season ticket holders or people who could  pay $20 or more for a spot!  Ahhh!

By now it was almost tip-off and I wasn’t even out my car yet.  So I found the media lot and talked my way into a parking spot (free).  Nice!  Hey, I have Jersey plates with Roosters all over my car, I had to try something!

Finding A Ticket
Since the game had just started, I knew that finding a free ticket would actually be more difficult because all the fans who might have had an extra... are already in the arena.  Plus, there were flashing signs around the stadium saying, “Tonight’s Game Is Sold Out”. (Left: just missed it, it flashed to this when I took my pic.)

This will be tough.  So, I started walking around the venue looking for anybody I thought might have an extra ticket as they walked up to the entrance gate.  During my search I checked with scalpers as well and the best deal I could find was a $60 ticket.  No way that was happening!

Then, as I was starting to feel defeated, I met 3 people who were walking up to the stadium.  They had an extra ticket but free wasn’t an option as they asked for $30 (face value).  That’s not bad but $20 sounded better, so I offered them $20 and they said yes.  Thanks guys and girl!  Nice, I’m in! 🙂

Walking The Entire Venue To See What They Had There
By the time I entered the arena, it was already mid-way through the 1st quarter.  So, since I had already some of the game, I decided I’d miss some more and just walk around the building checking out what they had to do/offer.

The Hallways Are Filled With Things To Do

Now, this stadium/arena didn’t have a huge or for that matter, any memorabilia section displaying the history of the team (pretty new franchise).  But, what they did have was everything else you possibly imagine at a sporting event.

It was by far and away the most stuff you could do at any game I have been to so far on my trip.  Plus, everything was free, even getting a caricature of yourself. (You know I had to get one done.) 😉

Things I Did
Other than caricature of myself, I did a few other things. 1.) I made a Valentine’s cookie which I ate.  (The reason I stopped at that booth was because I was hungry and it was a free sugar cookie.)  Man, I’m homeless! LOL 😉

2.) I saw a wheel people were spinning for real good prizes (tickets, signed posters, bobbleheads, etc.), so I asked the guy how I could spin the wheel and he said it was only for season ticket holders.  Ahhh!

Still, I asked him if I could have bobble head because I’m from NJ and would love a N.O. souvenir.  The guy was super cool and immediately looked through his stuff and then handed me a Chris Paul USA basketball bobblehead.  Thanks pal! 🙂  It’s real cool!

3.) Than because it was Valentine’e Day Night at the arena, I got my picture taken with a New Orleans version of cupid.  After getting struck with the love arrow, I found my future wife and took a picture with her.  She is real pretty for a little person. 🙂

Finding A Seat
By the time I finished doing everything I did, it was the start if the 2nd quarter.  As you are all aware by now, I never sit in my seat, so I walked down toward the court and found a seat a few rows from the floor.

The seat I had was real good and with-in minutes, I had already lined up a picture with one of the real hot cheerleaders who walked by my seat.  I asked her if she would take me a picture with me and she said as she came back from the locker room.

Cheerleader Time
A few minutes later, she was true to her word as when she walked out of the locker room, she called me over for the picture I had asked for.  You are so pretty and obviously sweet!   Thank you! 🙂

F.Y.I. - I didn’t know it then, but some of the cheerleaders had a booth in the hallway during halftime where they signed autographed pictures of the squad for any fan who wanted one.  Real cool!

Finding The Mascot
It wasn’t even halftime yet and I had already done a ton of stuff but I hadn’t seen the mascot yet.  Huh?  I know they have one.  I must have been summoning my inner mascot because I few seconds later he popped out wearing some kind of Valentine’s day outfit.

Then, he entered in the stands and walked his way into the hallway of the arena.  So, I left my seat and walked up there to see if I could get a picture with him.  The Hornet was in a loving mood and all (Valentine’s Day Night), so he said no problem.  Thanks Hornet!

The Actual Game - Hornets vs. Bulls
For the first half of the game (when I was watching), I was sitting about 4 rows from the floor behind the Hornets bench (just off to the right).  Anyway, the game was close for most of the first half as the Chris Paul and company place pretty well against the Derrick Rose lead Bulls.

But the Hornets went on a run late in the 2nd and increased their lead to 9 points by the time halftime arrived (53-42 Hornets).  Since it was halftime, I left my seat and headed back out into the hallways for a breather.

Finding A New Seat

The problem now... I can’t get back to my seat because the ticket lady this time stopped me to check my ticket.  It’s no big deal, I’ll just go to another aisle and find a new seat somewhere else.

Without barely missing a possession, I was now seated about 10 rows from the court, but this time I was behind the basket.  Nice! (I even got a Hornets towel with my new seat.)

The cool thing was, the people in this section knew I didn’t belong but because as I was searching for an open seat, these people told me where nobody was sitting instead of getting a ticket taker to ask me to leave.  Thanks cool New Orleans Fans!

