Yankee’s vs. Red Sox Tickets For Sale… (ND) “DAY 60” – 9/2/10

September 3, 2010 - 11:15 am - (ND) "DAY 60"

I will be writing today's post, "DAY 60" a little later in the day.  But here's a quick re-cap of my Thursday at Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel.

I woke up around noon, then played in a $5 poker tournament that started at 6:30 pm (I didn't cash).  After that, I got into 2-10 Hold'em spread limit cash game and won a little over $300! 🙂 Woo Hoo!

The game ended and the poker room closed around 12:30 pm, so I hit the blackjack tables.  Again, I'm only playing BJ in order to build my comp dollars so I can get another free room (I hope).

Anyway, I played blackjack until 2-3am and walked away a winner... Plus $20.  I wasn't playing big, just trying to last at the table for as long as I could without losing. 🙂

I got back to room and watched TV until I passed out sometime after 4 am.

It was almost a perfect day of poker (didn't win tourney) as well as an extremely relaxing day for me in life!  I needed a week in North Dakota evidently! 😉

YANKEE"S vs. RED SOX TICKETS - September 26, 2010 (Sunday)

I have 2 tickets to the Red Sox Yankees game on Sunday, August 26, 2010.  I bought them before the season started when I had no idea I would be on this journey. 😉   They were $85 each (face value) and are in section 119, row 8, seats 1 and 2.

If anybody who reads this knows somebody who would like to buy them, please email me and let me know.

I wish I was in a position where I could just give them away, but as you all are well aware... I need the money to continue on in my travels!

Obviously, I would take any reasonable offer, but I am hoping somebody on here will buy them at a very generous price (for me) and think of it as donation where you even get 2 Yankee/Red Sox Tickets for your contribution!

Thank you!

I will write my detailed post later in the day because right now (Fri. Morn), I'm rushing to get out of the door and get to Fargo, ND (80 miles away) so I can see the Roger Maris Museum and find some charity work!  There's nothing around where I am for miles... and miles... and miles... 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Big Brother Adam says:

    Dave…people would have to be really generous to pay you for tickets to a game that happened on Aug 26th…I’m sure you meant Sept 26th. If I were you, I’d change the post for the correct date (not everyone will read the comments). Great job on poker – you needed a good day. later

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