The below video is a spoof I made of the commercials Sally Struthers (remember her from "All in the Family") made in the 80's asking you to "support a child" from a third world country. I did this to make light of my journey and show all of you how bad it may get for me. Also to get a laugh or two... I hope! 🙂

I did not make this video to make fun of, belittle, or diminish a serious problem around the world as well as right here in America. On my journey - if I make it the whole year - my plan is to dedicate 52 days for charitable causes (volunteering, helping out wherever I'm needed), so I am aware of the real problems in life and during this year I will try to do a little to help make a difference.

So please, when watching this video enjoy it for what it is...your humble friend trying to make people laugh.


Watch this video first!

Watch this video second!

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You can donate in one of threes ways.

  1. Through the Paypal link located on this page
  2. By mail : send to : Dave Bierstein
    P.O. Box 5435
    Clark, NJ, 07066
  3. If you see me in person... feel free just to hand it to me. 🙂

All donations no matter how big or small are greatly appreciated!
I thank you all for even reading this far.

Dave "Rooster" Bierstein


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  1. Ellen says:

    hysterical! It’s obvious your comic relief comes from your poor, old, Mom : )

  2. bennervous says:

    Dude — As u know, I try to monkeywrench the story of your trip and promote this site whenever I can…and I mean even when it seems weird to do so. For example, I was just at a global 2+ day meeting for my company, with attendees from offices in Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, etc. I told quite a few people there (even people I have met for the first time) about your trip. Keep in mind, this was a business meeting, and most of the people there were people I was meeting for the first time. Nonetheless, I still mentioned your site and encouraged them to check it out.

    That said, a common question i got (other than “How many Uros is $2,000 — J/K) is: “How many states has he been to so far?” Would you believe that I couldn’t answer that? All I can say is where you are now and how your route is — traveling west in the north part of the US, making way back east in the southern part (you get it). It would be nice (and this should be easy for you) to have some kind of easy access that says what states you have been to…and even a running count. Maybe not as easy would be to use that map you have and some kind of line overlaying the map with your path so far. Now, to get a little crazy, do that thing where you animate the line so you can press a button and the line moves to show your path. OK, enough said.

    On one other issue, your version of the sally struthers video is something I told lots of people about too, but i recently noticed its not working.
    I hope Jeremy doesnt get pissed that i am bringing this stuff up. (J — you have done a great job with the site, and I still keep coming back…and i know that you are an extremely busy guy!)

  3. Jeremy says:

    All fixed thanks for the heads up!!

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