Cool Promotions During The Game
This game always had something going on during any break in play so there is a lot to tell, but I’ll only talk about a few of gimmicks they had here during the night. 1.) They had the Kiss Cam, many stadiums do this but it’s great every time and since it was Valentine’s Day night, it was even more appropriate. 🙂

2.) Instead of a hot dog race or as they do at Yankee game’s in New York, a subway race, here in New Orleans, they have a crab, shrimp, and oyster race.  I routed on the Crab but the oyster got him by a pearl!  Damn! 😉

3.) The last thing I will tell you about is the Used-To-Bees.  This was real funny!  Basically, it was a bunch of grannies dancing all crazy and sexy (attempting) to different popular songs.  It was a riot! 🙂

The Rest Of The Game
The second half of the game was dominated by the Bulls as they over came a 11 point halftime deficit and eventually won the game in a convincing fashion, 97-88.

The Hornets were tired as they played consecutive nights in two different cites (Orlando on Friday, then here Sat.), whereas the Bulls were off on Friday and in New Orleans already resting in a hotel somewhere.

This showed big-time as the Bulls out hustled them to every board and loose ball for the last 24 minutes of the game.  Not to mention, the Bulls are pretty good themselves this year sporting 36-16 record.

Leaving The Arena
Instead of leaving the arena when the game ended as everybody else did, I decided to hand around and get a few more cool pictures of the court, the mascot, etc..  Hey, I have nowhere to go and nowhere to be.  Heck, I don’t even know where I’m sleeping yet tonight yet.

Great Pictures On The Court
As everybody was filing out, I slipped my way onto the court and took of picture of myself on the center court Hornet logo.  Sweet!  I then found out this shouldn’t haven’t happened so easily because a guy tried to get one after me and was thrown off of the court. 😉

After that picture, I found the mascot again and got another picture with him except this time it was in his traditional mascot suit, not the Valentine’s Day he was sporting my got my picture with him earlier. (I like this one better!)

It was 10 pm and it was time to go, so I left the stadium and headed back to my car in the media parking lot. (I had a great time at this game as it was filled with numerous things to do, not to mention the actual game was good as well.) 🙂

Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?
As I soon found out, even an ostrich has to take his head out of the sand sometime.  Damn you ostrich technique! 😉  So, as I sat in the parking lot, I called Jeremy to talk things through and get some advice on what I should do next.

After talking with Jeremy (he’s a very calming influence for me), we came up with a few plans.  The first one was to call the hostel I just stayed at and ask them if they had any suggestions for me in the area.

Calling India House Hostel
When I called the India House, I first asked them one last time if they had any cancellations today.  Well... luck was on my side because they did have one open bed as somebody must have canceled sometime in the evening. (I had checked at 11 am and 2 pm, so it had to be after that.)

Arriving At India House

After hearing the good news, I rushed over there and paid my $20 for the night.  I didn’t want anybody else to get that bed, $20 for a place to crash is definitely the right price. Not-to-mention, this hostel is really cool as the people here are all having fun!  It’s the Big Easy one week before Mardi-Gras! (right: pic of hostel during/after Katrina.)

Harrah’s For Poker
Once my sleeping arrangements were situated, I headed to Harrah’s to make some of the money back I just spent on the game and the room (or at least I hoped to).

The poker room was crowded as it was Saturday night in New Orleans. So, I sat down in a 4-8 limit and bought in for $100.  I didn’t play long as in about 30 minutes, I was up $68. (I won a good hand with a A high nut flush.)

Since I was exhausted from a long day and not much sleep, I headed back to the hostel to watch some TV and upload/file the pictures I had taken during the day (310 of them).

Hostel - Meeting Holly
It was close to 1 am when I finally had a moment to relax and sit down on a couch.  Ahhh!  That feel good.  Across from me on a chair in the living was a girl who from where I was sitting... looked bald. (It was dark and she had a hat on with her hair stuffed up inside.)

I don’t hate bald women, I’m just telling you what I was thinking. 😉  Anyway, it turned out she wasn’t bald, she actually had beautiful long blonde hair!  Oh yeah! 🙂  Anyway, we talked for awhile a bunch of things and by the time we both called it night, we decided to hang out on Sunday together.  Nice ! 🙂

F.Y.I. - She is a real cool girl who is a little crazy in a creative good way.  But, she’s a lot younger than me, so I don’t expect much in a romantic way.  Still, it’s always fun to hangout with a hot 22 year old girl who has an interesting personality! 😉

Crashing In My Bunk Bed
It was 4 am-ish when I finally made it to my bed to go to sleep.  The bed isn’t bad but the room in-and-of itself smells of dirty hippie!  Damn you dirty hippie who’s somewhere in this room.  None-the-less, I was exhausted, so I passed out anyway in no time!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    I’m catching up. Hornets game sounded very entertaining. great pictures as always.

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