Pat White – WVU (Miami Dolphins)

This article was posted on about West Virginia University’s win over Rutgers in New Jersey (2007).

I am a WVU fan and told all my RU friends that I went to the game with that if WVU won I would storm the field in RU's building. WVU won and I did rush the field alone! After running around the field in circles by myself, I saw WVU star QB Pat White in the end zone. So I approached him and asked one of the other WVU players to take a picture of us (me and Pat White) with my cell phone.

Skim through the article to the highlighted red text. I attached the picture that was taken on the field of Pat White and myself. (This picture did not appear in the original article)

By David Albright

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- The angry afternoon sky subsided as the relentless torrents of rain and gusty winds finally moved on.

Ned Dishman/Getty ImagesPat White and West Virginia were happy to be back to form against Rutgers.

So in the closing minutes of West Virginia's dominant 31-3 win at Rutgers, the Mountaineers sideline was in a playful mood.

Hulking fullback Owen Schmitt poured water over his Mohawk and used his hands to style it a bit. The results were questionable, but none of his teammates stepped forward to tell the 6-foot-3, 260-pound battering ram that his 'do wasn't working.

On the benches that outline the back of the sideline area, several Mountaineers engaged the remaining spectators who were in full heckle mode, but it wasn't a fair fight as the RU fans had no meaningful ammunition to fire back.

A few feet away, center Mike Dent and a fellow lineman shielded quarterback Pat White from the verbal fray as the trio basked in the results of Rich Rodriguez's potent offense when it's (finally) able to run on all cylinders.
After the game clock reached all zeroes, White was far from finished. He shuttled from an ABC interview to a midfield prayer to a bear hug from his head coach.
Then there was an impromptu receiving line in front of WVU fans and an on-the-field photo op with a fan who clearly didn't belong -- but in actuality was the only person who stopped White all afternoon.

All in a day's work when you're one of the most electrifying players in college football. Suffice to say White did everything on this Saturday except strike a pose -- but only because that's not his style.

In a place that proudly embraces its location as the "Birthplace of College Football," the 43,620 soggy fans at Rutgers Stadium and a nearly national TV audience witnessed the rebirth of a Heisman Trophy campaign.

"When we're clicking, I really don't think anybody can stop us..........

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