Writing, Checking Out Vermont, & A Bon Fire! (VT) “DAY 325” – 5/25/11

May 27, 2011 - 10:22 pm - (VT) “DAY 325” - Week 48 (47) - State 44

I may have woken earlier today than I have any other day of this trip.  That’s because at 7 am this morning everybody in this house woke up for one reason or another. (One roommate went to work, one went to school, one drove the other, etc..)

I didn’t mind though because I have so much writing to do it can’t hurt to get an early start. (I’m all backed up because of the all poker I played and then my laptop broke, so I have numerous days to catch up on.)  Ahhh! 🙁

The House Garden’s All Day
While I sat in the living room and wrote all day, the rest of the house (and friends) were outside in the backyard working on putting a garden in. (Their plan is to grow a bunch of food to help sustain the people living in the house.)

So, for most of the afternoon that’s what went down except for when I would take a break and go outside to talk with them or when they take a break and come inside to talk with me.

During this time, Alem (of the roommates) came inside and rescued me from a huge bumble bee that was flying around the living room.  It was big and seemed angry, but as it turns out, Killer Bee (that’s his name now) just wants to hang out. (He’s been a pet of the house since then as he keeps flying back into the living room to chill.) (Left: Killer Bee on Chris hanging out.)

Checking Out The Town
Some time around 4-5 pm I took a break from writing and drove around this area of Vermont for a few hours. (I drove through Lydonville which is the town I am staying in and the next town over which was a few miles away.)

I really didn’t do much during this time because there wasn’t much to do.  Basically, this area is a place where outdoor stuff rules and since I’m not an outdoorsman kind of guy, I just drove back to the house after I had had enough of driving around.

A Bon Fire At Night
Even though I didn’t do much while I was out exploring, I was still gone a few hours before I returned.  That worked out perfect because the house was having a bon fire tonight in the middle of where the garden is putting in.  Not bad! 😉

The fire took a little while to get going because the wood was wet from all the rain this area has gotten lately, but after a little hard work and lot of newspaper, the fire was finally blazing in the backyard.

Since I wasn’t drinking, I just sat there in the circle of people and watched the fire for a few hours before I got up to talk to with Jeremy on the phone in my car.  Everybody else was having a few beers while they talked about whatever. (There were many different conversations going on.)

Crashing In My Car
For the next 20 minutes or so, I sat in my car talking with Jeremy on the phone until he had to take another call.  He said he’d call me right back so I sat in the car waiting on his return call.

Well... I must have been real tired from getting up at 7 am because as I was waiting for Jeremy to call me back, I fell asleep in the front seat of my car for the night.  I did wake up around 4 am and went into the house until I woke up in the morning.

Thanks for reading!


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